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This is an open match. Please join in with whatever army you have. If you are ready to post a turn, declare so nobody makes a new post in the meantime that doesn't include your turn.

If you declare and don't post within a day, your declare doesn't count and another player can skip you. Other than that, there are no rules or etiquette to this thread. Post as much or as little as you want, have as many or few units as you would like.

Try to let other players your army interacts with respond to your posts so things are fair, but if they don't post, mercilessly crush them. I want a good clean fight, no hits below the belt--et cetera.
[Image: aMQzSCy.png]
A small fragment of meteor drops to the surface. Inside are the last remaining organisms from a planet far away and long since destroyed. It is through sheer luck they have survived in the vacuum of space and the many perils therein. Time only will show if on this world they can begin again, or if their luck has run out.
[Image: 9CGKneH.png]
The impact throws out sand and bits of meteor alike. Spores dormant for eons release into the martian atmosphere and spring into rapid action as they settle into the soil.
[Image: jDradH6.png]
Purple grass spreads out from the crater. Pods carry the gestating larva of the Secado, a long dead insect race which once sought perfection through genetic modification. This tiny piece of their home planet has served as a lifeboat for Secadi and several symbiotic lifeforms.

[Image: eam2bI2.png]
The first two drones are matured. They stumble around with fresh wings and atrophied limbs, but they are already imprinted with the skills they will need to make a new home on this world. Out from the spreading field come stalks of green mushrooms and ferns.
[Image: tWsrQ49.png]
All of the larva are now matured into nymphs. One of the developed workers instinctively burrows to a pocket of crude oil. Secondary organs will allow the drones to produce a sturdy biological material from the sand and oil which they will use to create a shelter for their young and their queen.
May join this, debating whether to use an existing army or a new one I have the concept for.
[Image: Njyx3aL.png]
Construction begins on the nest. The new drones feed on the developing plant life around the impact area.
[Image: 1TONZgp.png]
The nest has it's first chamber and work starts on the next one. The two scouts begin exploring. On the tip of one of the mushrooms, the other drone rests. She begins to enter the adult phase where she will be able to produce new larva.
Spoiler :
Out of curiosity, will this be continued If I post? I've had a turn drafted up that's been languishing within my PW folder for a bit now but I'm unsure if I should join.

If this'll be continued, then Declare.

[Image: rMBrvEd.png]

Fleshcraft. The term has been used by many factions for their biological creations. From the khur's vast mining corps born almost entirely from artificial wombs to the enigmatic Stu'zhet, widely considered to be one of, if not the best manipulators of biology in the galaxy. Stu'zhetti flesh-craft particularly have become a major force in galactic affairs since the advent of the Avatar Project, the completion of which resulted in the births of 7 beings whose great potential was revealed decades later.

2 of these beings currently act as the despot of the Order of the Caged Star, a sizable group populating the northern reaches of the galaxy. Although led by flesh-craft, the majority of the Order is made up of augmented humans alongside minorities including Khur and Shelp. They've launched numerous successful crusades to expand and sustain their ever-growing population, converting fortress worlds into planets more focused on trade and agriculture while constantly enforcing the frontier at the edge of their sphere of influence, plagued primarily by pirates, by also harassed by more powerful and sinister forces.

At the edge of the blade of expansion, A vanguard force makes landfall upon a red planet via ship-mounted matter transporter. The four humans, enhanced with powerful regenerative capabilities and adaptive systems for exotic environments scan the area. The force was small, consisting of only a Judge class warrior unit alongside 3 jurors, stationed by the cave entrance and looking over the frosted expanse of water and an attorney, leading the excursion. The attorney in question was intrigued by the crude machine which stood before him. Some sort of scientific data-gathering lander by the looks of it. He opened up comms and began clicking away in the heavily altered dialect of Khur which was the main language of the Order.

Command, it seems this system is or was inhabited, betting more on the former. By the looks of this machine, they're pretty primitive, I doubt they have any sort of galactic traversal technology whatsoever. I reckon the blue and green planet is the most likely to contain life but I could be wrong...

As the message was transmitted away, he sighed. The most recent conquests into un-mapped space had brought forth only the most pathetic of foes. What he longed for was something more dangerous, something more exciting so he could prove his worth. He'd acted as an attorney for a decade now and the craving for promotion beyond the judgement corps had all but consumed him.
I will definitely continue this.
[Image: mMmYUzC.png]
The queen's chamber is completed. Inside the nest, she sheds another exoskeleton. At this stage, she begins to produce eggs. Once they are laid, the incubation is taken over by the villi of the grass. As it spreads, it provides the correct temperature and nutrient environment for the young drones. Through it's root system and sensitive hairs, it carries messages from the nest. The new queen senses a few young workers close by. The other two are somewhere above her, now almost to the top of the hill. She is hungry, but too large to leave through either exit of her hive. One of them will need to feed her. The two begin to harvest the sap of the ferns, growing bloated with sugar and enzymes. Within her chamber, she senses another nymph. It's small, but for now it will do. Her appetite is growing twice as fast as her size. It seems unaware of her intentions as she glares hungrily at it. With ignorance or some kind of misplaced trust, it looms in close--almost in reach. Her mandibles unlock and prepare to crack open the poor thing. Beyond her reach, the two scouts have found something interesting. It seems to shine with some kind of power. The caves look extensive, but mostly empty.

