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Full Version: Sandbox match for everyone! (hopefully)
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So yeah, to get this forum back.... lets play a sandbox match?

Will find a map soon, please post if interested!

@new people: Please help us get this forum back to life!
Yep, I'm interested!
(02-13-2016 07:04 PM)crazyabe Wrote: [ -> ]Yep, I'm interested!

YAY! I will find a map today, meanwhile i suggest "reading the how to match" in the tutoriual section and finding an army, if you having already done so!
[Image: oViS4tO.png]

here is the map
[Image: gumLDGT.png]
A Commander and two Peons Warp in.
We will return this to its former glory! Or die trying!

[Image: QBSzOtv.png]

A company of dwarves appear
[Image: lPugg5t.png]
This peaceful land ...
Its peace of mind was disturbed ...
Ancestral spirits do not agree to such filthy doings ...
The spirits do away with the filthy creatures!
[Image: e1cTU2z.png]
The Commander Starts powering his Troops
A Peon starts moving a piece of Wood.
the Other Peon Starts Scouting.
[Image: 8GMX5Zd.png]

The miner dwarves carve away the blockage, yielding some usable stone blocks, while the other carves a ladder into the rock.
Humm , declare.
lets do dis
An hunter drone and a circular speeder enters the area to retrieve a battery pack.
[Image: 5yENb7q.png]
wheels + ladder =/= good!

also, why there?>???????
[Image: kwz2NgB.png]


From the lower left caves shambled a set of ramshackle machines; some of them appeared to be mere toys of tin and plastic, while others were amalgamations of various electronics, strung together in a seemingly haphazard fashion. Of this group, the lead unit seemed to be the entity with the exposed motherboard and wires, rolling against the mostly flat ground of the cavern. Other then the creak of the robots' rusted servos as they moved, they were silent.
[Image: ROedY99.png]
the Commander Follows one of his Peons, Considering Locations for a base camp.
One Peon continues Moving the Log while the other starts looking for a way down...
(02-15-2016 07:51 PM)Gwolf2ki Wrote: [ -> ]wheels + ladder =/= good!

also, why there?>???????
Because why the fuck not?
The circular speeder stops and the hunter drone starts moving down.
[Image: xFktNlf.png]
[Image: EbMZlmB.png]

A lone figure takes short, hesitant steps and she feels the grass between her fibrous toes. A thicket of life follows closely.
KABOOOM!WHIRRRR!ZAP ZAP ZAP!A Reaper walker Mark II melts all that dirt off and starts building something.The hunter drone continues moving down.
[Image: 2u1IblE.png]

[Image: Efabf9x.png]

Dwarves set up a wall, for defencive measures.

A lone hunter and his pet..... pet appears in the caverns.

A mysterious cloud apperars and starts drizling on the lava bubble.
Declare(last time of the day)
The reaper mk 2 finishes building.It appear to be a communication beacon.The hunter drone continue moving.The hunter drone advances.The circular speeder accelerates as fast as possible and jumps.
[Image: AJ2STnT.png]
Uh, DarkSpeeder. You're moving incredibly slowly.
You can move faster than that, It wouldn't be bad if the... uh... egg thing on the far right fell from the top of the cliff to the bottom in a single turn.
[Image: bNpPE4r.png]

She feels the earth below her feet, she feels the click-clacking of a small men hitting the hard ground.

This place is dead, she will bring life.
[Image: RdJaMAa.png]
A Peon Climbs Down somewhat, before Sucking Some Earth out of existence and Forming a portal; While the other Prepares to throw the chunk of Wood it is "holding".
The reaper mk 2 moves a bit with the hunter drone.The circular speeder is falling at A VERY HIGH SPEED.The hunter drone goes faster.
[Image: Sqzord9.png]
You guys arent excellent to keep things alive. :P

[Image: Zy7TXWh.png]

excavation continues, dwarf hunter moves forward.
You guys realise you missed Crazyabes turn?
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