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Full Version: Third Order of Business: Skin Customisation
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We have three skins now and if someone finds one they like on the Official Database then I can attempt to add more, though not all of the ones on that site seem to work properly.

What we are currently stuck with though are whatever default forum icons and the like the skin creator elected to use and it would be nice to have our own ones of these too.

The most obvious asset to replace would be the Forum Icons, meaning these little boxes:
[Image: off.gif]

These have three states, "New Posts", "No New Posts" and "Locked".
If someone wants to make replacements of similar size then we can vote on whether to use them to replace the probably somewhat unfitting speech mark squares, or the icons on the other two skins.
It'd be nice if you could design them transparent and able to work on all three skins, but if you like one skin more than the other two and your design only works on that one then I can also set the images individually.

What would also be nice would be some replacements for the default Post Icons ([Image: wink.gif][Image: star.gif][Image: brick.gif])
We could go a bit wilder with these.
Ideally what would be nice would be an icon for matches, an icon for armies, an icon for maps and maybe one for queries or more general topics too. Then you could go further into icons for PPW, Civilisation topics, Farms, etc.

While I would like them to stay about the same height they don't necessarily have to be square, if you can't think of an icon representation for any of those things we could probably use a tiny banner.
I think this would make the organisation of the forum a lot nicer!
Again, if you have any submissions for this, please post them in here and some time in January we can review them as a board and decide which work best. Or after January if someone doesn't make any until then, this can be a fluid process.
Great idea to change the skin.
Of course I would prefer all black with minor red, it my opinion.
I might change the icons a bit to improve the binding forum.
The current is too harsh, not too dark blue stripes blend well with white. Waiting for new ideas.
[Image: ki02KLa.png]

I made some new forum images. Yay.
I can get the flag but how would you intuitively know whether the swords or guns meant what they did? Without the relevant key, it's a bit ambiguous. We need something with more connotation behind it.
Ooh I have some ideas for this. Should be up later.
Amusing but unnecessary. You can easily. According to me, the new messages in the section is a closed envelope, no news is an open envelope. Locked topic symbolized by a padlock.
You see that top thing under everyone's avatar? It should say, BEAM ME UP ____! Some fan of Star Trek can have their name there.
What do you mean? I can not gummibear to be longer? I must be the only Adam?
New buttons:
[Image: aoni.gif]
I bounced around on the official forums an found this looks nice enough and is much easy to read than the grey / white theme we have already.

Also I remember on the last forum lots of people didn't like the lighter themes so I found this.
Just in case you want them.

Forum Icons:
[Image: PWkcJuF.png]

Thread Icons:
[Image: CNVTj5j.png]

Edit: More stuffs.
I totally support those.
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