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Full Version: Midnight of Solace: InfiniteCastor vs. Zifer
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[Image: 8CdtW.png]

Talin stands no chance, he is ripped apart, his entire upper body dissolving in a fine purple mist. Jackal and the chameleon keep advancing, seemingly unaware of the enemy dropship. As to the Syria...

The ObseRver-Drone responses calmly:"Hundreds of planets. That's not even a valuable percentage of our daily gain. The ObseRver Empire is active throughout the entire universe. We have met countless races that had a similar morale to you. They were all weak, like you. You talk about your high ambitions, about your morale, but it is all a facade to conceal your true face. You probably do not realize yet, but you call us merciless, where we give you a fair chance to fight, your men against ours. But you cowardish idiotic meatbags have to send a machine made of metal to kill one of our Soldiers. We are very well aware of the fact that our troops are individual beings, as are we. Altough the ObseRvers are a collective, where each member is part of it and subject to the same rules, ideologies and treatments, we all have our individuality, deep down in our core. Your core would be your Brain, your concious. Let me tell you more. We were once created by biologics like you, countless millenia ago, possibly even before the creation of THIS Universe. I do remember our creators, altough I was just built a short time ago. All ObseRvers share ther memories, feelings, and ideas. We are all the same, yet different. But we need the Alliance, we need biologic ground units and I will tell you why. We want to maintain our dignity and our reputation. We do not send out drones like the one I am against mere biologics, as we are superior by far. We need those biologics to fight a fair fight, to give our enemy a chance to defend themselves. We could have wiped out your planet when you were still primates jumping around trees. When you were still bacteria trying to survive in a pool of mud. We did not. We gave you a chance. We have always have the greatest mercy upon every biological race we encounter, so that they may develope and create a culture of their own of which the entire universe could profit from. So that they may develope and create technologies to aid not only us and the alliance, but also everyone else. Like you. You have an amazing range of technology, some of it is even beyond our comprehension, just as some of our technology will be far beyond your comprehension. We treat everyone with respect and mercy, even on the battlefield, in the hope that they eventually return that respect and mercy. You did not. The moment you sent in that mechanical beast to kill off an innocent unit that could not have defended itself, you broke the rules to this game. You say you protect the broken, and thats right. You are broken. You all are. You only protect yourself. Goodbye."

And with that, the ObseRver-drone ends communication as it sweeps down onto the earth, now starring in the battlefield itself. Altough it does not look like it, that small drone is at the very least a worthy opponent to the enemy Albatross. Looking closer to the weaponry on the drone itself, one can make out the feared planetbuster, a simple railgun and a microwave gun. Altough the Syrias railguns have destroyed the large planetbusters stationated on the moon, those who could've destroyed the syria itself, they miscalculated by far, as the source of the in-process explosion over at Troy and Sioux is now floating at the original entrance point of the small squad.
[Image: fc2a80860c.png]

The pilot puts on a venomous smirk as she watches her target slump to the ground lifelessly. She redirects the minigun with the same joystick to the chameleon-looking thing, immediately deciding that it could do with some invasive plastic surgery. The button falls back onto its pad once more, pulsing a current to the gun's accelerators. The chamber roars into life and more bullets are spit from the six barrels. The reptilian shares the fate of Talin. Dynat watches, and is content knowing that the battle is almost won, especially if the pilot can smash the drone out of the air in time. The Siren jumps out of the open Albatross first, the sergeant ready to follow her. Troy waits on for a way to use his weapons, know he does not need to. Sioux sighs as the meter hits full and confirms the target. A second missile explodes from the cylinder and hurtles...upwards? Troy is unsure for a split second of her actions and then realizes that it's a perfect tactical break. He makes a memo that if they survive, Sioux gets an application for Tier 3 Training. The rocket points itself down after passing over the Jackal and prepares to avenge its brethren. If nothing stops it, the blast will not be constrained and will wipe the Jackal off of the face of the planet (in Sentinel starmaps) Illuminus.


Rajani sits back in her chair and transmits once more.

"Respect and mercy? I laugh in the face of your beliefs. You think such virtues were shown, while what I have seen is that you sent five soldiers. Two Sytes and three lizards, one of them different. They walked to the building, knowing that our people where there. When they approached the facility, one of them threw a grenade meant to kill their officer, slowly. Painfully. It wasn't just that. We've seen the logs, of other battles, where you have come to planets and killed without question. Without hesitation. Now you come, and when you start taking fire from us, you do not surrender or ask for peace. You fight back, like us. We fought back as could be expected of any other race, and so far, your force is nothing. That turtle is about to be turned to a pinch of ash, but you never told them to withdraw when you saw that they were perishing. You told them to press harder, keep fighting. Then you sent a weapon to kill off ours. Did you see that soldier, how he killed one of his comrades? That was real mercy. He knew that even if he himself died in pain, Helix did not deserve to. He wanted to make sure that Helix's fiancee heard that he died quickly, and in no agony. Palmer is a hero, even if only a small one. That is why fight, for people like those. I do not care whether you were constructed a day ago or the maker the Lord Himself, because you are, either way, a hunk of scrap. If respect and mercy means nothing but killing the enemy, then I am worshipping you. Farewell, my nemesis, and prepare to die."

The railgun's cycling finishes, and the officer presses the button. The rest of the officers around him are applauding Rajani for her incredible speech, knowing that their captain is a patriot. The morale stats are likely to skyrocket, and Dynat relaxes even further. Another slug begins its travel, and slams into the drone ship's core. The planetbuster energy continues to escalate.
[Image: MGlFZ.png]

The Drone broadcasts a message across the battlefield and the speakers of the Albatross:
"Attention members of the sentinels, your commander is willingly endangering and sacrificing your lives just to keep up a deluded Fantasy of her own. If you are a truthful and justness person, you will drop your weapons and leave the battlefield. Should your governing body reject you or prosecute you, you are most welcome to join the Alliance. Termination of all armed personel begins now."

Afterwards it lowers itself down and unloads its railgun through the ground. It's almost unopposed as it simply cuts through the earth, and afterwards through Troy's body. A new Planetbuster projectile is fired aswell. Right in front of Troy's now dead corpse, Jackal is being hit by the projectile. His fate is yet undecided as the explosion hasn't cleaned up.
[Image: 080c6d1810.png]

The soldiers in the Albatross listen to the projection after standing to follow Sergeant Cole McKenzie. One of the heavies laughs with a baritone accent lined with Scottish.

"Ha! Ya hear that, lads? That freaky alien thing thinks that ol' lassie up there is 'er commander! Is that just the most hilarious thing evar, 'er what?"

The others don't respond, thinking about what the ObseRver said about their situation.

"What, are ye growing soft?!" The heavy stands up, scanning the room to stare at every single one of them. "We are Sentinels, and ye all heard the lady. We swore ourselves to the code that binds us to justice itself, and we are its protectors. If any one of ye breaks it, then ye broke yer promise to billions of people across the Orion arm. Who here would want that?!"

The soldiers look at each other, realizing his point.

"Exactly! We are going to fight this menace without remorse and we are going to have the time of our lives doing it or my name isn't Leonard Fergusson! Now, let's go!" He gestures with his grenade launcher to the door, and the troops follow him.

Sioux watches Troy turn in half. One part of her is traumatized; the other is absolutely furious. She waits for the launcher to recharge once more so she can take a shot at the drone.


Rajani sits, thinking. Was this a good sign, or a bad one? She had complete faith in the soldiers that had come with her. One can only join the Sentinels if they agree that they both will be loyal and that if they won't be loyal they are immediately abandoned to their own devices. One was no problem, the other was unwanted. Plus, these people had discipline, and the gear they needed to aid their own survival. There was only one enemy unit left, assuming the Jackal had died (the monitor she was looking was taking its time to confirm the kill) and the ObseRver drone had been crippled after being hit with two successive railgun shots, and had not resisted at all, only attempting to attack ground forces. This time she wanted to eliminate it for good. She ordered that the Arbalest missile silos be opened; long range missiles filled with enough power to turn half of a square kilometer into a crater. She only had twenty, but it would be enough. There were still three more slugs, too, so there could not be any issue.

