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1. Plains Battlefield 1

[Image: Dronestorm.gif]
A Trios Gnat crosses the border into completely unexplored territory.
The standard background radiation seems to be a little bit higher here than in the other Plains areas.
The drone stops responding to any request to turn back.

[Image: Droneoff.gif]
While it still probably wouldn't be enough to significantly impact any machines standing on the ground, the radiation's effect seems to be increased the further you are from the ground.
This combined with the gnat's general small size means that it isn't long at all before its electrical systems suddenly deactivate permanently, sending the gnat tumbling into the dirt.

Before it shuts down, it sends one image back to base.

[Image: Templeshot.png]
The Beronots, now lost and searching around for some Pesky diver-suit clad humans, stumble across the remains of the Trios Gnat drone. Upon further inspection it seems to have been deactivated by the rather large increase of radiation in this general area. While indeed they are robots, and this radiation is dangerous to them, they push on - if more can be found out about why these strange radiation bursts are happening, perhaps more can be done about it. Or even, perhaps it can be stopped.

In the distance is a ruin, and energy readings from that general direction are higher than anything else ever picked up on scanners before. It is armed with this knowledge, that the Beronots approach the ruined structure, what they will find within can not be certain.

[Image: tb1beronot1.png]

From first glance the ruin seems to be rather deep, but upon closer inspection what appears to be above ground is not actually all that large. The stone structure heavily suggests however that the ruins continue underground, further inspection will be required.
[Image: 58518766.png]

The squad all move closer to the ruins, even though they all feel the effects of the radiation.

The balldrone speaks to the other drones: "I'm not feeling very well, are you sure we should continue in this direction? I'm not sure we will find the Divers here.."

"Are you still questioning my ability to find hiding lifeforms!? I have found and disabled lifeforms even longer than your miserable main Computional Neuro Emulating Unit has been running."

"They are obviously hiding in this dusty old ruin." The herobot finally concludes.
[Image: tb1coco1.png]

As if from nowhere, two drills pierce the ground appearing behind the Beronot crew. A loud tone akin to a horn is played and a voice speaks, seemingly reaching across the entire area.

"Greetings robotic agents. I am Galahad of the Cocos, main conductor of military operations and Ground Commander of the finest mechs on this planet.

Before you take any steps further into those ruins, I wish for you to hear what I have to say. Should you care for your own survival, you'd do best to listen to me"

Hoping the Beronots can understand, Galahad awaits the reply to his message.
[Image: 95627506.png]

The drones pull their weapons as they hear a loud horn. They get into defensive positions and the Herobot respond to the message.

"Hello Galahad of the Cocos. Reveal yourself so I can put a bullet in y##..." (MALFUNCTION)

"Did you say Coco? We will listen."
[Image: hTJgD.png]

The dirt and dust settles from the Drills and a silence falls over the radio. Discussing the outburst of the robots before they decided to talk to him, Galahad isn't quite sure it would be wise of himself to make an appearance. However such delicate times call for him to be courageous, his choice to hide could well cause insult to the mechanical beings, after all.

Galahad appears near the drills, predictably much smaller than the Beronots themselves. Oddly enough though for each 5 steps he makes, a mechanical noise and then thump matches his sixth. Reaching a sensible point in which to talk to the BeroNots, Galahad replies to them.

"A wise move. Onto business, then, the area in which you stand is considered by those I take orders from to be sacred ground belonging to the alliance of the Cocos and Goblins. Therefore your presence in this area is "strictly" forbidden. I will not stop you should you choose to continue onwards, I'd rather not lose any of my troops yet. However what happens once you enter that ruin I cannot prevent, and any treatment you receive from my people if you manage to leave it, I also cannot prevent.

Thus as soon as you decide not to heed my warning, we will become enemies, and those above will stop at nothing to see you eradicated. You may take my word on that one.

On the other hand, or wire-like limb in your case, should you walk away from this ruin there is a possibility that you will be able to remain on this planet, albeit with a rather strict set of development rules. I will admit, as I am an honest Coco, that neither of these options are particularly good for you, and were I in command it would be much different, but alas I am not.

Make your choice, but I ask that whatever you do, you do not open fire upon me. That would be most unwise."
[Image: 37953095.png]

The Hero bot ignores the big speech and heads on down into the ruins. The Herobot narrowly dodges the axe trap that failed to activate in time.

