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Full Version: Help me with my media coursework!
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Hiya guys, I know I haven't been very active lately but life has kinda caught up with me :crying:

Anyways, for my Media coursework I had to produce a horror trailer in my team of 4. Now I find it pretty embarrassing because its quite poor to say that I wrote and directed it and I'd rather it not see the light of day again, but I need some comments and criticism on it for my evaluation coursework etc.

So if you could just basically let me know what you think of it :)


Thank you in advance :D
i do media as well. and that was pretty awesome.
It looks good! The only things I can think of are, why was the guy sifting through things with a knife, and some of the scenes in the woods are a little weird because the location doesn't seem all that isolated and it looks more like you could just walk over to your car and leave haha. Besides that it has a nice production quality it seems like
It's not all that bad for the budget you probably had. I mostly agree with what Mr. F said.
When doing a media course, there are limits to where you can take the cameras. (at least, in my course there are.) but his course may allow him to use his own camera. so i dunno.
We had to use the colleges cameras and we had a budget of exactly £0 so that explains a lot. They were really strict with copyright issues as well, we went through like 10 different names as we couldn't use one that wasn't already taken, but then after the trailer was finished I found a Japanese anime with the same name  :v:
Good considering the fact that you had absolutely no budget to speak of; I bet that if you had one you'd be able to make it much better. I kinda like the little ending jump scare, reminded me a little bit of The Shining.
Spoiler :
[Image: Shining+Heres+Johnny+Jack+Nicholson.JPG]
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