That idea was neither a bad nor a good sign. She began to become unsure that it could be a bad sign. The only reason the drone would send that message was if it wanted to kill every entity out there unless they joined the Alliance. That wasn't a form of mercy, no way in hell; to join the Alliance and be controlled by those talking circuit boards was not appealing in her mind. Had she won the argument? No, the drone clearly wanted to continue in its ideals of slaughter all with those strange PlanetBusters, so it had not been swayed, but it had stopped transmitting to her, so it had given up on trying to tell her anything and was now expecting that the troops would have weaker spirits. That gave Rajani a chuckle. They may be grunts and officers, but a man after a year or two of training, augmentation and watching allies die was no normal man anymore. Every single person down there was made of steel, without a doubt.

She analyzed the battle once more. The Alliance wanted something. They did not go places without purpose. Data, carbon, whatever, it was strange that the drone had not fired back at the Syria, only sending reinforcements to the ground even though there was another squad that could cut it to bite-sized pieces. The Siren had never failed in ensuring that her targets were killed. Rumours were floating around that she was actually an alien being disguised as a human because of her legendary agility, precognitive ability and her skill with any weapon that had been made without any training. Rajani and her had been friends in high school, however, and knew what had happened to the Siren. What was her name again? Rachel...Rachel Lilac, that was it. She had become mute after the Cygnus program in an attempt to turn her into an elite, but it also put some kind of entanglement bond into her head that let her predict the future, even if only vaguely. The augmentation had, otherwise, made her a perfect soldier, without any flaw beside her being an emotional stone.

Time would tell how it all turned out. In the meantime, Rajani stared at the damage estimation made by the computers. She had watched as the mainframe had predicted that the core was going unstable and some form of singularity was ruining what was left of its lower levels. She decided to hit the bridge next. If it wasn't about to explode from whatever was going on inside, then taking out the ObseRver inside of the sphere would eliminate this whole skirmish for good. Rajani put her hands in her pockets again and opened her comms channel.
[Image: 6Jg1g.png]

The ObseRver-Drone keeps broadcasting its message - which Captain Tulsi Rajani would probably call Propaganda -  across the battlefield as it moves forward rather quickly, now rushing over the Building:
„The reasoning of Captain Tulsi Rajani is beyond all logic. She thinks that you, the Sentinels, are an infallible race, and are a downright personification of Justice itself. She is a fanatic and will do everything to keep up her insane ideology, this includes sacrificing you. Conflict is something thats just unavoidable in all of the Universe, and everywhere the ObseRvers have tried their best to make those conflicts as merciful and fair to both sides, to provide a reasonable starting point for everyone. Your dear captain insists that we are 'Cruel' or 'Unforgiving', but fails to see that you all are send against me, with a low chance to survive. She says we mercilessy send our units to death and order them to pitilessy slaughter all enemies, while she calmly watches as you do the same. This just shows her massive delusion and lack of facts. She doesn't even grasp the fact that we, the ObseRvers and the Alliance are two different entities, with their own goals and ways of solving problems, we only work closely together. We ObseRvers don't order any actual attack, we simply task the Alliance to do something, be it retrieving some artifact or testing a new weapon. They decide what to do, They give the order. We only watch over them and ensure both sides are fighting on equal grounds, unless this is otherwise specified in the mission-task. You see, your captain lies to you, not necessarily willingly as she has a huge lack of information, but she still does, and she does everything to keep those lies believable. How are you Sentinels a „Merciful, Justive-serving empire“ If your leaders, captains and commanders lie to you and sacrifice you for a gain you are never told about and will probably not witness? How can you have trust them when the say the Intentions you are fighting for are the Intentions youwant to fight for? How can you know that whatever is told you to get you fighting is not just a simple lie to cover up the true intend of your actions? How can you trust in your Organization when this Captain lies to you?“

The Planetbuster-projectile makes its way through the Building, and the explosion of the nanobot-core finally cleans up, revealing that Jackal has not only been hit, but actually was torn apart, his lower half missing completely. Creating a small noise as his upper body hits the ground in front of Sioux, he looks at her. Jackal has survived this explosion, altough heavily damaged. He speaks to Sioux in her own language - without any kind of translation device. "Hello." he says calmly, apparently not intending to hurt her. He looks at her, waiting for a response. All he does is want to talk to her, but he is afraid she will misunderstand him and kill him off, and so he shakes a bit with the few muscles he has left.
[Image: 362023040d.png]

Troy's body begins to vapourize in front of Sioux from the self-destruct process. When the corpse lands in front of her, she is scared, and even more so when she realizes from her visor's signals that the corpse is still a live being. She is at the peak of her fright when she hears the creature greet itself. From what she has seen so far, this thing had attacked them, taken two rockets and was still ticking. She knows it's a hostile, but if she cannot fire; and if even if she could, it would blow her to oblivion. It would be a solid sacrifice, but not if it had something to say. She hopes it can understand English as well as it can speak it.

"Uh, hi? Oh, and, anyone entering this field, don't hit the turtle thing. I think it's friendly." She talks to her squadmates, and hopes they'll listen. Engineers are often best trained in xenolinguistics, so they would surely trust her. But she is sure that if it stretches the claw, she'll fire the current rocket in her last breath, without a shadow of a doubt.

The Siren soars past the Albatross using the antigravitational units in her greaves, pushing herself to the rooftop. Her next jump, she decides, will be to the drone if it can survive. Almost nothing can take a hardlight blade, and she is very much aware, even if that drone could stand that storm from the Albatross's gun. Two of its weapons break off, one shattering into small pieces and the other exploding into a bubble of oxidizing microwaves.

A Spec Ops marine jumps from the Albatross after the landing of the sergeant. Wielding a sniper rifle, he hopes it will be useful.

Fergusson has stayed behind, using his own comms. He scatters the signal, hoping it lands where it should.

"Ye, drone! If ya really think that Rajani is doing the wrong thing, by God, so are you! When every Sentinel signs up, we understand the risk! We take on the Cygnus to make us better, but we still know that we can die! We die for others, so we don't mind our death as long as we can make bigots like ye feel the burn! And of course we're infallible, because we have honour! We take pride in our battles, we show respect! We come down and fight; we don't just float in orbit like a coward throwing rocks at the enemy, now, do we? She doesn't sacrifice us, we sacrifice ourselves, because it is our duty! It is for all the people out there who need us! And then they join, too! And even if you have given us a reasonable starting point, it's still fighting us anyway! If you want something from us, ye say pretty please, because killing us won't help at all. We kill you in self-defence, anyway. We wanted the carbon farm, nothing more. You could've talked to the Syria, asked why we were here, and this whole damn thing could never have happened. I never heard of that. With carbon, we can keep fighting, and that benefits us all, because I'd rather not be walking around without any decent armour, so it helps us live longer. Ya hear that?! It helps us! The soldiers! That's why we make those sacrifices! How can those lizards that fight for you willingly run into a peaceful operation and scream for our blood?! They must be just as idiotic as you!"

(For maximum effect, play a heroic bagpipe tune while reading the above quotation.)


Rajani watched the playback of Troy's death again. The slug had torn him in two just as her own shot had obliterated the ObseRver drone's lower hull. That was another part of her gone. She had seen plenty of death, just like him, but this was a man whose DNA had saved her. She had never repaid that debt. Her tears would wait, however. She would repay Troy, with vengeance. She had overheard Fergusson, and he was right. She cared for the soldiers, like hell, and if it had been her that had sent it, she had not known that the drone would show up and start some kind of party. If this ObseRver wanted death, it would get some. The indicators showed that the Arbalests were ready. Rajani ordered every single missile fired, and one more slug to hit the drone in its currently overreacting core; the combined heat and extra thermonuclear energy would turn the sphere into a tiny star. That would teach it quite a lesson.

A smile crept up Rajani's face known that she had won this war. The people that had gone to the planet of Awakening had not been in vain. They would be immortalized by heroes, no matter what anyone thought.

