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We have a steam group and some of you with steam aren't in it. The steam group is handy because it announces stuff like site maintenance or events or whatever.

If you would like to be invited please post a link to your steam profile or post your current steam name (not your account name, though if your current steam name is your account name then that is fair enough) in this thread.

If the link you provide does not work, or the name you provide is incorrect, then I'm not going to go chasing you up so please ensure you give me correct details.


p.s. Please check if you're in the group already. I don't want to sound like a nobdicker but I'd rather not waste my time. For those who are completely incapable of doing anything for themselves, and find the idea of checking their profile to see if they are indeed in the group or not absolutely impossible here is the link to the group -

SN: The Dick Snatcher
Unless I'm already in it.
Maybe I should point out that you should maybe check if you're in the group first.

You're both already in it.
Just making sure you guys didn't make another group, my nig nog.
You should probably link to the group in your OP so people can check.

Or you could just check your own steam profiles. It really isn't that difficult to see if you're in the group or not.
Lord of Buckets
Theres like three picture wars groups, so its pretty hard.
(08-22-2012 05:40 PM)Xron link Wrote: [ -> ]Theres like three picture wars groups, so its pretty hard.
Not if you have some level of reading comprehension alongside enough motor control to click on a link
That link wasn't there originally, Chao.
[Image: Reallynow.png]

Really now?

Are you really sure it wasn't there?

Are you 100% certain that you want to correct me on this?

It would be awful if it turned out you corrected someone only to find out that actually they were right and the message had been edited a whole nine hours prior to that post being posted now wouldn't it, you would look like a bit of a twit!

Let's not mention the fact that actually there are only two steam groups and only one of them has both me and Chocobo in as the owners and a link to the current site...
You guys are meanies :<
Call me jaded from frequent displays of poor initiative. You'd be 100% correct.

Anymore bullshizzlewizzle from now on in this thread will be met with a swift slap upside the head (a ban)

So let's stop now.
The Traveller (I have an avatar from Journey if you have trouble finding me)
SN: SniperComZero

Just look for the guy with the Stormtrooper Sniper as his avatar.
I have a storm trooper avatar.

Its MY turf
Oh no no no, My friend, I have a stormtrooper SNIPER, You only have a regular stormtrooper. It's completely Different!
I's "theomnipotent1"

Also, y'all ██████'s be posting in a troll thread.
(09-04-2012 04:22 AM)Gimpi Trousercat link Wrote: [ -> ]Also, y'all ██████'s be posting in a troll thread.
Oh that was my general bullnizzlegizzle.

Also, more of a /b/ thing.

Plus, I honored Chocos words by not making any bullshizzlewizzle.
Ok well

Don't do that
Because my name is hard to find.

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