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Full Version: Temporary Buglist/Changelog
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I had a page open for around 6 hours, and it said the was 4431 new posts. I clicked and nothing loaded. No new posts.
I still haven't fixed the subscriptions but I did add a bunch of beautiful post icons, kindly donated by Major
I've made a second addition too.
Cool Kid!

Note: Emoticons only work if followed by a space, and the forum automatically removes whitespace at the end of posts, so if you want to end your post with an emoticon you're going to have to give it a full stop too.
And another icon change, this one might take several forced refreshes (ctrl + f5) before it stops displaying the old ones.
I have a problem with the icons on the front page.

On my computer, it's all fine. But with the compressed screen size of my Iphone, it's difficult to see which icon means 'new post' and which means 'no new posts'. Considering I have long-sightedness which makes it difficult to focus on stuff that is closer to me (It's one or the other). But still, another item so people can differentiate between the 2 sprites would help (other than a lighter colour).
Yeah I was thinking that the brighter box could be a bit more differentiated as well.
Maybe the new post box could be opened or something? Or at least a bit brighter.
If Major doesn't see this himself I shall consult with him about it
We did have some open/closed chest sprites on the sheet that I couldn't really find a fitting use for...
I can tack a piece of paper on the new posts box, or make a large treasure chest. Whatever is best.

[Image: tJnZaHY.png]
While I like this theme, Major has correctly indicated to me that it messes up when not displayed full screen on a large monitor, so I'll have to find a different one :(
I fixed the subscriptions page though.
Unsure what do you mean by messing up, it looks fine here, unless you already changed it. :U
[Image: tFWDqDS.png]
Like so.
It may be Firefox thing because i'm unable to reproduce that on Chrome.
I am able to reproduced that on Chrome
Make the window not maximised, shrink the borders until they clip shorter than the post you are reading then try and scroll right
Well then, it may be issue with something else as i did that and it worked totally fine.
[Image: 2984687de892e6797a9996491a1ffc8e.png]

Either way I'm changing the skin, will leave this one as an option as other than that it mostly works.
I'm still going to say it works perfectly for me. :V
Then you can continue using it, but I'm not going to leave a skin that works unreliably as the default one
There is a pony in my forum banner. Please fix that before i murder you and your family.
The page cuts off in my iphone but i think you guys already mentioned that
Avatars are broken: no option for uploading, and, which is worse, I can't even use a picture from external host: entering URL and clicking corresponding button produces nothing. Also, button that should remove avatar isn't working as well.
The upload button is gone intentionally, the URL should still be working though... it did for me...
I'll give it a look.
Alright, fixed it.
I still have the same problem as Stefman; the button does nothing.

Nevermind, I managed to fix it by changing the board layout to something else and then back to default.
Try navigating to your control panel and pressing ctrl + f5 on the avatar upload screen, then trying again. It may still be accessing the old template.

e: Alternately it's because I fixed it on the default theme but forgot to mirror the changes onto the other ones, such as the one you are using
Give me a couple of minutes
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