[Image: Whoo83k.png]

With a whirlwind of sand, the Armadillo crashed over its final sand dune; the venerable bucket of bolts had seen more stars and more blood than any of its occupants, only to be undone by Mars' humble topography.

[Image: oSBVXHT.png]

"The motivator on the Armadillo is completely fucked, if we try to start it up again it might explode. On the bright side, we should already be near visual range of that impact. What are your tanks at, trooper?"

"Topped off before we left, sir. I'll start on getting us dug in."
[Image: 7XorB04.png]

"I see humanoids a few hundred meters out, can't make out any details. One of them's a real big guy."

"And the impact?"

"There's a meteor impact in the frozen lake, but it looks too old to be the signature MCOM tracked. There's no other team out here, right?"

...secure all deposits of REDACTED...
...eliminate any obstacles...
...return and be rewarded...

[Image: TUUkXnn.png]
Something glimmers in the sky.

[Image: J2Oe58a.png]

[Image: BNoMHoW.png]
Unit 003 pokes its carapace out from the ice. It's clear.

[Image: hQMjE6o.png]
The bots waste no time setting up. Squad Leader 005b gazes over the ice spotting a foreign party. He's feeling bold, fresh from the drop. Nothing is going to stop him today.

His subordinates are already working. The intrepid Bot 94 goes spelunking.
Bot 37 stays up top. He's rangefinding.

Unit 003 hooks into a hyperwave transponder. A bright beam of energy shoots up into the martian sky.
Shit just got real
[Image: AVfa1BN.png]
The first scouting party has split up. One of them finds a narrow passage that seems to lead back under the nest. It crawls along the cave floor listening, but only hears buzzing from it's companion. Yellowish guts drip from the mouth of the queen as two wings drift gently to the chamber floor. In the field, the others are busy tending the ferns. A small swarm hovers at the top of the ridge, watching the figures below.

[Image: Z9KmaR9.png]
005b and 003 continue to prepare the FOB. The squad leader examines a map of this hostile, strange planet.

Having now uplinked to the mothership, Unit 003 continues fabricating the new mining base. As soon as they strike blue gold, the miners will land and operations will begin.

37 has the incoming party in his sights. He cannot fire until fired upon. He begins thinking how to greet these foreigners. Are the native? Are they looking for the same thing? He's bold, but in the back of his processors he hopes things don't get violent.

94, on the other hand, is elated. There is no shortage of the rare crystal they have come down to find. His spectrometer confirms it.

[Image: 9wgT1yl.png]
If 94 had recieved the programming to cry, he would.
[Image: mta68Z0.png]

"Your Long Range Transceiver and you; it's more than a communications uplink, it's a lifestyle."

Eric mumbled under his breath as he leafed through the installation manual. "Who the fuck writes these?"

"How is the transceiver coming? We need to get that online ASAP so that we can contact dispatch, we're completely cut off without the Armadillo's transmitter."

"Any moment now, sir. Configuring the encryption settings now."

"Another group of unidentified contacts just landed-- synthetic and heavily armored. As soon as you get that uplink ready, call in for reinforcements."

"Aye, sir."

[Image: 2IY6goE.png]
Digging begins for more oil. Above, the first egg hatches. Even in it's infancy, it rivals the queen in height. The drones approach the Earth lander and the figures which stand near it. The proximity to the queen and hive makes them a threat. At any rate, they are voracious eaters. They spread out and prepare to take the smaller of the two creatures.
Spoiler :

Gods, what the hell is that? Command, there might be more to this place than meets the eye. We've encountered some sort of purple arthropod, specific species unknown. The judge and I are engaging. Unsure on their capabilities so I'll keep my distance for now.

[Image: uUP2cUA.png]


The warrior roared, powering up its laser pods and shifting its formblade into the shape of a javelin, catapulting it towards the aliens with astounding force. Underneath it, the attorney dashed away to avoid being crushed by his massive ally. As he ran, he powered up the contragravity harness built into the ceramic armour and prepared for liftoff. At the same time, the small plasma weapons built into the shoulders of his armour began drawing energy from the batteries.

[Image: WdJj7mS.png]

The Order of the Caged Star employs well trained, well disciplined soldiers however their greatest asset is the technology they can bring to bear. Even disregarding the biological manipulation each warrior of the order receives, they're formidable soldiers. Their armour consists of multi-layered crystal and ceramic plating, primarily suited to reducing the damage of laser and plasma weaponry but capable of reducing the impact of ballistic weapons as well. Each suit contains within the shoulders a pair of small holdout weapons. These are usually lasers, but plasma weapons are not unheard of. Perhaps most notably, they have within them a fully functional contragravity harness that among other things, allows for flight, knocking projectiles off course and placing extra force behind a soldier's melee strikes.

