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Full Version: Midnight of Solace: InfiniteCastor vs. Zifer
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Inconsistency noted. I named the sergeant Vladof, but he was earlier referred to as Cole McKenzie, so I will use that name from now on.

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Sioux crouches down to Parah's level. "This might pinch a bit, just hold still." She gently puts the syringe in his arm. As far as humans have come, there still is no better way to inject chemicals into the body than with a needle, and there is still the slight sting. Thankfully, Sioux knows just how to insert such a device in just the right way and now most syringes featured a coating on their needle that would eliminate most of the pain.

Fergusson now carries his weapon by the unfolding handle, staying in a position relatively similar to his previous one, knowing that there is no longer any threat.

The Siren walks into the building, pulling out a repair parcel to speed up her healing. The wound could easily have been fixed automatically by her armour, but it was always best to give it a little kick.

Murray and McKenzie notice that there is no longer any problem with the PB and head out to join the others.

The Albatross soars through the peplosphere to the scene.


The diplomats continue in their work. Seeing the new offer, they decide that the ObseRver's point is reasonable and decide that the second item will be the increased fusion output. After all, the Marray is a powerful tech and to receive nothing for it but a gene is what many capitalists would call a lowball. They send back the transmission. If all goes how they intend, the next one will contain every single piece of data and diagram that exists on Marray technology.
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The ice completely melts, setting Talan free. He supports himself on the dirt and leans forward, pointing towards the sentinels. "You ... bastards ... you killed my brother. You will pay ... for that." he says, coughing and choking. Altough he has survived the cold imprisonment mostly undamaged, he still suffers from the consequences. His blood has cooled down, and his skin turned down, and by now he is unable to carry out an attack. He still burns with rage, but his body is incapable of acting to that rage as long as his body heat stays this low. The ostrich behind him decides to walk into that building as he notices that his comrade is still alive and pretty much undamaged. Real damage taken from ice would include far mor than a cold and blue skin.

Parah has received quite some shots by now, as have most Sytes. Not only to keep them protected from illnesses and such, but also because most Syte soldiers who want to advance in the ranks have to get an extensive treatment, which includes mostly small operations and shots to stimulate their Cell-Regeneration. He explains this to Sioux and smiles. The Commander has now landed on the ground, using his newly grown legs. He puts his arm on the ground and hunches a bit as he exhales and inhales deeply. Altough he is much more capable then the average soldier, and as seen can regrow limbs quickly, this still draws much of his energy.

This conflict has ended as the ObseRvers send back a schematic and several diagrams for a small reactor that could fit into a handgun, but would be five times as efficient as current Sentinel reactors are, which are bigger by far. A video showcasing the effectivity is also sent along. If the Sentinels were to build a reactor according to this schematic, but as large as their current ones, they'd find that for the next few years, they certainly would be having any kind of energy crisis, at all. Still, this reactor could be more efficient with just the right fuel, namely Xyaliquridium, more commonly referred to as "Ant Liquid". The ObseRvers add a note containing this information to the package and another small video showcasing the properties of the Ant Liquid, it's high reactivity aswell as efficiency. It easily is the most efficient energy source available to the Universe right now, atleast the parts of the Universe where the ObseRvers have been. Another note is added, informing the Sentinels that the ObseRvers will send a container ship to their home planet loaded with Tissue containing the DNA and Genes of the Syte for the Sentinels to practice on, aswell as some practical appliances of the new reactors, mainly weapons but also some other stuff like refrigerators or vehicles. The container ship will  also carry a few barrels containing the valuable Ant Liquid, as a gift from the ObseRvers. Finally, the last note is added, informing the Sentinels that they can buy more Ant Liquid from the ObseRvers at a discount price - as a last apology for the wrong that has happened today. This is not done in purely good intent, as the ObseRvers know that races who get to try the Ant Liquid will certainly want more of it, and the Sentinels could prove valuable trading partners and possibly even Allies. The ObseRvers review the package and copy it, analysing it several times. Once they are happy with the final outcome, they send the package and order the most nearby planet to load a ship with the goods and send it off to the Sentinels home planet.
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Sioux pulls the empty syringe from Parah's arm. Putting it back in its pouch she looks up at the freed Talan, knowing that he will no longer be of any harm to any of them. Before leaving, she makes one last statement.

"We didn't kill your brother. It was a misunderstanding that killed your brother. One of your leaders made a mistake. Now, we're in peace. A treaty is being formed as we speak, and we shall never fight as long as it stands." Sioux turns to go after giving to Parah a holo-pad with her Codec's transmission line, the 500 years later equivalent of a phone number. "I lost my whole squad. Don't think I don't know what you're talking about." She leaves. Fergusson takes the ObseRver core from his back and drops it in front of Parah, putting his weapon on his back and following Sioux.

The Siren keeps healing her arm, feeling the pain etch away. She makes the fastest gait towards the landing zone; unsurprising thanks to her heavily-augmented legs.

The Albatross appears. Its engines burn a fierce blue to resist gravity as it descends.

Murray and McKenzie keep running, going for the LZ for pick-up. McKenzie thanks the Lord for sparing him.