The Balldrone replies to the coco:

"It baffles me why and how you are still alive, the other Drone is.. out of control."
The balldrone pauses for a moment and the HAM drone takes over communication

"This area is of utter importance to ensure the survival of the BeroNots. We need to study this radiation that seems to have a negative effect on electric and digital systems. If you have any information that can help us shield, or otherwise stop the radiation please speak."
[Image: tb1coco3.png]

Galahad stands in almost stunned silence for a few seconds. He was certain his explanation would have made the robots leave (or indeed shoot at him), but they seem to be mistaking him for someone else they have already met.

"How I am still alive? Are you sure you have the right person, robot? I cannot say I've ever met your kind before, BeroNots, was it?"

He scratches his head, not quite sure what to make of the situation, something strange is going on though, that's for sure.

"You mentioned the radiation, indeed it is intended to disable pretty much all machines. I know of many ways to stop it, but I am unable to share this information with you for our own safety. The malfunctioned robot has made this very difficult for me, I hope you realise. While you have shown me that you do not intend to battle, I am afraid I cannot guarantee the same respect will be given to the BeroNots. Those above have eyes and ears all over, and I am already at risk for staying here and speaking to you, but I will try my best to persuade them to leave you be.

Of course you must promise me only to enter that ruin to save your malfunctioned friend. I will know if you have done otherwise."

Galahad sighs, he was hoping it wouldn't turn out like this, but his dislike of the ways of his superiors mean he could never fire a shot at a different race without a valid reason to do so. He pulls out his wave detector and answers an incoming message from a scout.

"Commander Galahad, there seems to be another robot on its way to your location. It doesn't look related to the spherical ones you are currently conversing with"

Galahad has a feeling this is going to be a long day.
Due to more players on their way to this location, all turns should now have a DECLARE to prevent confusion and mix ups.
[Image: 447ea849ea.png]
As Jay exits the strange warped dimension he has a strange feeling, "Where the bloody hell is my hat?" He begins to top the hill and to his surprise, "There it is!" Something isn't right here, ahead are some very strange ruins, it's possible that they could be related to these strange radiation signals that are messing with his watch.
[Image: 70633150.png]
[Image: haamm.png]
"Thank you coco, we apologise for this .. unfortunate event. This Drone has been causing us quite a few problems."

"The Drone will be extracted as soon as possible from the structure."

The HAM drone orders the two other drones to get the Herobot to leave the ruins without destroying too many things.

The balldrone jumps down the hole, narrowly avoiding the axe as it swings by. It finds the Herobot making its way down deeper into the ruins and charges its laser weapon.

The balldrone thinks to itself
"I'm going to regret this so much."
[Image: PUAxB.png]
You have discovered: PLAINS RUINS.
[Image: ee7f8dff5e.png]

Upon retrieving his hat, Jay comes to find that he has a nearby robotic being that seems familiar, however that's not important, what's more important is that he too may have misplaced his top hat and may need help finding it and very much more importantly might know the time of day so Jay may finally set his watch again.

"Good day there, I am Jay, do you happen to need help? Maybe looking for a lost top hat or, oh where are my manners, do you have a name?" Jay thinks for a moment, "Ahh well, that's only two questions, do you happen to have the time of day as well? My watch seems to be unwound and I do not know the correct time to set it." As Jay speaks he had taken his pocket watch from, well, his pocket and had glanced at it again. He comes to notice something very strange, "Wait... Are you that robot from earlier? The one that had apparently not noticed my presence and obvious need for assistance? Because if so, I would kindly ask for an apology if you cannot justify your motive, it was rather rude you know." Jay studies the robot for a second, "Hmm, I think I can put that behind us, for the good of all of us, except those whom are not of proper stature or have a great lack in upstanding character."
[Image: tb1coco4.png]

As more of the BeroNots enter the ruins, the previously dormant statues begin to stir. With an almighty rumble, a huge statue bursts from the ground behind the Balldrone, its crystalline eyes alight with green energy. Further up, the smaller statue's arms begin to reform, two green blades raising from out of the ground. The hesitant Megadrone gets one of its limbs unfortunately severed due to the axe trap's reactivation. It is clear now what the Coco meant when he spoke of the unavoidable occurrences in the ruins.

Galahad, really not wanting to go into the ruins himself, moves around the side of them and towards the two new arrivals the same noise as before accompanying him all the way. He was only expecting a robot, but while they're both here he can tell them to go away.

"If I may have your attention for a few moments. Oh and while I'm speaking you should probably move back a bit Mr.Green. You're standing a bit too close.

