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1. Jungle Battlefield 1

With the Veil Bursts being a threat to almost all kinds of life on the planet that have any reliance on typical technology, it is perhaps most dangerous to the Soarun. Sensible then that both Atrohs and Lerikya were sent to scout one of the mysterious "sources" of major radiation outputs on the planet. The jungles are dense and covered in swamps and plants, making travel through them slow and difficult. However after persistence the pair finally happen upon a rather large opening in the jungle.

[Image: jr1soar1.png]
The little vegetation that resides in this area is in the small pond that had to be crossed to arrive to where they are now. The lilies seem different here, a small red plant in the place of the usual white ones. In the bottom of the pond are the tell-tale signs of an ancient ruin - bits of misplaced bricks covered in moss and other various plantlife.

Ahead of them is a strange statue, in the shape of what seems to be a frog, though perhaps such a shape is a mystery to the alien species. Not much else can be seen from this point but it is evident that this opening is important, a fact which any radiation sensor would suggest to you instantly. Further exploration will be required.
[Image: xrel8.png]
[Image: tK063.png]
The two warriors move into the ruins. Lerikya peers into the pit below and readies herself to descend. Atrohs watches the jungle from the hallway entrance.
[Image: 001a.png]
Unbeknownst to the Soarun they are only the second to have arrived at this place today, though the first party was much less eager to explore.
The movement of large, armoured forms on the masonry above echoes loudly enough to disturb a lazy goblin from his slumber.

[Image: 001b.png]
Cautiously collecting his staff, he peeks up over the lip of the stonework to see who it is. Few other goblins come here because he tells them to stay away, and he had expected to be able to enjoy his "meditation" in private. He appointed himself to keep an eye on this place many years ago so he can't think why anyone else would come poking around. Is it one of those infernal ball contraptions?

Apparently not.

[Image: 001.png]
This isn't like anything the little green man has seen before, it's far too tall to be a Coco and clearly not related to a Goblin!
He was aware that there'd been an unusual amount of planetfall recently but nobody had told him it had contained aliens! He'll have to shoo them away and then go and gather the other tribes immediately, I mean surely he'd have been the first person they contacted if they already knew?

He raises his obsidian staff of office imperiously and waves his other arm at the Soarun warrior to attract its attention, as if it hadn't already noticed.
As he speaks, the crystals on top of the stone shaft resonate and repeat his words back as a radio frequency, though still in its original language (one incredibly similar to that of the Cocos).

[Image: 001c.png]
[Image: 6O3ob.png]
[Image: DnNd6.png]
Atrohs points his weapon away from the creature to avoid any misunderstandings and speaks aloud in English.
[Image: bnM10.png]
[Image: 001d.png]

The goblin doesn't appear to be particularly receptive to diplomacy, or indeed even particularly coherent.
Hopefully this specimen isn't representative of his entire race.
[Image: RopbV.png]
[Image: eSvW7.png]
Lerikya returns to the pit and gauges the fall, getting ready to jump down. Atrohs responds.
[Image: iXXra.png]
He is not particularly happy.
[Image: x5iUz.png]
[Image: RGeDj.png]
Lerikya jumps down into the pit, but smashes against the two bricks on the edges of the opening, knocking them loose. Fortunately her heavy armor protects her from any damage.
[Image: jr1gob1a.png]
Grumbling to himself at the alien's insolence, the Goblin runs off into the dense jungle and quickly vanishes from sight. Just wait until the rest of them hear about this!

[Image: jr1gob1b.png]
The frog statue behind Lerikya opens its mouth without a sound. The eyes flash the green colour of the radiation and before she can react, it fires a volley of arrows tipped with small active crystals. Three arrows hit and penetrate the tough armour and begin to play havoc with Lerikya's communication systems and vision.
Lerikya's communications come through the channel heavily obscured by static. Only a few words can be heard.
[Image: ccKEX.png]
[Image: ZEZ1K.png]
She pivots quickly in a reflex honed by countless simulations, electronic systems dulled slightly by the radiation but muscles still acting at peak condition. A blast from her projector demolishes the statue, flinging stone shards around the room. One of the arrows embeds itself in her other leg while the others clatter edgewise off her spinning form.
Lerikya's communications are still obscured by static, but are also becoming increasingly erratic and rambling.
[Image: SClMN.png]
[Image: qFiAq.png]
Lerikya turns and stands idly, staring blankly into the distance and hardly moving. Atrohs drops from above, his strong legs easily absorbing the impact. He pulls one of the darts from Lerikya's leg; the wound beneath the armor is very minor and almost instantly seals itself, letting out only a tiny trickle of pink blood.
As Atrohs removes the last of the darts, Lerikya's voice returns to normal and she suddenly becomes active again.
[Image: ZdVn6.png]
[Image: 688g2.png]
Lerikya charges a blast to destroy the statue. Lerikya hates frogs.
[Image: qI3tY.png]
[Image: Crjh1.png]
The frog statue is destroyed with extreme prejudice. Lerikya charges another blast, but can't get a clear shot on the plant as it is under the bridge.
[Image: jr1soar2a.png]
Before she has any time to react, the strange plant-like creature wraps a vine around Lerikya's leg. Whilst she is heavy, the creature is incredibly powerful and manages to pull her off her feet and into the middle of the next room.
[Image: jr1soar2b.png]
Whilst the vines on the roof begin to pull her up, two other vines from the plantbeast below raise up, their small red bulbs pointing in her direction. Luckily Lerikya keeps her focus through the ordeal, and manages to charge her gun up once again whilst targeting the plant below.

