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Paragon is a troubleshooting software that allows machines to develop new skills and refine existing abilities. Each individual stores sensory input much like biological memories. They can self analyze and form more efficient processes. Shortcomings with the original intelligence program can be pinpointed and improved upon. Using Paragon will instill a need in a machine to actualize a better version of existing programs. Aside from taking orders, all machines function as individuals. They path-find on their own, eliminating the need to have constant contact with headquarters.

Growing public discontent has reduced military recruitment. There simply aren't enough soldiers in the pool of career military and volunteers. It will be necessary to begin automation of military units in order to assure victory in a potential conventional war scenario. As a matter of national security, any reservation against the use of killer machines has to take a back seat in this era of global volatility to protecting our interests. Paragon is under testing at Boothill site 2. To date, there have been no casualties at the base. Automated units are proving more efficient and sometimes quicker at completing training exercises and maneuvers than veteran platoons.

Leadership among robotic soldiers parallels existing military chain of command. A single commander will be designated, and the other elements are placed in a hierarchy by a matrix of combat ability and experience. It is common for a unit's commander to be a hard target like an armored vehicle or aircraft. Automated combatants before required constant control by handlers. With a field commander, the decisions can be made independently of operators based on existing data and the unfolding action on the ground.

Boothill Program
In order to protect The nation from any threat, the creation of three military controlled bunkers in secret locations has been commissioned. In peacetime, these bases serve as skunk-works where the brightest minds have access to whatever resources they need to push boundaries of science and technology. The ends will justify the means. If we do not survive the coming conflict, there will be no one left to ask if we went too far. We must stay ahead in the arms race if our way of life is to survive.

Survival is the ultimate goal of the program. If we cannot stop or win the war, we have to be ready to outlive it. Cryogenics is a developing field, but we are confident we will perfect it before it becomes necessary. Along with the leaders and top minds of our great country, we will preserve samples of plant and animal life for future generations. Projections are optimistic that the ecosystem could be restored after an atomic war in around five centuries. It sounds like an eternity, but on the cosmic scale it's barely a blink. We can and will rise again to our former glory.

Units in Service
[Image: U91CNHQ.png]
The most common type of Paragon machine is the V5, a stocky, almost humanoid frame useful for labor tasks. As an analog of a man, it can utilize a variety of tools and weapons. It can serve many roles, from maintaining systems and hardware to front-line combat.

Typically they are trained as grunts and do not serve as more than a squad's leader. Expectations for unit casualty are high, but they are simple to repair and cheap to produce. Modular construction leaves room for additional armoring and rolling out upgrades as they are developed. They are proficient with automatic weapons. The typical infantry rifle serves them well enough. It's underslung grenade launcher provides them with some indirect fire ability as their arms are poorly designed for throwing charges. They lack in marksmanship, so usual tactics are to advance with numbers while other units provide suppression. When they have little support or face a stronger force, they will withdraw and attempt to engage where they will have an advantage in terrain or defenses.

As engineers, they are crucial in setting up infrastructure for an army that requires no food, but much more power than regular soldiers. They can assemble field generators, create defenses, and build forward manufacturing equipment.

When they face enemy vehicles, some grunts will be equipped with a rocket launcher. They are slow to load, but an effective weapon for disabling a tank or attacking an entrenched position.
[Image: ELUS90a.png]
The bus is an unmanned vehicle that operates along with the paragon foot units. It serves as APC and resupply point. inside is a generator which can recharge depleted soldiers and all the tools necessary to effect repairs on casualties. As a form of medic, it is typically not mounted with any defenses. It's armor is fairly sturdy, but it must be supported by other units if it faces an armored threat.
[Image: gMDgInF.png]
The eagle is a sky-crane capable of carrying modest loads to or from the battlefield. Whenever the situation calls for creating infrastructure, supplies and manpower can be hauled in by these drones. Heavy armor like the bus can't be lifted by the eagle, but there are a class of tanks designed specifically for airdropping.
[Image: xZ0iRlx.png]
Hobbit light tanks are a tracked weapons platform that has many configurations. Their size makes them more capable of attachment to infantry squads than other vehicles; enhanced communications make them suited for command. They lack protection, but have a powerful motor. A lone tank might not be such a threat, but small groups of Hobbits can use their speed and numbers to flank and overwhelm opposing tanks.

[Image: GXN5v43.png]

[Image: 7uxcn9v.png]
There Will be Turns
The Eagle reminds me of Cortex Command dropships))) oh well, all of PW reminds me of Cortex Command
twelve thousandth armies post? I'll claim my free i-pad later. It's definitely a cortex command dropship. I added the middle engine to make it look a little less 2D. Without it, you can see the resemblance.
Robots are still cute.
What happened to V1-4?
there were some problems with the earlier models.
[Image: FLKYYQi.png]
Ah, the dreaded banana peel. Truly the most fearsome of foes.
How is that viable data? In what combat situation is there a banana peel? It's like developing an industrial robot designed to sort stacks of components and scrapping it because a tiger from the local zoo escaped and wrecked it. It doesn't fucking happen often so who cares?

Inb4 the Pseudointellectual Cuck replies.

♪ It's Gamma, Gamma.
He's a fag
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For some reason he likes the defend unbearable protags. ♪
It's a super serious graphic. Here's another one:
[Image: MbtsRb9.png]
Bananas. That's what this shit is.

In other news, I made a tank.
[Image: GXN5v43.png]
how does the tank perform versus a banana-equipped combatant
I feel bad for Charlie Hank and the other light tanks, all they get is one mention as an afterthought in the description.

Even the cute walking barrels gets more talk.
Now that is a much better army OP. Full of fluff, yay.

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There Will be Turns
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Can't decide whether you're hoping for more matches, or subtly telling me to finish my turn (make no mistake it is coming).
Perhaps both, haha.
Subtly... yes.
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Beating things is my job
Oh yes robots are cute
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