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Full Version: Temporary Buglist/Changelog
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NOW it should be fixed.
On all three themes.
Quote:The page cuts off in my iphone but i think you guys already mentioned that
The page won't let me stay logged in. I have to log in every time I come to the page.
Can you add script whose shows your OS, country, bowser?
Jacquerel, could you do something about retarded searching? Right now it gives me a list of threads where posts matching keywords are, but doesn't even tell me on which page. As we have horrendously long threads is seriously annoying.
But it... does link you directly to the post?
Just click the link labelled "Post:" instead of the link labelled "Thread:", if you are using the bottom search bar, or click "Display as Posts" instead of "Displays as Threads" if you are using the Advanced Search.

I'd avoid using that particular words at all times but especially when it turns out you were just using the feature wrong.
Oh welp. :V

You saw nothing. NOTHING.
Smiley in last sentence of the post dosen't work, because of lacking 'space' :(
It's a real annoying bug!
You could say it's bugging us.
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