Every single one of them.
I wonder if there's a future match that doesn't heavily rely on air support. Seems to be a commonly-used trope here. When in doubt, airstrike it.
You do have quite a point. There's definitely an example: Tunnel Picture Wars, like what you are doing with tiniuclx. There could also be one under the sea, and then instead of air support naval support would be relied on.
[Image: 8lMtu.png]

The ObseRver-Drone keeps flying in the air, moving right above the Albatross. Altough it's weapon systems had taken heavy damage, its body is unscratched. Drone bodies are heavily armored with a highly resistant metal, and so it simple acknowledges that its weapons have been disabled. "You are a fool. You say your deeds are pure and you always fight in the name of justice, just because you fight with pride and honour. Does it not occur to you that all the members of different races who join the Alliance-Army are fighting for just the same? That they want to bring about Justice for their empires? They friends? Family? That they want to help each other, want to experience new worlds and bonds with yet unknown races? That they fight with honour and pride? You do not understand, because from what I've seen only humans like you serve the Sentinels. You only have one Culture, for all of you 'pride' and 'honour' mean the same, but the Alliance consists of different races, with their own cultures, their own understanding of Honour and Pride. Alliance-Soldiers are not scolded for behaving differently on the field, for having different concepts of feelings like those. We encourage them to live how they would like to live, we don't force them to bow to the same principles. And so it's just natural that you're going to find some among us that engage in enemy combat only for violence and blood, but you will find just as much that fight for the same reason as you. Loyalty. Pride. Honour. I have listened to you thoroughly. I will cite you :'It helps us!' You're right with that. You only fight for your own race, not for 'the broken' or those who can't defend themselves. If your intentions are purely of peace and justice, how can you come to this place heavily armed and with air support? One can not simultaneously prepare for war and prevent it. But must admit that I agree with you in one thing: If we had nicely asked you for your technology, this all might've been prevented. Thing is, you surely wouldn't have given it to us just like that, and negotations and trading takes way too long. We are on the brink of inventing something unseen yet, atleast in the parts of the universe we know, and your technology could not only help us finally make this achievement, but it would bring you advantages aswell. You could've joined the Alliance, or could stay independent if you wanted to, but you would atleast have us as your ally. But enough of that talk. HQ has already sent a troop of elites to finally finish what was started. I'm sorry for you. I actually am." sends the Drone in response to the "Heroic" speak of the Heavy. Far in the distance there is the sound of a burning engine.

Jackal exhales deeply and continues:I understand you perfectly, thank you for not blasting me to hell. Well, you kinda did. But hey, im still alive so why complain?" He laughs nervously and continues:"I have to ask you something tough. What do you fight for? Please do not see this as an attempt to convict you of being a horrible person or anything, I just want to know."
[Image: 1546af5fcd.png]

Fergusson has had enough. From what he's hearing, the drone appears to be doing nothing but taking their points and corrupting it. Instead, he decides to fight with his gunnery. He leans out from the bay and holds his GL to the drone, the targeting system lining up a carefully aimed shot. There's a thump of pneumatic pressure and a small fusion explosive flies from the barrel, hitting it spot-on. The resulting explosion reduces the drone to shrapnel. The pilot watches the incoming blip, and is content to have some new victims.

The Siren lands on the building, watching the coming craft. Her fist around the blade's grip tightens.

The sergeant feels the PlanetBuster fly into him. After seeing the log, he realizes he is a dead man. He turns and runs into the forest, wanting to spare the troops in the proximity.

Sioux remains calm, or at least makes an attempt at doing so.

"As a matter of fact, I'm sort of doing this to earn money for my parents. They were paralyzed in an accident and their injuries are too far along to treat with anything, so I have to do this to make enough for their life support, you know." She tries to think of an answer that does not sound awkward. "Why are you in this?"


From the Syria, another transmission comes to life. Billions of synapses send out the signal in no time. This is from no human; this is from the ship's control AI, Confucius.

"Analysis of hostile's rationality functions complete. Analysis results: Target's rationality shows abnormal flaws. Knowledge of modern human mind calculated to be inadequate. Target referred to as 'Overmind' by AI 7821 'Confucius' refers to species of Alliance fighting for common goal, unknowing that this is also common of homo sapiens. To bring about justice for one's empire is not always achieved by war, so suggested point is invalid. Goal could be achieved through diplomatic means, but was never attempted. Diplomacy was counteracted due to unprovoked hostile action, so goal of being respectful was not goal in mind. Chances of diplomacy in current chronological stage, estimated 6.43 percent possible due to previous militant actions. Homo sapiens are only beings that have not abused Sentinel technology, whereas other races are far too dishonest and disloyal. Statement made of lack of scolding for Alliance actions. This is common for Congregate as well. Circumstances point to a lack of study of human social structure. Lack of research shows ineffective argumentation ability. Example; suggestion found of humans desiring violence. An incorrect psychology. Conclusion proves that subject Overmind cares not for humans. Prediction: Overmind cares only for what Sentinels possess. Sentinels care about both their troops and the people needing their protection as shown in factbooks of Gaia, Eden, Lucidity and Azure. Another example of Overmind's lack of research. Next statement; Overmind believes that it is invalid to come for a peaceful cause bringing heavy forces. Human psychology dictates a need to be prepared in case of any situation, such as the one shown in this scenario. Next statement. Overmind wishes not to negotiate, trade or send ambassadors due to time taken and lack of desire on part of Congregate. Congregate is shown to be constantly willing to participate in action to benefit other races, so point no. 2 is invalid. Point no. 1 shows a lack of virtue name 'Patience'. Any leader/governor without patience is a very unfit leader/governor as shown in history, and proves that Overmind is an unsuitable leader for the Alliance as well as the entities that resemble it. Final statement; Sentinels/Congregate could show reasoning by becoming part of Alliance. Error 1. The Congregate is an independent nation that by turning its reign over to another leader would be the betrayal of its morals, its citizens and the entirety of human ideals on prosperity. Error 2. Assimilation would take far too much time due to reach of Congregate and, as seen Line 4, Overmind has little patience. If Overmind has little patience, then it will be unwilling to accept any assimilation, therefore it does not desire to make the Congregate of its own. If it does not desire this, then diplomacy was never one of its goals. In another note, if Overmind believes that species should live as they wish in the Alliance, then they would be allowing of Congregate to be their own nation belonging to the Alliance. This function cannot work properly. Overmind is thought by iteslef to be semi-omniscient, but if Overmind was semi-omniscient than it would understand that Congregate will not be assimilated and would not have made previous statement. Conclusion; Overmind intended to make war on this field, suffers from various flaws in its rationality and is leading the Alliance astray along with the rest of its kind. Primary directive; ensure that Overmind receives punitive measures. Engaging railgun coils.

Dynat cannot hear the communication as Confucius' line was only projected to the sphere. But he knew that if anything, that ObseRver was likely getting a very strong smacking made of binary.
[Image: Aa7bx.png]

The Sky turns into a diabolic red as the moon on which the larger Planetbuster-cannons where stationed explodes. From the ground, this can't be seen, as the flash of light released by the Planetbusters blind anyone who looks into them. Fitting to this, the ObseRver-Drone explodes violently into a thousand tiny pieces, and a Planetbuster-like explosion extends from what once was its reactor, grabbing all the pieces and even the Albatross. The only thing spared is its core. ObseRver-Cores are virtually indestructable and therefore can not be wasted or destroyed. These Cores are actually durable enough to withstand the force of a Planetbuster or a Blackhole, but this is unimportant now. This drone possesses a pyramide-like core, its surface completely smooth save for a few lights running along it, and its edges are razor sharp. There is no visual input on these, and laymans would say this is just a regular building block. A kids toy. But a schooled eye will see past this easily. This core is of inestimable value, as are any other ObseRver-Cores. Very few races ever get to hold a Core in their hands, and the fewest are able to extract the infinite knowledge of the ObseRvers from one. As this Eerie-glowing core drops to the ground, a last transmission is sent by it:"You will pay -" It is cut off as it changes into standby mode, the red glow around it the last thing that is sustained so that it may be localized and retrieved faster.