Unfortunately a uncharged weapon does not help her against the corrosive spit now all over the front and back of her armour.
[Image: CiEad.png]
[Image: tGhiL.png]
Lerikya thrashes around in the air, one energized claw cutting through an acid-spewing tendril with no effort. Her other emitter fires a blast at point blank; a similar blast easily demolished a block of solid stone. Against the fleshy mass of the plant's core, its damage is terrifying. The bulb explodes in a shower of acidic goo and dead parts. Atrohs drops to an aiming crouch and picks off the other spewer with a quick shot. The acid, however, has already spread over much of Lerikya's torso and continues to melt through smart-alloy at an alarming rate.
[Image: 002.png]
The huge plant head deflates as it disintegrates, leaking copious amounts of garishly coloured fluid into its pool. This doesn't seem to have impinged whatever force is driving the plant much however as while the ropey vines cringe away as their tips are sliced off, more continue to snake their way out of the water to replace them. Fortunately, none appear to have acid-spewing pods attached.
The bridge itself seems to be remarkably resistant to the effects of the acid though, while it eats through smart-alloy without a problem it just pools in crevices of the stone blocks and drips back into the water below.

Odd behaviour of corrosive chemicals is probably the least of the Soarun's worries though, as the two tiny frog statues in the pond suddenly flicker into life (activated perhaps by the nearby gunfire, or maybe just due to intruders) and discharge twin rays of burning light at the armoured figure. It's no wonder that no goblin dares to set foot in these halls.
[Image: TkDpu.png]
[Image: 8JvAF.png]
One of Lerikya's arms is sheared off by the beam, spilling pink blood and torn wires. Her other emitter is critically damaged by the blast. Most of her abdominal armor has been either melted off or burned by the beams, but the flesh underneath is proving difficult to destroy; it's regenerating almost as fast as the acid can burn it. If anything, it seems to be regenerating faster. Atrohs moves up further and shoots another tendril.
Atrohs shoots one of the vines holding Lerikya.
[Image: EsXqX.png]
Her heavy armored weight is too much for one tendril too hold up, and she falls onto the bridge. Her communications are still being obscured, and then suddenly cease.
[Image: l9Cod.png]
[Image: vo3nT.png]
She wakes again on the bridge to Atrohs urging her to leave.
Atrohs and Lerikya converse through spoken dialogue, which the soarun in the core cannot hear.
[Image: BlygQ.png]
[Image: y2huI.png]
They head for the exit, Atrohs leading watching carefully for any danger. Lerikya's wounds have mostly stopped bleeding, but her weapons cannot regenerate and must be fixed back at the soarun base.
[Image: VhyXK.png]
[Image: i7I5z.png]
The two warriors continue walking towards the exit, Atrohs preparing to jump up the shaft.
[Image: vEasr.png]
[Image: 5nneq.png]
Atrohs brings the darts up with him.
[Image: smb0Y.png]
[Image: GNa4P.png]
Lerikya suddenly springs up the tunnel, bounding off the wall on the way up and reaching the top. Atrohs moves to the exit of the ruined hallway.
[Image: jr1arma1.png]

The sound in the area changes from jungle ambience to wind disturbance from the roaring fans of an Armada Frigate. The ship flies over the jungle ruin, its crystal detectors finding the two aliens responsible for the intrusion into the ruins. While smaller than a dreadnought, the Frigate is still armed with a devastating array of weaponry, should they attempt to fight it the Soarun will likely lose. In the unforunate event that they cause damage to the machine, a larger dreadnought is only a short distance away and will arrive soon.

They lock onto the radio frequency of the two Soarun and immediately open communications with them.

"Her grace, Lady Avarico has passed her judgement upon you, alien filth. Cease your movement and deactivate your weapons immediately, any actions otherwise will be deemed an act of hostility and met with the appropriate force"

The pilot of the machine laughs through the comms, taunting the Soarun below

"Thought you could trespass on holy grounds did you? You are property of the Armada now, vermin!"
Solles starts to reply, but his attempt at diplomacy cuts out halfway through to be replaced by a slightly less moderate response.
[Image: MGXW6.png]
The strange message comes to the vessel not only through radio devices, but also echoes directly in the minds of the crew. It sounds not like a single voice but instead a chorus of thousands of unearthly voices screaming in unison.
[Image: jSugm.png]
Atrohs and Lerikya sprint from the area, powerful legs carrying them at high speeds away from the threat.
[Image: jr1arma2.png]
After hearing the strange voices all around himself, the pilot immediately talks with the Lesser fleet commander in the Dreadnought.

"Sir, we've just had an odd occurrence. All my crew and myself simultaneously heard a strange bunch of voices unlike that of this "Soarun" that communicated with us. I'm not sure we're fully prepared for this."

The Commander can be heard laughing through the comms, his laughter suddenly comes to an abrupt end and his face appears on the pilot's screen looking almost as stern as Archibald himself.

"You would change your temperament so fast in the face of pathetic mind games? It is no wonder you are such a low rank! Output your crystal energy to maximum and fire evasive shots, do not let them escape our grasp! That is an order!"

Begrudgingly, the Pilot repeats the orders to the crew who prepare to set the Magiburst cannons to fire evasive rounds. These rounds allow a ship to move in bursts of speed, mostly for dodging purposes, but occasionally used to speed up the ships. He flies his frigate above the trees and away from the ruins so that he can keep up with the fast moving Soarun below.
The voices return, this time in the mind of the fleet commander on the dreadnought.
[Image: F6U3k.png]
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