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[Image: tb1coco10.png]

The golem hit by the the laser gets knocked back a bit, its eyes fade and where originally there was a hole from the damage sustained, a single large crystalline eye appears and glares down at the megadrone. A volley of four crystal shards appear before the damaged golem and fly towards the megadrone, should they pierce its armour they will likely interfere with the drone's communication or worse yet, disable it until they are removed.

The other golem is unable to do much, so instead looks towards the newly arrived Herodrone and fires a rock fragment at it.
[Image: 55091994.png]
The Herodrone spots the rock fragment coming towards it with high speed and tries to dodge it. The fragment hits the Herodrones gun and completely destroys it.
The radiation is having a rather negative effect on the Herodrone..

Meanwhile the Balldrone slices the golem in half with the laser sword easily.

The Megadrone is hit by all the crystal fragments, it manages to catch some of the shards with one of it's limbs but the remaining shards penetrate some of the armour plating.
[Image: tb1coco11a.png]
The right side of the golem begins to collapse under the damage sustained from the BeroNot's beam weapon. Bits of crystal appear to reform the golem but the damage from the weapon is too great, bits of crystal and rock begin to fall into the water.

[Image: tb1coco11b.png]
The golem's remains are now purely crystalline, floating just above the surface of the water. Slowly bits of the remaining crystal begin to form into a golden material which circles around the bottom of the object. A high amount of radiation is present around the remains as bits of green energy flicker between the crystal and the golden material - the object still seems to be in a state of transformation.

There isn't much time to check however, as the nearest Golem changes its priority to the new threat. It turns around and forms two large crystalline shards, firing them towards the back of the BeroNot.
[Image: 58123673.png]
The Balldrone narrowly dodges the crystal shards before landing on the rock floor.

The Herobot manages to pull the arrow out and stands up with new-found POWER:

The Megadrone slowly pulls out crystal shards.
[Image: tb1coco12a.png]
The remains of the Golem finally stop transforming after the crystal breaks down and more gold pieces meld together and connect around it. It appears to have left behind what seems to be a Pretty Tiara, a perfect size for the BeroNot.

Unfortunately yet again the remaining Golem is persistent in its attempts to remove these intruders. It floats above the BeroNot and begins to form many crystal shards around it, fully intending to pepper the spherical drone with them repeatedly until it (hopefully) dies.
[Image: 131f.png]
The Balldrone looks up at the golem. Based on the few calculated outcomes it has managed to process, they all lead to its death. 

[Image: 132m.png]
Meanwhile the Megadrone has managed to remove the last few crystal shards and re-establishes the radio uplink to the other Drones. It hurries up and prepares a MEGAJUMP.

[Image: 45143355.png]
The Megadrone leaps up and MEGApunches the golem. The golem smashes into the stone wall and several crystals within it shatter.
[Image: tb1coco13.png]
Instead of dropping upon impact like one might suspect, the damaged golem begins to fuse itself with the wall. The bricks begin to readjust themselves and form new shapes from the stone of the golem, now part of the ruin itself the golem begins to reconstruct itself. Its eye flashes brightly and the shards hovering nearby are shot with homing precision at the unfortunate Balldrone. These particular shards have been enchanted with the very radiation that powers the golem, which is perhaps why it needs to rejuvenate itself.

Needless to say should these projectiles manage to hit the BallDrone, which at this range is likely, they will emit enough radiation to deactivate it until they are removed.
[Image: 96402764.png]
The balldrone is hit by all of the crystal shards and it instantly deactivates.

The herodrone grabs the Beautiful Tiara before the Megadrone throws it into the small cave above them.
The Megadrone also throws the Balldrone.
[Image: pmllU.png]
The Golem Deactivates.
[Image: 46852985.png]
[Image: 13989548.png]
The Megadrone does its best to remove the shards without messing the electronics up.
[Image: tb1coco15.png]
The familiar sound of the Coco warning horn are once again heard and two drills pop up from the ground around the BeroNots. However the Light Ballmech from the side does not seem to be Galahad, but a normal Coco now in charge of this area whilst Galahad is busy.

Of course to assume he has any less knowledge about the situation than his commander would be very silly. He opens communications with the BeroNots.

"Hello once again robotic agents, it seems you have saved your faulty drone but you have with you an item which belongs to the ruins. If you wish this exchange of words to remain just so, please relinquish your posession of that rather beautiful tiara. We currently have other issues to attend and would much rather have this be dealt with sensibly and peacefully"
[Image: zWstD.png]

[Image: UFvKl.png]
[Image: TS0NP.png]
There is silence down the radio for a few seconds, if the Coco were outside his mech he would currently be staring blankly at the spherical robots before him. What sort of idiot would believe that sort of story.