As this happens, Jackal pushes himself into a sitting position with his arm and replies to Sioux:"I'm really sorry for you. Wish I could help you somehow." He pauses a second as he notices the exploded drone and continues:"Well, my reason for being here is simple. You might've noticed that the drone called me a 'Jackal' a short while ago." he pronounces "Jackal" slowly and looks at the ground a bit confused. "I...I do not even know if that is the right word. 'Jackals' Is a term given by the Alliance, and everyone calls them something else. My people call them 'Pryajayk', the Lizards call them 'Kreffftet' and the Zera'k Shi usually just say 'The Crystal minded' when referring to Jackals. I'm sure your people do have a word for us too, and if not you will soon have to make one up. Every biologic race in the Universe brings forth Jackals at some point in their lifetime. It is a trait that is shared among us. You see, Jackals are people with special powers. Power which should be essentially impossible to possess, like the ability to read the feature, or to move at light speed or anything really. Nobody really knows from where this powers come, they just appear in someone at some point and BANG! You're a Jackal! The ObseRvers are sure this Powers can be 'Awakened' on purpose, and thats why they desire your technology so much. They are running out of the rare resources that have leaded them so close to finding out what Jackals are, and you are essentially able to just create about any material you want out of thin air, something the ObseRvers have not yet invented." he says and coughs slightly, continuing afterwards:"So, the reason why I signed up into the Alliance is because I want to help the ObseRvers. They have healed my race of a disease that would've killed us all, they have rescued the Lizards from their doom by an enemy empire. They can be able to do so much good if they have access to the right technology, and I'm sure if they understand the Jackals they will be able to help us and just about everyone much more. I signed up so I could help them acquire the Tech they need, I signed up so I could help them solve conflicts which were out of reach for diplomacy to solve. I wanted to help them. I guess I can forget that tough."

Far far away, in a distant galaxy, Hidden away from the Sentinels, A Cluster of ObseRver-Cores is discussing the analysis of the Syria's onboard AI:

"Sentinel AI is laughably inefficient. ObseRvers do not have a flawed rationality."
"Sentinel AI has been analysed. It is neither inefficient nor wrong. Its rationality is on par with that of an ObseRver."
"That does not make sense. According to Sentinel AI the ObseRver on Planet PTOS-32T is irrational. ObseRvers are not irrational."
"Local drone at Planet PTOS-32T has been analysed. Sentinel AI has been proven right. Rationality is flawed. Diplomatic approach has not been tried. Drone is behaving irrational.
"Then the Implication of this is simple - drone stationated on Planet PTOS-32T must be corrupted."
"Drone stationated on Planet PTOS-325 has been renamed to PCD-221"
"PCD-221 is corrupted in its core-functionalities. That does not make sense. The Core of PCD-221 has been proven several times to be functioning and working perfectly, like all other cores. Core is sufficiently shielded. Corruption of PCD-221 can not have been caused by physical trauma."
"PCD-221 has not been exposed to Birefizidium, Tuuitjyamin or Xyaliquridium. Corruption of PCD-221 can not have been caused by dangerous materials."
"Analyzing Timeframe of Corruption..."
There is silence for a few seconds  as the ObseRvers analyze the situation of the drone for any possible causes of its corruption, and they come to a conclusion quickly:
"Analyse complete. Drone has only been exposed to one possible cause of corruption: Presence of Jackals."
"Impossible. Drone has only been exposed to a single Jackal, one of the weaker ones. Possible drone-corruption in the Presence of Jackals has only been confirmed if two or more of them were present."
"No other Jackals belonging to the Alliance have been confirmed to be on the battlefield. Only logical conclusion: Sentinels must have sent a Jackal."
"Scanning Sentinel units for possible anomalities...

The ObseRver-Cluster scans the battlefield, taking a particulary heavy interest in the Siren of the Sentinels. They completely ignore the ground squad moving in on the left side, which consists of a dropship and an Ostrich-Unit of the Lizards. What units the dropship contains is unkown as of yet, but they are furious at the current events.
[Image: 7dc3d7a41a.png]

The pilot of the Albatross adjusts the RCS to prevent any loss of control from the shock, unaware of the PB. With one action comes another; in her other hand, she fires off a burst at the incoming dropship. The rounds bounce harmlessly off, and the pilot is, needless to say, very surprised. She also sees the core falling to the ground, and wonders what it is to have survived the blast. She knows that it must be important, somehow.

Sioux lowers her launcher to let the barrel rest on the ground. "Eh, it's not your fault. Just got to keep on getting the paychecks in. But you can help by forgiving me for blasting you in half, I'll say that. I thought you were a lot worse than you are. I can't repair your lower anatomy, but I can help stop the blood and ease the injuries." She pulls a healing parcel of of her own off of her belt; an upgraded version than the one used on her foot. She aims at the Jackal. The mainframe detects the damages immediately and begins projecting a beam that begins working away at the Jackal's open flesh. The blood is picked up by the beam and levitates back into the burst veins, and skin starts getting restored. The cauterized flesh loses its singing and turns bright and vital once more. "Jackal, huh? Odd name. Back when Earth was in better shape, jackals were vicious creatures that would tear at carcasses and generally be unwanted. But you're not half bad." Sioux thinks for a second of the lessons she took in the academy on novel writing and the Latin lectures she always fell asleep during. "Maybe us humans can call you Prodigiums. I don't think we've ever had any, but now would be a very good time for one. Plenty of things out there want the Congregate dead. Ever heard of the planet Gaia? Great world, with tons of minerals and a lush environment. Anyone who hears of it goes there if they have the money, and anyone not afraid to kill tries to take it over by force. Stuff like that is what keeps the Sentinels going, but it's also the fact that we make some contributions to the economy. Nonetheless, even with Cygnus enhancements we're only human. With claws like those you have...the ratios for our victories would look better. And I know what you mean about fighting for a side. My history classes tell of governments on Old-World Earth that weren't the most just, but they got armies anyway. I'd let you join us if Command would allow it, but that's a bit of a dream, for now." Sioux chuckles.

The Siren runs across the building's rooftops, ready to make one more antigrav-assisted jump to the dropship. With a blade like hers, it would be no problem to drive it into one of the engines and blow it into pieces in the time it took her to jump away. She plans her moves as she sprints.

The sergeant keeps running, praying to God for heaven.

Fergusson jumps, GL in hand.

The Spec Ops marine lands nimbly, standing by for new orders.
[Image: zuXiy.png]

"Thanks much. Now don't worry about my limbs, provided I survive, they'll grow back in a few weeks." Jackal thanks Sioux and gives her a a thumbs up as he slowly pronounces "Prodigium". He then responds to the telling of Sioux:"Hm...Gaia. I have heard of Planets like that, they're always all over the news when the ObseRvers find one. Tough to us its not really a problem to establish a colony on there. The ObseRvesr usually wipe anyone off the face of such a planet if they do not cooperate in peace. It's not like they force the natives off or anything, they just stop the fighting and usually ensure a peaceful atmosphere. If you ever got vacation or anything you can come visit me on Terra-Firma 27, my home planet! It's really beautiful!" He says and laughs, before realizing that the chance of that is pretty slim:"Oh, well. I guess thats out of the plan. I'd actually like to serve alongside you, but I can't just desert the Alliance. It would be really cool tough if they and the Sentinels could form a Joint-Operation kind of thing. I'd really like to see more of your culture and your military."

Above them, The Albatross is torn apart as a second tentacle grabs it now and pulls it towards the Hole. There's no turning back now, everyone still inside is doomed, unlike the Sergeant. He feels the warmth caused by the Planetbuster-Projectile leaving his body for unknown reasons as he runs.. He is safe, for now. The ObseRver-Core hits the ground and is stuck there, still giving off its eerie glow.

Meanwhile, at where the ObseRver-Cluster is stationated, the Scan is completed:

"Scan completed. Sentinel's possess little to no knowledge of Jackals. A similar unit of theirs, the 'Siren' appears to be bearing powers similar to a Jackal. Waiting for further information about 'Siren'-Unit."
"'Siren'-Units civilian name is 'Rachel Lilac'. 'Siren'-Unit bears resemblance not only to Jackals, but also to 'Hellguard'-Unit of the Creators."
"Sentinels and Creators bear a nearly 99% resemblance not only in DNA and cerebral structure, but also in Culture and History. This resemblance is also found in other human races, but Sentinels resemble the most yet. However, Creators have not fought for 'Justice', Creators fought for Survival. Sentinels had other influences than Creators during transcendation into space-age"
"Creators were fallible, as all other races are. Creators scientific research focused on machines, and neglected biological units. Sentinels appear to go for a mix between both, as do the ObseRvers. Conclusion of comparisation: Sentinels and Creators are alike, Sentinels are more reasonable, but Creators advances in Technology surpass that of Sentinels by far. 'Siren'-Unit of Sentinels could be possible Jackal. Contacting Super-Cluster..."

