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Full Version: I'm doing stuff in 3 dimensions!
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A little thing i've been working on while learning my way around Blender

[Image: lR1LfVV.png]

The model's a Fokker D VI german fighter from 1918
Been trying to work with Blender for some time now to work with the GameBryo engine for Skyrim/Fallout 4. Problem is that the NIF files that GameBryo uses are only supported in earlier versions of Blender, the ones with the clunky as fuck and confusing UI.
google "nif to obj"?
Can't do that unfortunately. Skyrim is very finnicky when it comes to loading NIF objects into the CK. The best bet is to use 3DS max since it's recently been updated with NIF support.
Hey Krutz, if you need anything I'd like to do something with FO4 that allows for better brahmin. I'd like to do a Brahmin Bull and a Brahmin Calf (which apparently shouldn't look too different from Radstag calves) if you're interested. I think if you send me an obj file I should be able to convert it to NIF in 3DS max. I'm trying myself but I suck at 3D modelling.
Nah timing's bad. My laptop screen died, and I don't have a pic at the moment. Maybe forever I'm broke as @%#&...

The plane is lost until further notice...
RIP Krutzels Screen nevr 4get sweet prinz
it would be happy to know you'd remember.

and a pic is a pc... apparently.
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