"I'm afraid you're going to have to come up with a better story than that, Beronots. Unless you have proof I find what you say hard to believe."
[Image: 88376617.png]
All the crystal shards has been removed by the Megadrone and the Balldrone is activated.

[Image: balllll.png]
I'm afraid we haven't been able to access that informatio-

The herodrone interrupts the broadcast
[Image: herodrone.png]
Listen here little Coco, I'm going to keep the Tiara and Mothercoco, Fathercoco or whoever it is you worship wont be able to stop me. And if you didn't notice it we have the superior technology so back off.
[Image: tb1coco16a.png]
The Coco stays silent for a while after the BeroNot's transmission. He clears his throat, and in that moment the two drills pop apart and legs spring forth from them.
[Image: tb1coco16b.png]
Two Drill Striders emerge from the ground and aim at the two BeroNots.

"You were doing well up until the point I got some info from my Commander. We've not mentioned MotherCoco, and certainly not him to any other race upon this planet. With this information I can believe you may have met my kind elsewhere, however, we've heard news that you are allied with a machine which poses a great threat to this planet.

We will let you keep the Tiara, out of goodwill more than anything, but something must be done about your alliance with ARM. Of course the options are pretty limited, as should you come up with an undesirable solution I will be forced to gun you down. Your little boasts of higher tech were rather ignorant, so I'd suggest not underestimating our capabilities."
[Image: 8vdiM.png]

[Image: balllll.png]
We are not sure who this ARM is, we are however in an alliance with another robot based faction.

We have invested quite a bit in this alliance and we have no intentions of breaking it. Another solution must be found unless it is war you seek.
We would however rather maintain peace, no one has to lose their lives on these holy grounds of yours.

[Image: herodrone.png]
I think we could beat the-
The Herodrone's signal has been interrupted by the other Balldrones.
[Image: 8vdiM.png]

"The machine race you are allied with is likely the ARM in which we refer to.

Under no circumstance can we allow you to continue giving this thing aid if you wish to have peaceful relations with us, as it represents a severe threat to our planet. As an extension of this I doubt it has good intentions for your kind either"

The Coco can be heard sighing, he believes that the BeroNots will not back down from their reluctance to sever their alliance with the ARM. By the looks of things he is probably right.

"Make your choice machines, but be aware that we do have three cannons ready to fire at you"
[Image: herodrone.png]
ENOUGH! You will not threaten the BeroNot Empire you insolent little orange.. I don't even know how to classify your species!

The Herodrone had been planning for this all along, it didn't just observe the Coco robots for nothing. The Herodrone has figured out some of the weaknesses of the Coco robots and planned a combat strategy.

[Image: iZU67.png] [Image: bEqL9.png]
The Megadrone grabs the Coco drillbot and lifts it up above itself. A few metres away the Balldrone raises it's laser stick and prepares to strike the other drillbot.

[Image: S4Or9.png]
The drillbot is thrown upwards and it will most likely hit the other drillbot unless it manages to move in time.

One of the drillbot's leg joints was severed by the laser sword. The small bits of plasma in the leg joint left by the laser sword dissipates into the air.

The Herodrone deploys its shield and bravely jumps in front of the Megadrone in case the Coco's were to shoot it.

[Image: balllll.png]
We've made our choice, we choose war.
[Image: tb1coco17a.png]
Seeing his Drill Strider flying through the air, the Coco inside the Light ball mech laughs down the comms.

"Then war it shall be, foolish machine!"

The bottom legs of the Drill Strider detach and what remains begins to spin at an alarming rate. Along with whatever crystal system they have within the mech, this newly formed rotor blade allows the Strider to fly in a similar way to Barrellers of old.

"As machines who have met our kind, you clearly do not realise that Coco technology is amongst the finest to ever exist!"

While this is likely untrue, the Coco still takes pride in his race's technological achievements. It's understandable that one might have an inflated sense of superiority when being subject to the scientifically useless Goblins for such a long time.