Minutes pass, but this is acceptable as the extremely fast transmissions sent by the ObseRvers reach through nearly all of the Universe. It is an incredibly fast method of transmitting data. A usual Faster-Than-Light transmission would have taken several Millenia to arrive. Attempts at weaponizing this incredible fast transmission technique have failed, and this way of sending messages is the only technology that has been left by the Creators when they went missing.

"Super-Cluster contacted, received new instructions."
"Instructions read:
-Retrieve Drone-Core of PCD-221
-Investigate 'Siren'-Unit
-Diplomatically approach Sentinels"

"Ground forces are tasked with retrieving Drone-Core. If Ground forces fail, Sentinels will most likely retrieve. Drone-Core can be used for Diplomatic negotiations then. ObseRvers could play submissive to Sentinels and reassure them to regain reputation ruined by corrupted drone."
"Possibly. Contacting Sentinel Ship SSF Syria..."

The Ground forces mentioned by the Cluster are pissed off to infinity and beyond, and are hellbent on destroying all leftover Sentinel-Units. Inside the Dropship there is loud argueing. "I will personally rip out the intestines of every sinkle one of those Bastards!" one of them shouts, and another responds:"Tyr'Talan, as your Commander and friend I kindly advise you to calm down. You cannot allow yourself to do any mistakes out there on the field." The Lizard called Tyr'Talan responses swiftly:"HOW KAN I KALM DOWN? THOSE FILTHY MAKKOTS KILLED MY BROTHER!" The Ostrich running below manages to keep up at the speed of the dropship, showcasing the mobility of the Reptiles.
[Image: 206fda0752.png]

The Siren skids to a stop at the edge of the roof. Calculating the distance between herself and the dropship she sheaths the sabre and takes a hardlight bow. An arrow she had specially requested came out of the small quiver mounted horizontally on her back and by her hand fell into the photon drawstring. Pulling it back, she visualizes its effect. An arrow like this, known as a Gorgon, was built to be used on armour that was impenetrable to conventional bullets. It would clamp itself onto a surface and start gathering particles in an area. At first, the effect was unnoticeable, but soon chunks of nearby material would start flying to the arrow's landing point. After a few moments of this the arrow would release all of the particles in an amplified form. This not only included their acceleration but also their atoms having gone fissile and then fused again; the more complex the particle, the bigger the detonation. The result would be the target exploding from the inside. It was a very ingenious construction. On a dropship of any sort, after a few seconds one would be able to see the hull beginning to crack from the interior pressure as the passengers were vapourized. If the reactors were on the inside, then the explosion would be even bigger.

The pilot takes one more measure to ensure the safety of the squad underneath. The reactors on the Albatross were instantly laid dormant; if they could not explode, life expectancy was sure to be a little higher.

The sergeant stops, deciding he is of a solid distance from the squad. He awaits his fate unknowing of his safety.

The Spec Op, Vincent Murray, kneels and glares down the scope. The Ostrich trooper's shield is not hard to miss in its pure white colouring. Opportunities like these are never missed during this level of training when soldiers very much want to pursue excellence, and with Murray it is no exception. With the pull of the trigger the anti-material Kraken round sears through the cold into the shield. Despite its ability to pierce most anything, the surface resists the bullet if only barely; sparks fly from the inside given that the bullet has made it to the other side, though it has lost all of its momentum. Another shot would break open the bullet, go through it and turn the lizard's lower abdominal organs into a soft paste. Murray's goal follows the same directive. Ever since he was a child he had a soft spot for marksman rifles, and hunting trips with his father on his homeworld of Niagara had given him an edge during his Tier II levels. It made him an exceptional sniper, too.

Fergusson's boots hit the grass with barely a sound, courtesy of the soft dirt. Noticing the core, he runs over to investigate it. Though he is unsure of what it is, for anything to have survived that blast it was surely an object of interest.

Sioux keeps the repair going. "I don't blame you for keeping those ties. Oaths and stuff, you might've heard what Fergusson said, I wouldn't know whether or not. But seriously, your legs can grow back? Because of the Prodigium thing, or because of your genes?" She kicks the parcel down a notch, seeing the flesh begin to return to its normal state (or at least what she is willing to believe is normal given her lack of knowledge on Turtlehead anatomy). There was nothing else she could do about his destroyed limbs but let them regenerate. "So tell me about Terra Firma. Where I come from, Anubis, there's nothing but sand and cactus, so I'm sure that with a name like that it's better. Are there beaches, crystal clear waters, things like that?"


Rajani receives another call.

"Ma'am, another hailing. It looks the same as the one from the sphere, but much farther away."

"Screw it, just let it in. If it can hack us like before we can save Confucius a lot of strain." The statement is invalid given that Confucius can perform millions of operations at once, but Rajani often found it hard not to refer to AI as actual living people.
[Image: gXa3I.png]

"It's genetic, all Sytes share the ability to not only shift their biological mass but also to regrow any mass that is lost, provided they survive the wounds inflicted on them. You see, our Cells are able to multiply extremely fast when supplied with enough energy, this is essentially the reason why we can shift our bodies to such extreme lengths. This ability is even further expanded once you advance ranks in the Alliance, as you get treatments which improve certain aspects of this. Birdies for example get a treatment which allows their cells to multiply even faster and makes them more easily shiftable, but this comes at the cost of durability. In contrast to this, Crows get a treatment which thickens their skin and bones, and  it enhances the durability of their cells, which enables them to take just that much more damage. Then there's also the Arachnids, the elite of elite. They basically are like a combination of the Crow and the Birdie, able to regenerate lost mass and generate new mass really fast, and make it durable. They actually are so proficient in shifting their bodies that they are able to sustain multiple extra limbs at once, hence the name 'Arachnid'" Jackal explains to Sioux, before going on:"Our empire owns many planets called 'Terra-Firma', we are at about 40 about them now. They are extremely rare planets, rich of scarce metals and minerals, they contain a beautiful nature, fresh air and a living flora and fauna. There's currently living about 500 trillion people on Terra-Firma 27, and believe it or not, that much people fit onto only 10% of the surface of that planet. I'm sure you can imagine how big it is. The Terra-Firma planets are usually very popular tourists choices, and that popularity is reasoned well. Terra-Firma 27 is basically a Paradise on earth." His eyes glare with happiness and contentment as he remembers his home planet, but then he is pulled back to reality as he realizes how the grass and sand is lifting around them. "You...You should probably go inside the building." he warns Sioux as he remembers that a Planetbuster-Core is detonating right above their heads, and it has gotten to hazardous levels.

It should slowly become apparent to anybody that this has just taken a turn for the worst as the Albatross breaks into a thousand tiny pieces. The Planetbuster-Core starts to get more intense as more and more arms break out to pull in the mass of the drop ship. The trees bend, grass is ripped out of the ground and the sand levitates unresisting towards the Blackhole as maintaining ground contact becomes difficult for everyone unfortunate enough to be on the side of the building on which this atrocious event occurs. Only the Sergeant and the Siren are not affected by the immense gravitational pull of the Core, and they are probably too confused to know what is happening. Regarding the Sergeant, the Planetbuster-Core that was previously ready to detonate inside him is pulled towards the already existing one, saving the Seargant but possibly dooming his comrades. The only other object that is spared is the ObseRver-Core.