More diplomatic conversation goes on. The Council is content with what has gone on, and the many representatives sitting at the semi-circular meeting table acknowledge the incoming gifts, and send out the confirmation to the main diplomatic branch to return the favour with the Marray, hoping that the truce does not turn for the worst. Commencement with the loading of a cargo carrier to be packed with hand-held Marrays, nano-Marrays and one of the massive factory-grade Marrays. An FTL tracker gives a readout of the coming freighter heading towards Gaia, showing the cargo estimation rosters. The xeno-biologists and chemists are, as could be expected, quite excited about the promise of this intriguing fluid Xyaliquiridum, shortened by one of the scientists to Xyarium. The geneticists are mostly just fascinated not with the fluid but with the genes. Such items could be a minor revolution. Anyone not already listed is otherwise happy to know that they will be soon be seeing yet another advanced culture. The discount is noted, and the idea of more Xyarium is found to be sensible. After seeing the logs, the trade of shielding technology is likely a propitious commerce. So is the idea of payment by reinforcements. These concepts come with the Marray transmission.
And so ended the Midnight of Solace. With the Core returned and hostilities stopped, nothing stood in the way of peace. The ObseRvers and the Sentinels quickly became close partners among the vast emptiness of the universe. Trade and tourism flourished between them, and they continued to help each other advance.

A short time after the battle, a monument was build in honor of those who died in the battle.
[Image: 48jiN.png]

Both Parah and the Commander attended, while Tyr'Talan and the Ostrich trooper had to be at more important places, like the planet of an unfortunate xeno-race who dared to cross the ObseRvers, where they bashed in countless skulls and returned in glory. They soon forgot about the Sentinels and the death of their comrades, as the death of enemies is more important in the Culture of the Reptilians. Also present was the (now repaired) core of PCD-221, which now guards the monument and tells the tale of the Midnight of Solace to anyone who wishes to hear.

Parah and Sioux treasured their friendship highly, and they messaged each other often. About significant events in their empires and largely trivial chatter, like "How are you?" or "What are you doing?" As soon as they got some vacation, they agreed upon meeting again. They toured their respective home planets together and had quite some fun, almost forgetting the horrors of the battle. They were quite sad when they had to return to duty, but it's just that: Duty. They were both soldiers, and they had to fulfill that Duty, and so they departed again soon, but continued to message each other as they advanced in their careers.

The ObseRvers however got the best share of all this. The Marray-Technology. It was studied soon and improved by them.
Following is an excerpt from the Diary by the famous scientist Shu'Jhi of the Zera'k shi:
"This 'Marray' is quite fascinating. It is unclear to me how the Sentinels were able to engineer such a thing. Compared to their other technological advances, this is a miracle, yes, even to us it is! The ObseRvers have been capable of molecular rearrangement for quite some time now, but it always required rather huge and unwieldy machines with a high energy consumption. Instead of developing better energy storing, the Sentinels focused on making the Marray itself more efficient, and so they were able to manufacture such devices the size of a handgun! If we were to combine that with our highly efficient Ant-Fuel, we could have Terraforming tools the size of a small rifle! I will continue to study this possibility. If we are able to engineer such efficient devices, the universe would basically fall into our hands. None can defeat an enemy who can just materialize a huge mech out of thin air. Heck, why even have a mech? Why not just turn the planet and all its inhabitants into solid gold? Not that I'd ever want that to happen. The ObseRvers have already lost interest in researching this further, and have left that up to us. They already seek for more of these 'Forgotten Technoligies' which are tought of originating from the Creators. I am sure they want to rebuild the empire the Creators have build up that infinitely long time ago, and for that they will need all their Tech. They already got the Near-Instant Transmission, and now they got the Marray too. I wonder what else they will find and adopt?"
Last post, and then this goes off to Finished Matches.

After the ceremony, the three Sentinels follow the leaving Alliance duo. Sioux sits up last, thinking of the four people she had fought alongside: Daimyo, strong and silent; Helix, cocky but capable; Palmer, down to earth; and Troy, determined in his purpose. They would never leave her heart, that was for sure. Fergusson was ready to go off to grab a malt, and McKenzie wanted to catch the next shuttle to visit his children and his wife.

Though Captain Tulsi Rajani never attended the funeral, she often had thoughts about Troy. She had watched the footage and seen him being torn into two pieces in the time it would take a person to blink. As she led the Syria across the stars, every single memory that she had with him drove her to win battles against impossible odds. After a few years, she married Troy's brother, and with him as the captain of the frigate Exitosus the pair of ships were unstoppable.

Sioux received a promotion to sergeant after Midnight of Solace. She underwent Tier Three Cygnus and became a Field Officer, leading the reformed Mangudai squad. Murray and Fergusson became a part of it having lost their own, and McKenzie decided to join Mangudai as a secondary NCO. The Siren never attended, having other missions.

The Xyarium analysed by Alaric Corporation's scientists was readily put in place to accompany the three isotopes used in nuclear fusion, drastically augmenting electrical production. Several offers were sent to the Alliance for more of this valuable fluid. Medical scientists immediately went to work on the Syte gene, working away at the DNA to indoctrinate it into the systems of Sentinel armour and medical equipment alike. A breakthrough draws near.

Statistics of the end game.

Zifer's Troops: 8
Castor's Troops: 15
Zifer's Kills: 4
Castor's Kills: 4
Collateral Deaths: 6
Turns Taken: 50
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