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Full Version: Farmbox 5000 AD
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In a far corner of the universe, countless light-years away lies a planet torn by endless conflict!
A never ending cycle, from sticks and stones to atomic weapons and back!
There is no peace! There is no respite!
There is only WAR!

But a new player has entered the game...
A survivor of an extinct empire. A weapon of war. An intelligence with deadly purpose long hidden deep within the Earth.
The Entity has finally decided to emerge from its epic slumber.
It seeks to break this unbreakable cycle and finally bring peace to this war-torn rock.

(And beyond, who knows?)

[Image: Z99ZCYd.png]

Having waited hundreds of years, the Entity has deemed this tech level to be suitable for its conquest.
Plenty of processed materials and fuel ready to be repurposed. And insufficient weaponry to stop it.

Above it lies a heavily fortified complex well behind the frontlines. Manned only by a skeleton crew to keep the guns firing the complex is ripe for the taking and stocked full of vital resources for the Entities first surface base.

Spoiler :
I kinda want to do some PW again, but can't and would rather not commit to an actual match with an actual person because I would just let them down. Then feel bad. So with this in mind I'm making my very first farm match, able to be abandoned and rekindled at will.

So with that said, onto the pretty pew pew lazors and deathbots.
Yay nutzis.
What is a farm match?
A farm match is a match that is controlled by a single player, and he can do whatever he wants. It usually involves the clash of 2 armies but can sometimes show the build and maintenance of a base or starship or whatever.
Wot Trifon said.
[Image: bg4v1ei.png]

The seedling impacts the bottom of the magazine, sending dust and shards of concrete flying. The men loading the 420mm turret gun just lump the vibration among the many huge shell impacts constantly being felt.
What's the point of mortars on level )A-5(? They don't seem like they can be moved and there is a shitload of concrete bunker above them.
They have had their wheels removed and stacked next to them for storage. A-5 is an armoury.

They're based off this RL siege mortar:
Spoiler :
[Image: Skoda_305_mm_Model_1911_side.jpg]
I see.
[Image: ISjHHll.png]

The seedling unfolds and anchors itself to the concrete floor, then starts drilling through to the bunker above.
In the magazine the crew continues to haul the one ton shell toward the elevator.
(05-23-2015 12:38 PM)Battul Wrote: [ -> ]Yay nutzis.

edit: if you catch my drift
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