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Currently I only have the one army (or, at least, only one that was decent enough to keep) and two PPW fleets, but there's more on the way.

The Cynnians
[Image: BIpGQof.png]
My only current army, and a heavy WIP at that. I've already remade/altered several of the sprites here, and added some of the buildings.
Spoiler :
Unit Descriptions
I: Basic unit. The standard form of this unit has no offensive capabilities, instead having "limbs" that connect to specific weapon modules.
II: Artillery unit. A unit from an older time which has for the most part been replaced by the tank.  Uses electromagnetic-enhanced ballistic weaponry to shatter through weaker structures and armoured opponents.
III: Missile unit. Fast and light, missile units are designed to get behind enemy lines, release their full salvo of missiles on critical targets and escape before detected. Weakly armoured and armed with only three missiles, they pose little threat when confronted by armoured units.
IV: Heavy weapons unit. Fires bursts of medium-sized projectiles that are able to rip apart poorly armoured enemies, but ineffective against armoured targets.
V: Scout. Perhaps the fastest unit available, scouts report valuable information on the enemy to the home base. They are, however, weakly armoured, and their only weapon is little more than a harassment to virtually all units.
VI: Construction scarabs. Predictably, they are used to quickly construct structures that are both durable and inexpensive. They come in large numbers and
can scale walls and ceilings, but have no offensive capabilities.
VII: Spherical tank. One of the most fearsome units commonly deployed in combat, the Cynnian "spherical tank" is unique in that it cannot fly; it is instead
deployed by equally fearsome dropships in the midst of combat, and their mass alone is enough to crush units and structures given enough speed. On the ground, they are fast-moving and quick-firing, although their attacks lack accuracy, unless the unit is standing.
VIII: Short-range teleporter, for bringing reinforcements and supplies to the area.
IX: Simplest form of generator (in on/off positions).

[Image: l54qeky.png]
This is the fleet that goes alongside the army; I kept the older sprites on the right, and the newer (relatively speaking) ones on the left.

The Ignemo
[Image: omOTeHR.png]
This was my first proper PPW fleet, which I plan on remaking at some point, as well as adding a traditional component for these as well.

Abydos Confederacy

[Image: el877fO.png]
[Image: lxPERhV.png]

Small update with three units I've been working on (C&C would be appreciated).
I quite like them, I presume they're robots of some sort?
They're cyborgs (brain-in-jar variation), if I remember correctly.
Added my new fleet to the first post, with a new ship.
Those brown-red guys... it's nothing, but i think that alpha  ships looks better.
Maybe because those ships are more than dicks pencils.
Yeah, I never was that happy with the finished design for those (hence why I kept the alpha ships). Also, they were my first sprites with no outlines and are at least three years old, so bear that in mind.
Updated my most recent PPW fleet with some more ships.
Added another ship (bottom left), and the mining ship below (C&C would be appreciated on it as I'm not entirely sure on the final design).

[Image: buiI8wW.png]
Om nom nom ores.
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