The attorney shot skyward, the harness forming a nimbus of blue energy behind his head as it supported him. From his shoulders, a pair of plasma bolts hissed out towards the interlopers, pulsing with the same blue energy as the harness. Beyond the discharge of the energy weapon, the judge's own projectile sliced forward with terrific speed, arcing towards the highest of the three insectile creatures.

Below the pair, within the caves, the juror set himself down, the blue energy from his back dissipating. He noted the large blue stones and made a small noise indicating his mild interest. His laser rifle aimed forward as he took in the input from his commander. There was a chance those weird purple things were down here as well, and he didn't want to get jumped by them.

The last two jurors on the frozen lake communed with each other as they saw the structure and the robot up ahead.

-Fair bit more activity than command expected, eh? Think the lawmakers are loosing their touch?
-If they didn't expect it, I doubt anyone could. Anyways, they come into their own when a fight's brewing. We should be fine...
-Ok, but these guys up ahead, how we gonna deal with them, eh? I think we should talk to 'em first.
-I disagree, I've dropped a drone-bomb, you get ready to start firing once it connects.
-Killjoy... I'm gonna talk to em anyway, probably a better conversational partner than you stale fucks.

As the particle rifle equipped juror tosses out her drone-bomb, the man in front lowered his laser rifle and powered up his harness. Usually, it was The Order that shot first, but it was always wise to stay safe. Anyways, the nimbus helped him stand out a bit more. He tapped into his biological implants and activated his vocal amplifiers before calling out across the ice in plain English and a jovial tone:

Hey! Grey guy! Robot? Good to meet you, I'm Kortheq of The Order of the Caged Star, what's your business on this here planet, eh?
[Image: ycPBwsj.png]
There is now room for a new chamber in the nest. Upon exiting, junior cuts off the top of a mushroom stalk. It's mandibles and maxilla tear it apart, then it moves on to the next one. The scout is surprised to find more of it's own kind already in the cave. They seem to be in a hurry toward him and not at all interested in what is behind them. Above, the unfortunate worker has become a literal fly on the wall. It's arms seek to pry whatever just struck it out, but he finds the metal rod well wedged into the cliff face. At this point, it's best it remains in anyway. Goo spurts out around the wound and leaks down the into the sands.

[Image: K9soiVm.png]
"This is Bot 94 to Squad Lead... I've found the mineral.. that blue gold..."

[Image: zHYfnOU.png]
"It... It's so beaut-

[Image: 5hk2A9n.png]

[Image: gumoZ3I.png]
94 is stunned by the sudden discharge.

Please stand by...


Welcome to BOT.OS $&*.#@

Up top, 37 hears the tough looking organic address him in a strange language. Presuming non-aggression, and attempting to convey the same message in return, he simply mimics the hand gesture.

Squad Leader 005b, having received confirmation of the precious crystals, activates the hyperwave transponder. The miners will be flown in swiftly and operations will begin in full.

003, now totally concentrated on his task, continues expanding for mining operations.

[Image: ksf05gR.png]

"...so just kick back, relax, and enjoy a long range correspondence on us!"

After verifying the encryption protocols were up-to-date, Eric retreated inside to man the primary communications console. Reinforcements are en route.
[Image: NLdBLgV.png]
A new chamber is completed; the last egg hatches and leaves the nest. It is shrouded in a flurry of tiny mites. In the tunnel, the worker describes the tall pale spear man to the scout.
Declare , gonna send some spess robots(unfinished army but i'm too lazy either...)
Sorry for my shit-quality pixel art , i'm a real noob at this.
[Image: 4mnyh2t.png]
A loud BANG can be heard a few minutes before the A.M.S.T.R.F(Automated Mini Space Travelling Reaper Factory) can be seen , close to the ground.It seems like it's the standard , unarmed but heavily armored version...
[AMSTRF-1]Approaching landing site B-7 m+100 on planet MARS.All systems nominal.Bare atmosphere detected , can't synthetize basic materials from air.Materials supply full.Beginning landing protocols.

[they land offscreen because I can't draw a good dropship]

[Image: K2mRiAf.png]
[Image: rCx2HOM.png]
Another deep rumble pierces the air. Two grav-sleds are slung into orbit carrying payloads of miners and equipment.

Unit 003 is interrupted by the sudden appearance of the monolithic ship. He pings 005b who responds rapidly. 005b's shoulder mounted missile tube extends out and he paints the target. He may not be allowed to fire first, but he'll make sure he gets a shot off if it comes to it.

94 joins his companion on the ice. Bot 37, approaching the supposed friendlies greets him.
"Hey Niner! Check it out, organics... They're talking some strange language."
94 does not reply.
"I've been searching my libraries, best bet is whatever language they speak on that dead world. But there's a lot of em!"
94, again, does not reply.
37 begins blurting out informal greetings in different Earth languages to the organics.
The heck is with the sudden influx of noobers.
Keep it coming.
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