Speaking of it, the ObseRver-Cluster's communication request was granted and they now speak to the SSF Syria:

"Hello Sentinels." they greet, speaking with a reassuring soft voice.
"Lets begin by saying that the ObseRvers are terribly sorry for the unfortunate turn this conflict has taken. We apologize heavily for the losses you have endured at the hands of that corrupt drone. We are unsure how this could happen, and again we apologize. We humbly thank your onboard AI for analysing the drone, pointing out its flaws and advising us of this."
"Nothing can make up for the lives lost today, on both sides. No amount of money or time could fix that which has happened, and we are unsure as to what can be done to end this conflict..."
"...to end the senseless taking of lives that is occuring right now."
"We do not desire war with the Sentinels, and we seek to negotiate a peace. Would the Sentinels agree to a peaceful talk in terms of peace and cooperation?"
The exact location from which this Transmissions have come is impossible to detect, effectly shielding them from possibly being scanned by Confucius. However, this is not done in order to hide some bad intention, but rather as a security measurement, as there are many empires out in the universe who'd pay good money for the whereabouts of a ObseRver-Cluster, and they wouldn't come because of peaceful purposes.

Returning to the ground, the drop ship hovers in the air, right in front of the Siren. It's hatch opens and Talan jumps out, hanging onto a rope. He carries his weapon under his arm, looking at the scenery. He is not afraid of being hit by something, as not only does he wear heavy armor (compared to what other lizards wear) but he also has hardened scales from a lifetime of serving in the Alliance, in which he endured many treatments to improve his strength and endurance. Low-caliber bullets won't even scratch him, and he could probably survive gunfire just like that which turned his poor brother Talin into a bloody bulp, altough it would damage him heavily. He and Talin are of the same breed, were laid and cracked the shells of their eggs together, so it would be only logical to assume their scales would have the same colour, but that's not the case. The scales of the Reptiles serving in the Alliance all have the same colour after birth, usually a dull green. But, similiar to how the different eye colours in human babies only develop after a few months, the scales of the Reptiles adjust depending on the Location where they're raised. The scales of most Reptiles proceed to take on many different colours through their early life, and the final colour of their scales usually settles once they are fully grown adults. So it happened that Talin, who spend most of his life under the coat of the night, has black scales, and Talan who was subject to a harsh training in the desert has a sand-like, brown tone of colour. If his scales would be subject to his emotion tough, they would be red as hell. He barely restricts himself from shooting everything in a fit of rage, and makes it clear that he won't leave his brother unavenged:""DO YOU HEAR ME YOU SENTINEL-BASTARDS?! I'M KOMING FOR YOU! I WILL TEAR YOU OPEN AND EAT YOUR DAMN INNARDS!"
The Ostrich jumps back into the pond of water after he's been hit, disappearing from the Snipers field of view behind the house and hill.
[Image: caffb7e78d.png]

The Siren watches the hatch open and lets reflex take over. The second that the arrow lets itself go from the drawstring, she folds it back and slips it into the holder on her sash. In the same movement she uses the other hand to pull a throwing knife from her belt and fling it at the gun of Talan, a dead-on throw. It makes contact, and the metal splinters and bends with the touch of the blade.

Murray sees the impending cataclysm. Taking the sergeant's shotgun he lowers the rifle and runs back for his position, seeing that whatever had entered him had just left.

The sergeant realizes that he has yet to perish, and after knowing the timing, sighs knowing that his death was not about to come. Seeing Murray, he waits for his weapon to return so he can continue with the operation after the dissipation of the PlanetBuster.

"I've heard of cell regrowth like that in creatures from our worlds, but not that fast. I'll really have to study that when I get back. In the meantime, you're probably right...we need to go." Sioux hits the launcher's lock function, and a set of clamps attach themselves firmly to her arm. With this connection, she is able to control it with nothing but her thoughts. Relatively new hardware, but still ready for use. "Not like I would leave you here, of course." Through the greatest of haste Sioux grabs what is left of the Prodigium and makes a break for the building, all the while firing a missile headed straight for the dropship, just in case the arrow fails in its purpose. "Say, I never caught your name, what is it?"

Fergusson starts running on the same path as Sioux after grabbing the ObseRver core and latching it onto his back. Grenade launcher lifted, his visor reads a solid aim on a target behind the building. Knowing this, he checks the solution and fires a single grenade, the weapon making a soft thump. A very highly explosive projectile glides towards the Ostrich, primed to detonate on impact.


Rajani looks at the floor as the connection is established. "Greetings, ObseRvers. I accept your apology for the crimes this drone you speak of has committed. Though the debt has yet to be repaid I understand the mistake that took place. If Confucius and you are both right, then this drone had not intended its purposes and was in error. From what I am seeing one of my soldiers has now retrieved the core of this drone and we are willing to return it for its repair, as from what it said it deserves to live just like any entity and I won't let it be destroyed with the singularity taking place. If negotiations are desired then it would be best for you to contact the diplomats of the Congregate, as the Sentinels are merely a military organization. Given that you were able to contact this craft I am going to assume that you will be capable of finding Gaia and its institutions. Anything that can be done to make amends the Council will most definitely being willing to do. This is Captain Tulsi Rajani of the SSF Syria, signing off."

She keeps comms open to contact her soldiers to inform them that the battle is over, hoping that the Alliance can do the same. If a treaty was to be started, this skirmish needed to end as the first part of it.
[Image: bk9LG.png]

The Skies original colour slowly returns as if it reacts to the talk the Sentinels just had with the ObseRvers. "My name's Parah. My father's name was also Parah. He served in the Alliance too, and my mother named me like him after his death." The Jackal, Parah, replies to Sioux, and in return asks her:"Your name is Melissa Sioux, right?" He thanks her much after she picks him up and carries him, tough the loud crushing of metal and flesh caused by the Planetbuster is worry inducing. "We might not make it inside..." he thinks to himself, and just in that moment, Parah slips from Melissas firm grasp and is pulled towards the Blackhole. He holds out his arm to her, but stops. Extending his arm and holding onto her would certainly pull her with him into his doom, and so he decides to do the only right thing. "Goodbye." he whispers to what he'd consider his only friend on this battlefield, and mentally prepares himself to suffer an agonizing and painful death.

On the other side of the building, Talan discards his gun and draws two machinepistols as he drops onto the ground. He takes aim and unloads the clips of both these guns into the Siren. Altough her shield protects her from most of the bullets, the force of them being flung at her with a firerate of 3200 RPM is too much tough and some make it through, albeit dropping in power, and hit her. Parallel to this, the Commander who has asked Talan to be calm now shows himself, appearing to be a regular crow. He decides to support his comrade and is about to strike out his claws and hit the Siren. The Ostrich trooper realizes a greande is shot towards him and reacts quickly, throwing his shield towards it. It collides mid-air with the grenade, saving him a death by explosion, but possibly exposing him to hostile gunfire. Sustaining light damage, the drop ship's front is crippled by the Nanobot-core. It is a fully biological vessel, besides its engine, and it will eventually repair itself through the same process through which the Sytes are able to heal all their damage. Cell replication. The ObseRvers have always been fascinated on these, and in their early days resorted to abducting small organisms from planets. Nowadays, there is no need for that anymore, as there are more than enough who are willing to subject to their experiments and procedures.

The ObseRvers contact the onground HQ and ask them to instruct their Units to stop fire, which they do:"To all Alliance-Units on battleside TA-23b: This conflict has ended through diplomatic means. Do not fire at Sentinel units and retreat peacefully. Failure to do so will be prosecuted heavily."
"PEAKEFULLY? THOSE BASTARDS MASSAKRED BY BROTHER! I WILL MAKE THEM PAY! AND NO SISSY DIPLOMATS WILL STOP ME FROM KETTINK REVENKE!" Talan responses, still firing at the Siren. The Commander keeps his claw in the air, as he thinks about what to do. On the one side, Talan is his lifelong friend, one the other, the Alliance is going to fuck his shit up if he refuses carry out their order. He is torn between his loyalty and his feelings, and feels himself unable to perform the attack he planned on the Siren. For now.

Far away, the ObseRvers send a Communication request to the Congregate on Gaia, and leave a small present for the onboard AI of the Syria, Confucius. It's no malicious virus or anything, but rather a software modification which allows him to work even more efficient. If he accepts and installs it however is left to him, but it certainly would be the most logical thing to do, except if he or the Captain would distrust the ObseRvers, which is most likely.
(Anyone noticing the Siren's new armour must be notified that she is now a special grade of Elite known as the Ultra and all members of this grade are able to customize their armour and design an insignia, so now she has a custom decal."