Anyway, I am Galahad of the Cocos, ground commander and some other stuff you probably don't care about, and I haven't had a very good day so far so I'm going to cut to the chase. You're treading on ground which is off limits to those not of a Goblin or Coco persuasion. I'm not going to do anything to stop you if you decide to walk straight past me, but know what once you go into those ruins I cannot guarantee your safety, or indeed stable future relations with the Cocos or Goblins. While it may pain you to come to terms with this, we are the natives of this planet and as such the laws are governed by us. If you choose to walk away then we will leave you in peace, albeit with some rather strict development and reproduction rules.

Whatever you do, I greatly suggest that you do not attack me. You could give it a try if you want but I'll tell you now it won't end well"

The drills previously behind Galahad have departed, but are ready to return should they need to.
[Image: kyEOW.png]
[Image: ZuMoC.png]
[Image: 98835943.png]
The balldrone luckily hesitates to shoot the Herobot as it fears for it's own survival as a new danger rises up right behind it. It turns around and fires a laser into the statue.

[Image: 65208318.png]
The Herobot bravely returns to save his comrades. He aims at the statue and opens fire on the grim adversary before him. However a bullet ricochets off the hard rocky surface of the statue and hits the Megadrone, who is already regenerating the lost limb.

[Image: 36217809.png]
The Megadrone is so shocked by getting shot that it falls down. The megadrone hits the surface below with the full weight of its body. Stunned by the fall, the Megadrone fails to stop itself from rolling off the surface and therefore it falls down even further.

[Image: 60845411.png]
The Megadrone hits the balldrone and pushes both the herobot and balldrone deeper into the ruins with it.

The two balldrones' fall is softened by the water.
[Image: tb1coco5a.png]
Looking helplessly down the hole in which its prey escaped, the Golem begins to deconstruct itself. Its arms slowly begin to reform the blocks that were destroyed upon breaking through the dirt. It sinks back into the ground, the newly formed blocks taking their place in the ruins - the ground is left as if nothing had happened.
[Image: tb1coco5.png]
The smaller golem jumps down to where the larger one just was, much more suited to the small confines of the cave in which the BeroNot's escaped through. It raises a bladed arm and points it in the direction of the downed Megadrone, with not a single sound the blade swifty flies towards the Megadrone at alarming speeds. A new blade begins to form on the stump of the Golem where the original blade used to be.

In the lower section of the ruin, the simple object floating above the large crystal begins to float into the air and take a new form. The stone holding piece for the germ above turns to gold, and the gem transforms into a crystal. The object floats up higher into the air and makes a low pitch noise akin to a buzzing electronic light. The object emits a low level of the same radiation from veil bursts, mildly interfering with the nearby BeroNots.

Unfortunately little can be done about the strange object before the Larger golem makes its reappearance. The wall to the left of the Herodrone and his comrade bursts into small segments of stone and dirt as the large statue smashes its way towards them.

Galahad listens carefully to what the robot has to say, he pauses and scratches his head, remembering what he recently heard from the Dune Badger Cocos.

"A mechanical abomination you say? I've had reports of a huge robotic worm in the deserts of the planet, I have a feeling this might be the thing you speak of. I will take note of this, as you seem to know more of this thing than I, but I assure you that no matter how powerful this machine is, it cannot resist the Veil Bursts."

He thinks for a moment, this individual seems to really want rid of this giant worm, perhaps an agreement might prove advantageous to both of them.

"If this thing is really as dangerous as you make it out to be, then you'll want it nowhere near these ruins. I'm going to assume that you're wanting to know of some way to combat the radiation which affects robots such as yourself, so that you might better combat this 'abomination'"

Again Galahad pauses to think, whilst he is sure these robots probably have ulterior motives (most alien species do tend to), it might be wise to make the agreement anyway. He just hopes he can somehow persuade his superiors to run along with it.

"I can share information with you regarding a means to protect yourself, but such a thing is a difficult choice for me to explain to my superiors. You see I serve under a grim faction of my own called the "Armada", they don't like any sorts of extra terrestrial races being on this planet. I'd need you to promise me that you'll work with us to defeat this threat, but also that you will go nowhere near these ruins unless to protect them from others. I am a Coco of my word and I do not like to see senseless war, but do realise that should the Armada be betrayed they will stop at nothing to eradicate you from the face of this planet."

He sighs, not quite sure what is going to result from this if the robots agree to his terms or even if it doesn't.

"And believe you me, they hold the power to do so."
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