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Full Version: Second Order of Business: Emoticons
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Let's be honest it's a little ridiculous that we're a spriting forum and we don't have our own set of emoticons. The default ones are serviceable but pretty boring and I think we could do a lot better.

So... this topic is to be used as our inaugural "Make-Your-Own-Emoticons-Contest".
You don't have to do every one that's featured in the current list and can also add your own ones that seem appropriate, but try and keep them the same size and in a consistent style.

I'm looking particularly for non army-specific ones because if we start adding different faces for every army on the board then we're going to end up with a hell of a lot of faces but if someone really wants to try and draw as many iconic army faces as possible in their own style then I guess I'm not going to stop you.

Umm... That's about it really? Please post your emoticon replacements here and some time in 2014 we can decide as a group which set we like the most. Makes sense to do this one by poll as they're a thing everyone will presumably be seeing a lot of.
[Image: pib9.png]
Something like this maybe? Also, is it possible to have multiple sets?

Edit: More.
As many as I can think of or find.
[Image: w35r.png]
We should base some off our armies. XD

Edit: Came up with a few emoticons myself.
[Image: kxpJRJ.png]
>.< face
creepy mime thing
;D face
X[ face
Does anyone think we should make a sort of 'Mascot' for PW and base a load of our emoticons off of him/her?
(12-23-2013 12:10 PM)TheOmegaPyro Wrote: [ -> ]We should base some off our armies. XD

Edit: Came up with a few emoticons myself.
>.< face
creepy mime thing
;D face
X[ face

I don't want to sound rude, but I think you should of asked major before editing his stuff - seeing as this may turn into a contest.
Extremely sorry, the new forum layout is fucking confusing my brain and i thought 2 different people made the post, as at the time he had no avatar.
I've been working on some emotes, I don't think they are readable enough though...

[Image: 5WCGT.png]
Quote:As many as I can think of or find.
I lied.
[Image: a754.png]
I'm sorry but I had to. Soooooooo much fun.

@Omega, unfortunately the image was scaled up 2x, so the ones you made wouldn't work 'cause you used single pixel bits, but I don't really mind you playing around with them.
@Mr.Fahrenheit, they seem readable enough to me, the colours help loads with readability.
I am very impressed by this
I've had a lack of inspiration, so I have nothing. Good progress Mr. F, you too Major!
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