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Full Version: skaianDestiny vs. Dawisko - Scarred Sands
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skaianDestiny vs. Dawisko
Scarred Sands

"Make it shine, boys!"

Spoiler: Map
[Image: RpxoEgv.png]
Original map by Major, edited by me.

Across the galaxy, hundreds of civilizations rise and fall. Across the galaxy, thousands of planets are ravaged by the throes of war. Across the galaxy, millions more lay abandoned, their inhabitants long wiped from existence, or worse.

Only two things visit these planets. Greedy parasites of society, and scavengers. For the megacorps, the promise of free technology compels them to dig up old graves.

Crucible Heavy Engineering is no different. With pressure from the infamous Trios Enterprises as well as the smaller Infinity Systems mounting, the vehicle manufacturing giant is scouring the many systems in its possession for anything that may gain them the edge.

[Image: UJIhYjL.png]
A small Crucible expedition treks through the wasteland.
"We reached the destination... Anything worth mentioning before we move on?" The soldier on front stopped, taking a stance and aiming their rifle, so far noticing nothing as of yet. One of few grunts, which was climbing down, sighed, and gave a short reply;
"We received a message from HQ recently about life signatures in the area, should we be worried about that, sir?"
The soldier only chuckled abruptly, then cleared his throat;
"Of course not, should be just a few animals, if not scavengers."

The grunt wielding a pistol and a shield, looked up at others. The rest of grunts, along with another soldier following up on them.

[Image: 4457ee157b82d2777a8e5920c6619bc50d71def9.png]

Of course, these 'soldiers' wouldn't be terrorists, but paramilitary group of one of lesser corporations greedily seeking domination over various planets, yet lacking in tech - if not just mere rogue soldiers consisting of various military factions and groups. Such abandoned areas being worthy taking a shot, considering they might contain some firearms of better kind, especially if luck is on their side.
[Image: Zt6YdWw.png]
While his comrades are slowed traversing the terrain, the jet pack trooper has no such problems, simply flying over the gap.

Crucible jet packs aren't jet packs in the traditional sense. Rather, it uses the same anti-gravity technology mounted on many of Crucible's vehicles and machinery. As a result, these soldiers have a much more smoother flying experience than their competitors.

As he flies over the hole, he spots movement in the distance.
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