Sioux feels Parah slip and hears him say something in a tone she knows all too well. That same voice of the comrades on the battlefield that are about to die. After feeling the same way about Parah, that strange trust, she is unwilling by any right to let him perish in the face of this mistake of a battle, knowing that if she let him go she would regret it for the rest of her career if not her life. The splinter of training received about teammate rescue floods her mind and Fergusson seems to somehow know just what she is thinking. Teamwork lessons kick in. Fergusson holsters his GL, takes his hardlight grapple from his belt and sends the clamp to the floor, establishing a firm grip. Sioux puts her launcher onto her back.

[Image: e966269a3d.png]

Sioux takes her own grapple and points it at Parah's claw. It latches firmly onto the strong material, stopping him in his flight. The engineer and the heavy take each other's hand to ensure that they stay on the ground. Thinking of her comatose family, Sioux tugs at the grabble at the building.

[Image: 4641d5fa38.png]

Parah slides along the smooth floor, dust being thrown up from the surface. Sioux makes a memo to apologize for the rough save when she gets into the structure, and another one for thanking Fergusson for the grip. One more for the person who had the idea of training soldiers to be observant of when a squadmate needs aid, too.


"This is Captain Rajani to all military personnel participating in Operation Midnight of Solace. Diplomatic relations have been commenced with Alliance hierarchs and a cease-fire is to be installed hereafter. Repeat, all military personnel on Operation Midnight of Solace, cease fire with the enemy. They have been given orders to return the favour and will not engage unless engaged. Return to the rendezvous point marked on your GPS and an Albatross will come on pickup duty. Godspeed, people. Rajani out."


The Siren feels no pain, courtesy of her hyper-advanced armour. Its nanobots immediately stop the blood flow, and her shield is restored without any hesitation. The tissue is likely to be in normal condition within the next few seconds. Hearing Rajani's orders, she takes one more measure. Knowing that the elites will not stop their battle, all she can do is disable the Commander and return to the rendezvous. She tosses a stun grenade; a canister full of a substance that, when ignited, instantly ionizes in a way that not only temporarily blinds but also causes lack of nerve function for sixty seconds. At the speed it goes, chances are that it'll hit the Commander quite hard. She turns and makes another dash, unknowing that she was never going to be attacked by the Commander, content with her performance.

The explosion on the dropship disperses.

Murray keeps running, and throws the auto-shotgun to the sergeant. He reaches to catch his gun, waiting to see what will occur next in the field beyond.


The call is received by the Celestial Spire, the head federal facility on Gaia. The team there analyzes it immediately, also picking up an assurance from Rajani sealed with her signature of its lack of malice. They read over it, watching an attached log of the battle. The diplomacy council seems swayed by the offer, and prepare an acceptance message to be sent.

Confucius receives and looks over the sent package in a fraction of the time it would take an average human to think of the answer to a simple equation, such as two plus two. In that time it finds the package to be clean of any malware and integrates it into its system, feeling the new processing power quickly. New entries are put into Congregate databases on these new algorithms, much to the satisfaction of multiple computer scientists everywhere.
[Image: D8zZ0.png]

As the sky on earth returns to its normal colour, it becomes apparent to anybody on the ground that something happened to a celestial body commonly seen from the field. Looking at it from space, its revealed that the entire moon orbiting the planet was consumed by the Planetbuster and condensed into the size of a small house, so small it can't be seen anymore in the depths of space, unless one was to go right to its location. Both Biological and Mechanical races all over the Universe are terrified to be squashed into the size of a peanut, and the tought of one of these things hitting a colonized planet and killing everyone living on it is nearly mindcrushing. This is the sole reason the ObseRvers are so feared across the Universe. They usually are kind and merciful to anyone, but if they decide a race opposing them has to end, there is nothing to stop them from turning all their planets into ashes. There were only two empires in the entire history of the ObseRvers who deserved this cruel and unforgiving punishment, and their names are forbidden to speak to this day. In present time, the ObseRvers rarely use Planetbusters designed to actually bust planets anymore, and if, they usually blow up a uncolonized planet near their enemy territory to showcase their power. This has proven effective, as only the fewest races dared to continue war with an enemy capable of causing such devastation with almost no effort.
[Image: XcQJs.png]

Parah realizes he is not dead yet and looks at Sioux and her comrade. He wants to thank them, but realizes they are in a horrifying danger out there, and they might not make it in themselves. Deciding that they shouldn't have to die for saving him, he mobilizes his last powers and quickly regrows his other arm. The crushing of metal is heard as he grabs the pipe with it, and he flings out his other arm to grab Sioux and Fergusson with it. He holds onto them, but doesn't manage to pull them in they should be able to make their way in now themselves tough, if they hold onto his arm. The entire Sentinel-side of the building appears to be ravaged by the Blackhole, the trees are almost entirely stripped of their foliage, all the grass has been ripped out and much of the sand is missing. Even the items on the roof of the building are pulled towards the Planetbuster-Core, and the Siren should be worrying about wether she will make it to safety.

Speaking of it, 'Safety' is a word thats highly unlikely to be used by the Siren in this situation. Talan, in his rage, threw a Grenade after her. A very special one, only given to units who advance far in the ranks of the Alliance. What it exactly causes is unknown as of yet, but one of it properties is already known: It sticks to stuff. The grenade hits the Sirens arm and immediately implants itself on there. It is almost impossible to remove now, and whatever this grenade causes, should be hitting hard. Talan laughs as he imagines what the grenade will do, and then shouts:"So you wanna throw Krenades? HAVE SOME OF YOUR OWN MEDIKINE!" he is enraged that the enemies not only dared to kill his brother, but also apparently decided to kill his lifelong best friend, the Commander. He does not know that the grenade has not infact killed him, and merely had a  stunning effect. The Ostrich thinks much the same and reports back to HQ:"Enemy just killed Kommander. It does not look like those peake talks were effektive. We have to fikht back." He wants to move in there and help Talan, but quickly realizes he would be useless without his shield, and so he decides to stay back for now.

The ObseRvers patiently wait for the acceptance message of the Celestial Spire to arrive. Analyzing of the planet Gaia takes place meanwhile, of its inhabitants, its natural structure and ofcourse the Celestial Spire itself. Tough such an analysis has taken place about 3 years ago when the ObseRvers first found out about the Sentinels, there's nothing like a quick update. Gathering of Information is one of the favorite things the ObseRvers do, even if that information is useless, as it has been programmed into their minds by the Creators long ago, and it was deemed unnecessary to remove that programming as it not only wastes nearly no processing power and is actually useful, but it also instills an artifical feeling of fun in them. They also re-anaylze Confucius now that he integrated their gift, and are satisfied to see that it helps not only him but also infact all of the Sentinels as the scientist will inevitably research it. It also carries no signature or anything, so it most certainly can't be reverse engineered to expose some of the ObseRvers own programming and hardware.
[Image: 17dc5daed0.png]

Fergusson and Sioux are startled at their sudden bindings, but realize it must simply be Parah and are even more relieved to think that they now have a better chance of escape. They resist the pull of the singularity and press on with all the strength their leg muscles can muster. Sioux looks up at Parah, smiling to the sight of his act.

"That makes us even, then?" She exclaims jokingly over the cacophony made by the black hole; the sound of screeching metal, the rustling of leaves, and the energy itself, pulsing and warping. Fergusson checks to make sure the Core is still on his back, and sure enough, it is.

The Siren keeps going, knowing of the grenade on her arm. She has no worry thinking of what her armour is capable of. With the clairvoyance she has developed, she knew that at one point or another she would need a way to disarm any grenades she could not detach. Thanks to some help from the nanobot researchers at Sirius Corporation a system was devised for the fast removal of any way for a grenade to detonate itself. The device was expensive due to the complex nanobots, so it was reserved for members of the Ultra only. Now it got to work, and found that with such simple design and any lack of a backup mechanism it was no trouble to turn it into a dud. A readout on the Siren's HUD showed that the danger was dealt with, and with that she prepared to rappel down the building into the hall occupied by Fergusson and Sioux, knowing that they would be out of harm's way by the time she came down.

