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I did say I had a couple of other things to announce after the new board was up and one of them was this:
I think it's time for me to "retire".

When I became admin some years ago (was it five? seven? honestly I can't remember at this point) I was replacing incumbent staff who didn't really even read the forum any more let alone interact with the members. In fact if I remember correctly, they were pretty difficult to get hold of in order to promote me in the first place. What I expressly don't want to do is just hang around until I become the same kind of person I campaigned for myself to replace.

I love you all and I love this site but I am repeatedly distracted by other responsibilities and really just haven't been around as often as you deserve out of head site staff. For most of the time I've been "in office" I knew everyone, talked everywhere and could tell you something about pretty much any member you cared to mention (well ok, you might have to show me their avatar before I'd remember but I'd still know something!), but that's really not true any more. I've kind of withdrawn mostly to IRC and post once in a blue moon, I don't know who all of you are and if I don't know who you are then I can't really be trusted to implement policy that agrees with the current userbase.

So. While I have no intention of quitting the board and also definitely still intend to be around here in a staff role until we've broken this forum in I think it is time that someone who is more enmeshed in Picture Wars' community than I am right now steps forth as your new "leader".
I'm also still totally happy with paying for the webspace, it costs less to fund it for a year than I earn in a day.

This is more of an "announcement of things to come" than a "let's start elections" topic, because like I said I am not going to step back until we've got this new board up and running properly and
I'm probably not going to host elections until at least January, but if you ever had ambitions towards power or think you know who the ideal candidate would be then it's time to start thinking about your pitch.

It's been a good run and a long one, I've learned a lot and made lasting friends and I feel privileged to have ever had this opportunity. It's not like you really need much policing let's be honest, we've come a long way from the seething nest of clique politics that we were when I joined and I'm glad that I got to come along with you all for it.

That's all I think! Get hype for the PW General Elections 2014.
Well I think you're pretty brave to hold up your hands and say that your time is coming up, rather then just grasping at straws. However, I do hope that this doesn't mean that you're going to disappear into the sunset, never to be seen again. We love you Chao!
Yeah Chao, you've been awesome!
I third that notion, Chao-rel you've been wonderful as it is (was). Maybe you could have been better but we're not complaining. ;)

Also not to be forthcoming or insensitive but in all honesty I haven't really felt a major impact from any of the current mod team, in recent times. I'm not saying that we should go and dispose of Chocobo and Jager too, but it's food for thought.

Everyone else's opinions? (Obviously we should consult them too.)

P.S. Out of interest how much does the board hosting cost? I'm gonna make a guess of about 80 quid.
It's actually only £25/year
We're not really very demanding in terms of bandwidth
I bet you won't have to worry, Chao is in fact going to be the power behind the new puppet head admin, and enforce his policies through proxies. Chao will become Big Brother.

Actually... I kind of want that to happen...
(12-22-2013 06:27 PM)Gamma Plasma Wrote: [ -> ]Also not to be forthcoming or insensitive but in all honesty I haven't really felt a major impact from any of the current mod team, in recent times. I'm not saying that we should go and dispose of Chocobo and Jager too, but it's food for thought.

Everyone else's opinions? (Obviously we should consult them too.)

I've never actually spoken to them ever so I can't really comment, but they seem good. Just not terribly active.
I've been weighing the idea of resigning from being a moderator for awhile now. Like Jacquerel, I cannot be around as much as I want to, and there are a lot of users now that I don't know very well.
Since we're going to be holding new elections, we should look for somebody to replace me as well.
It's definitely about time we got some new staff, I've been thinking about it myself for the same reasons that Jager and Chao have listed.

Of course I'll still be around but I've not been active enough (and doubt I will be) to justify me being a moderator.
This reminds me of the board I migrated from. When I joined, the admin did the exact same thing a week afterward.

Nevertheless, I see your point.
Aww, I'll miss ya guys, hopefully the forum will be left in good hands Grin.
And here I am, popping back in to see how things are and I see this. You have been good to us, Chao and Synthetic. You guys will be missed.
Hey crodude good to see you.
Do we need to completely replace or just add new people and make a larger team of mods?
That is up for discussion, with this site now having over 2,000 members, a larger mod team might be prudent.

I think its amazing how the community has changed over the years, I still come here from time to time and despite not participating at all anymore; it is fantastic how we are still going. I remember the days when the two separate forums hated each other and when we all thought garry was going to destroy our community on FP way back when.
It doesn't really have 2000 members, it has like 30 and a lot of dud accounts.

If anything I think three staff members is too many.
Well one is too few, and with two there would be no tie-breaker when two staff members disagree on something.
The main question is do the Mods cover every timezone?
some timezones seem to go without attention. I've seen spam posts appear and not go away for a few hours during midday before.
If we cannot find suitable replacements, I can always stay as moderator for awhile longer. Even though I don't post on the forums much, I'm usually hanging out on the chatroom whenever I can. People often alert me to spambots while I'm on.
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