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Full Version: Tatarstian Expeditionary Forces
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"The fields will become awash with the blood of the invader as the marks of our tanks sow the seeds of revolution." -- Excerpt from a Tatarstian Revolutionary Manifesto

The men and women of the Tatarstian Confederacy are no strangers to the shackles of oppression and slavery, and thus it came as a great surprise when they were unable to drive the forces of Trios Enterprises from one of the Confederacy's larger industrial worlds. Having successfully rebelled against the heavy handed rule of a tyrannical alien force one would assume that the soldiers of the Confederacy would know the ways of subverting a numerically and technologically superior foe such as Trios Enterprises. The Tatarstians however had been caught completely unaware of the impending Trios invasion. Within a week most of the industrial world of Taltsy had fallen or was in the process of being overtaken by the robotic hordes. It soon became a lesson on the barbarity of Trios' tactics as most of the civilian population of the planet was quickly and efficiently executed. The going was bloody, and the Tatarstians fought to hold every inch of soil that they could. It was to be of little use, though, as within a month most heavy Tatarstian resistance had been dealt with.

With the impending loss of the world an Expeditionary Force was quickly marshaled among the states of the Confederacy, and it was just as swiftly dispatched to mount a counter-attack on Taltsy. What the force encountered when they arrived on the former industrial planet defied all explanation. Trios had left just as swiftly as they had arrived. The planet had, of course, been stripped of all resources, and yet there was not even an observation post left to account for any future actions of the Confederacy. What little evidence there was suggested that Trios had merely used the planet as a quick stop to gain momentum and attack a much larger target. It also pointed clearly to where the ships with the attacking force had gone.

The Expeditionary Force, on its objective to destroy any Trios forces encountered, has made a jump within the relative proximity of where it may have gone. Though not an entirely impressive opponent considering its naval potential, the expeditionary force does have several improvements over the standard Tatarstian military detachment.

[Image: pwavatar.png]

The ground portion of the expedtionary force is led by Lt. Colonel Vasili Degyartev. Hailing from a family with a long family history he himself is also a veteran of several conflicts. He has proven to be an excellent commander of mechanized infantry battalions. Unfortunately the Lt. Colonel has somewhat of an embarrassing history concerning his treatment of aliens. By the view of many other Tatarstian leaders he is too slack on them, and there are even rumors that he has gone so far as to have relationships with females of other races.

[Image: LineInfantry.png]

Tatarstian infantry tend to vary wildly from soldier to the next, a tendency which has yet to change within the ranks of the expeditionary force. The soldiers generally get their choice in what weapon they carry within certain limits. Most prefer to carry a 7.62 firing carbine or a 5.45 firing bullpup assault rifle, with some having a specialization in anti-tank or automatic weapons. While certainly not incredibly dangerous on their own, Tatarstian soldiers are still quite a force to be reckoned with when fighting a force of similar strength.

[Image: Howitzer.png]

One of the Tatarstian's greatest strengths lies within their perfection of the use of artillery. Though it wasn't much a factor in the battles that decided the fates of Taltsy due to the war's fast paced nature, it likely will be now that the Tatarstians will be on the offensive. Howitzer crews are normally very well trained due to their usual history of not getting killed off quickly on the front lines.

[Image: LightTank.png]

Almost ubiquitous within all arms of the Confederacy is the BT-90M. Designed with ease of construction and use in mind, the fast tank comes in many different variants and can be easily modified in field. It comes standard with a low-velocity gun, a bow machinegun, and a mount on the top which can be fitted with several different weapons. The old classic has even gotten a new overhaul for the attack on Trios and several problems which were present in the original BT-90 have been ironed out. Among these is a new artillery system which enables the tank to be upgraded into a mobile rocket platform.

[Image: ArtilleryTank.png]

One of the most common variations of the BT-90 is its self-propelled gun counterpart, the SU-105. A quick answer to fire support, it most commonly seen behind attacking formations. It is also easily used as a direct support weapon, as the howitzer it is equipped with has a wide range of traversal.

[Image: MBT.png]

A new addition to the Tatarstian arsenal, the T-57/110 has been specially designed to compete with similar tank designs and threats of its weight class. It has only been in service for a short time, and much of the limited action it has seen has been small scale skirmishes. The version with the expeditionary force has been tooled for hostile enviroments, and each tank comes with a heavy 12.7mm machinegun along with specialized armor-piercing ammunition for its high-velocity gun.

[Image: BTR.png]

Another new addition to the stock Tatarstian forces, the BTR-A has only thus far been issued to the expeditionary forces. Armed with a single 12.7mm machinegun, it is able to transport a squad or more of Tatarstian infantry while keeping up with mechanized units. There isn't much variation among the few the expeditionary force has, but its likely that modifications will be done in the field as the troops on the ground see fit.
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