He arms his Lightball mech and charges his shot with one crystal, which he then fires at the BeroNot in front of the damaged Drill Strider. The shot hits the front of the drone, dealing a relatively large amount of damage to its optics. The Strider is put off balance and is too busy trying to steady his mech rather than aiming at the causer of the damage.
[Image: hq9ms.png]
The Balldrone backs up slightly after the shell exploded in its face. It's visually disoriented and has a hard time just standing up and even uses the laser stick to help maintain balance. As the majority of smoke clears from the crater left by the shell, a minor green electrical fire can be seen emanating from it.

The Herodrone bravely comes up with a plan upon discovering that the drillbot was a disguised heli-bot. Because of the communication channels used by the BeroNots, the Megadrone immediately knows what it must do and therefore it throws the Herodrone towards the heli-bot just after the Herodrone grabbed one of the legs. The Herodrone clings to the heli-bot by wrapping one of the tentacles around the cannon and holding onto something that's probably important on the back of the heli-bot.

The Megadrone then charges it's laser weapons and prepares to blast one of the coco machines out of existence.
[Image: tb1coco18.png]

Seeing the larger Balldrone charging up some kind of energy weapon, the pilot of the Light Ballmech fires a shot charged with 3 crystals. This mech is able to pick 4 levels of charge for his shots, each one taking a greater time to cooldown after the last. Level 4 shots are rather powerful and often meet the strength of a Heavy Ballmech's cannon, they are rarely used however as unlike the level 3 shot (which is powerful and takes a long time to cool down, but is otherwise fine) the 4 crystal shot often damages the crystal array so that only 1 crystal can be used (or sometimes none at all!)

The 3 crystal charged shot hits the Megadrone with a deafening explosion, the enchanted inferno piercing straight through the ball and out the other end. While the damage isn't really enough to cause horrific damage, the Coco is hoping this at least delays the energy weapon, or sends it off course.

The grounded Drill strider fires his Penetrating cannon into the balldrone in front of him, these shots never explode (like all drill strider cannons) but can give an enemy machine or infantry a nasty hole. The balldrone is no different, and the shot flies straight through it, further damaging its optics and dealing internal damage as it pierces through.

The lightball mech sees the Drill strider in the Air currently doing some sort of airborne dance with the Herodrone, he expresses his distaste for the artstyle.
"As much as we're all up for a bit of dancing, I could do with some help here"

"Sorry sir! This guy has a hold of my Cannon's aiming cog, blame the engineers for putting it in such a stupid place!"
[Image: WBmPy.png]
As the shot pierces through the Megadrone while the laser weapons were charging up, the system malfunctions and supercharges the laser weapons.
Electric discharges can be seen everywhere around the Megadrone as superheated plasma.

[Image: UzNSw.png]
All the heat caused by the faulty weapon systems destroys all of the important circuitry that keeps the core from overheating.
The core violently explodes sending lethal shrapnel flying in every direction.

Meanwhile the Herobot bravely escapes the area.
Whoops! Forgot about this place.
[Image: tb1coco19.png]
After having somewhat dealt with the threat, the Cocos depart from the area to write up all the paper work involved with battle reports. Unfortunately they'll have an extra batch to write due to the fact the Herodrone has stolen something from the ruins. Who said being a mech pilot was all about combat!
[Image: tb1coco20a.png]
Several hours after the departure of the Magitech Cocos, a pair of Armada ground troops move to the ruins area, accompanied by a Heavy Ball suit. The heavier armoured of the two Cocos turns around and briefs his comrade now that they are at the location.

"Orders are to ditch the 'bots, the usual stuff. I swear as the years go on we get told less and less why we're doing things"
"I know the feeling. I don't particularly care either way though, anything against the scum that roam this planet is a good thing for me"
"I can't disagree with you there!"
The Ballsuit pilot interrupts the conversation, so that they can get back down to business.
"Hold the banter, lads, we've got a job to do and I'd rather we get it done as quickly as possible."
Taking control of the group, the pilot moves towards the deactivated balldrone and picks it up.
"Can't say I've seen aliens like this before, they must be pretty weak if those Magitech idiots managed to destroy them!"
[Image: tb1coco20b.png]
Without much care, the Ballsuit pilot throws the balldrone remains down the hole leading into the ruin and leaves the rest to the heavier armoured of the two Cocos, who moves forward to seal the gap.
[Image: tb1coco20c.png]
A green colour typical of Veil radiation glows from the Coco's hands and earth begins to form and fill in the gap. The hole to the ruins is sealed by the Armada Coco.
"I guess that's that done. I'm sort of bored of these tedious tasks, I hope we get to fight sometime soon.
"Aye, there is too much filth on this planet for my comfort"
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