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Full Version: MAP: Desert ???
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1. Desert Battlefield 1

After moving towards the source of major Radiation spikes, the desert finally reveals its secrets to the ARM Clones. The Fierce sandstorm in the small area surrounding the ruin is a stark contrast to the calm air just outside it. The radiation is very strong here, and machines in the area are able to detect the changes easily, their communication and vision severely affected. If this wasn't enough to turn one away, the heat is almost unbearable, and sensors would suggest that within the temple there are no offers of a cool respite.

Despite this, the ARM unit presses on.

[Image: NEnei.png]

Broken Pillars scatter the landscape and a small array of stone stairs lead up to the ruin's entrance. A mysterious stone statue stands sentinel, its hollow eyes seemingly staring right at those who enter. In its hands is a small stone hammer decorated with green crystals. This seems to lead to a dead end, but a hole in front of the Guardian proves otherwise. It is unknown where this hole leads or how deep it is, and whether or not progress will be halted due to it. Further exploration will be required.
[Image: jager1.png]

[Image: OjhCN.png]

The clone with the small cannon sets up in the entry hallway, with its weapon pointed at the statue. It does not appear to be a functional threat, but it matches data sent by the BeroNots regarding machines made of stone.

There is a long drop at the end of the hallway. Unfortunately, the converted coco mech would be unlikely to survive such a fall. A human must be sent down first.
[Image: K35BJ.png]

The hammer wielding clone climbs down in an attempt to see to the bottom. Surely enough, he is able to determine the remaining distance down to a solid landing.
The scavenger squeezes through the crowded hallway. Its longer legs should allow it to descend more easily down the shaft.
[Image: jager3.png]

The hammer wielding clone lands at the bottom. A long hallway is revealed.
[Image: jager4.png]

[Image: NYJ8f.png]
[Image: hJxil.png]

[Image: fDpWx.png]

[Image: MiPOj.png]

The hammer clone's legs are Impaled and crushed. The Scavenger attacks the spike trap. The stolen coco mech jumps down the shaft. This is probably a one way trip, as the A.R.M. could barely slow its descent.
[Image: uyyH8.png]

The hammer clone's legs are burned off by the laser to prevent him from bleeding to death, as well as to remove the useless extremities. The rest of the clones jump down the shaft.
[Image: ibg8R3lX0tHloz.png]

The hammer clone crawls forward. Another clone waves his hand underneath the spike trap, trying to learn what causes it to activate.
[Image: zSX69.png]

The scavenger manages to activate the trap once more by tapping the floor with its leg. As the trap goes off, the converted coco mech fires at the pillar and destroys it.
[Image: Mvdjh.png]

The hammer clone hits the ground with his hammer until the second trap goes off.
[Image: b8d1929219.png]

Another trap destroyed. Units begin to push forward.
[Image: pngdesert4.png]

The clones push forward.
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