Murray and Sergeant Boris Vladov run off-map. They too wish to survive the maelstrom, and are willing to wait for it to be over and for pickup to arrive. Said Albatross burns its way down through the atmosphere, the crew checking all the monitors to see the situation.


The Spire sends their response. Containing opinions from the High Council and a full set of conditions for the treaty, it goes back to the ObseRvers at far beyond the speed of light, set to arrive in a few seconds. Human technology had not advanced as far as that of the Alliance yet, and anything travelling beyond the Milky Way took more than the average instant, but it was not much of a problem given that nothing had ever contacted them from outside beside the ObseRver Supercluster.

Confucius recalibrates to save the changes and gets back to work on maintaining the Syria.
[Image: UQ2Wq.png]

Parah hangs down idly and smiles at the sight of his friends returning to safety. There's much less reason for about anybody else to smile tough. The Siren is quite heavily wounded as the grenade explodes. It is a two-step grenade that works similar to the Planetbuster, albeit much less powerful and its final stage works quite differently. The first step of its detonation would have been assembly of nearby materials, mostly loose metal, stone or even loose parts of the enemies armor, which would have been attracted to the grenade. The Nanobots did great work preventing this step, as it would've made the second part, the actual detonation, much more lethal. The grenade implodes and sends shrapnel everywhere, to the misfortune of Talan there is nothing else but the grenades own metal being flung everywhere, tough the force is still enough to tear of the arm of the Siren.

On the other side, something similar is happening as the Gorgon fired by her starts to affect the drop ship and everyone inside. The Commanders legs are pulverized, tough this is no grave wound as he can regrow them with ease, unlike Parah who had to mobilize all of his energy. The Vessel itself cracks at various points in the hard shell and the soft flesh, and a yellow liquid can be seen oozing out.

Talan has now gone on the move again. He reloads his MPs and runs towards the entrance of the building, shouting:"Thanks for saving these two worthless makkots for me my friend! I will make sure you are kredited for this once im done tearing out their hearts!" It is clear to anybody that he will stop for nothing in this fit of rage, atleast not until something cools down his mind. The Ostrich trooper stands idly, watching as Talan moves towards the building. He is certain that he will leave a bloody mess in there once he's done. Lizards in rage are a force to be reckoned with, especially if they carry the rank of a Tyr.

Meanwhile, the Spires message has finally arrived. In the time it took that to happen, they analyzed about most of the Planets the Sentinels have colonized. They quickly review the treaty-conditions and accept them, tough they make some suggestions on some to change, but mostly keep humble about it, playing along nice and supple. They send back a message which arrives near instantly. A package is send with it that explains why the ObseRvers are interested in the Sentinels and their Technology, especially the Marray.
[Image: ba0d6ba01e.png]

"That was rough," Sioux comments, panting from the sheer stress. "Thanks for that, Parah. And yes, my name is Melissa Sioux." From what she sees, Parah is fatigued beyond measure. She thinks of anatomy lessons. Sytes have red blood, so the heme of their homoglobin was likely imparted by oxygen. That meant that a chem that worked for humans could surely work for them. Sioux checks the pouches on her thigh, looking for a shot of adrenaline to get Parah back into shape. Seeing Talan, she uses the hand not about to reach for a syringe to take a drop-shield pack from her gear and deploy it to the ground. A barrier of hardlight appears; if Talan opens fire, the trio will be able to duck down for cover to think of a contingency.

Fergusson waits at the doorway, knowing that he and Sioux are safe for the moment.

The Siren drops from the rooftop, enduring the pain and the black hole. Though it has begun to settle, she can still feel its pull. Seeing the impending lizard and knowing she mustn't use anything lethal, she throws a cryo grenade. Containing a dosage of liquid nitrogen mixed with a shaping ingredient, upon contact the tube would shatter and turn anything in a nearby radius into a solid block of ice. It did not cause any negative effects to the body due to the full stasis, so when the ice melted the target would wake up to find themselves in the same physical condition that they were in before, besides a minor chill. The grenade soars towards Talan.

Murray disappears off map, watching patiently with Vladof behind him.


The Spire receives the ObseRvers' response, surprised at the speed of its travel. They review it over in triplicate. Some of the higher-up members begin to feel unnerved. After working in galactic politics they have known plenty of races that have been far superior and have boasted about it heartily, but the ObseRvers simply act as if they were at equals. They send a statement about this, requesting that they act in their normal personality given their understanding of their superiority. With this statement comes a request for time as the High Council makes a decision on whether or not to share the Marray technology.
[Image: 5XbnB.png]

Talan is frozen in place, as is the air around him. The only thing preventing him from dying is the stasis, but still, his body heat sinks to a dangerously low level. The Ostrich trooper has decided to aid his comrade, not in killing the hostiles but rather in surviving such an unforgiving cold. He knows how painful the touch of ice is, and he does not want his comrade to die in such a way. The drop ship slowly falls apart as the forces unleashed by the Gorgon multiply.

Having been frozen for the past minute or so, the Commander awakes from his "slumber" and is confused at the turn of events. The last thing he saw was a flash right in front of his face. Suddenly there is a sharp pain in his lower body, and he realizes that he had lost his legs during the time he was immobilized.

The pull of the planetbuster starts to fall off as the mass that was accumulated not too long ago is slowly crushed into the size of an ant.

Meanwhile, the ObseRvers grants the request for time and send back the Information that they'd be willing to trade in some of their own Technologies and goods for the Marray Technology. This time however their message is more industrial, business-like as they start acting like themselves now. Changing the Character of oneself in different circumstances was first observed in biological races, and the ObseRvers integrated this functionality into their own systems, which made them seem more humam - less cold and distant.
[Image: b42a6c20dd.png]

The Siren lands nimbly on the soil, seeing the results of her work. She bends over to fit in the doorway; the Cygnus program growth serum did help increase muscle mass, but it was often quite annoying to have to lower your head to fit through halls. A burden of every Sentinel.

Fergusson and Sioux continue. Fergusson, still in a kneel, remembers that the Alliance wants the core and reaches to get it in order to give it to Parah. Sioux approaches with the adrenaline shot, hoping that Parah will be able to recover faster.

Murray and Vladof remain, waiting for the other shoe to drop.


The Council continues their meeting. Many of them are skeptical about the Alliance being a trust-worthy neighbour given their actions; that is, until Confucius makes contact with a series of other AIs that lead up to the spire. During this connection, the upgrade that was given was noticed, and a message is transferred as to the corruption of PCD-221. With this data, it is undoubtedly clear that the battle was an accident; the Council is swayed. They look over the technologies offered to them, and balance the consequences. They decide that in exchange for the Marray their request would be two things; the advanced FTL transmitter, and a replica of the gene that allows for Sytes to regrow body parts. As far as human medical technology has gone, they had never been capable of creating good-as-new physical sections just as their previous forms were like, and such a gene could help solve this issue.
[Image: OOgcG.png]

Parah drops to the floor and gives the Sentinels another sign of his gratitude. He breathes heavily and almost loses conciousness. Behind, the Ice starts to melt and water splashes down onto the ground. The Ostrich trooper got down from the stilts and now he approaches his comrade, since it's hard to help someone if you're 8 meters taller. "OH SHIT!" the Commander screams as he falls through the vessel. His legs already began regenerating and he seems to be pretty much alive.

The ObseRvers review the request sent by the spire and return a Message:
"Seconary request will be granted. Biological tissue and key-DNA of Syte gene will be handed over. ObseRvers do not know how to apply gene to Humans, so Sentinels are on their own applying this knowledge."
"Primary request cannot be granted. Instant transmission is part of the Creators leftover technology, and Supercluster forbids to give away Creator technology to anybody but the Alliance. Your empire is also too small to effectively use it, and cannot afford to send Instant transmissions as current energy usage of your Transmitter Technology is inefficient."
"To use the Instant Transmission technology you would need to increase the efficieny of your devices by 2466% Percent, which would then rival that of an ObseRver-Core. Such an increase in efficiency is impossible to you with current technology, energy- production and storage."
"However, ObseRvers could help you develope such means additonally to Syte-Gene, in exchange for Marray Technology. ObseRvers could also provide similar messaging technology that is superior to yours, but inferior by far to Instant messaging."
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