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Full Version: Ziggurat Vs Denmen; Let's hope this one finishes.
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[Image: 2ff0c3e01f.png]
The sun hangs over in a lazy fashion, keeping the area warm, but not intolerable.
Floating silently over the canyons rises and cliffs, the dark-shelled shape glides without sound, constantly scanning for anything that may be of interest. Behind it march several Purge droids, checking through lost materials and emptied shelter for anything that may be of value or study.
[Image: 136f66486e.png]
The tranquility is suddenly ended by two thundering claps shortly after each other as 2 objects fall from the sky. Dirt and sand fly in all directions as those pods bury themselves into the ground.
[Image: 75052a31fe.png]
The drone picks up the sound of the falling things, and directs the Purges to investigate while relaying the occurrence to its patrol.
[Image: 2f521c90a2.png]
The two pods start to make themselves at home by spreading their cables in the dirt. They set up their monitors and antennas, well that is what they tried. All the dirt and sand got in the mechanics and is causing problems to one of the pods.
[Image: 07b15fd693.png]
The drone glides down, trying to home in on what had just earlier set off the reaction.
Behind it the Purges scale a small sand hill.
[Image: af207e74f1.png]
A soft hum is spread across the canyon as the two Mainframes boot, even trough one of them has conectivite issues due to his broken antenna it's other systems will probably work fine. The cables spread further and further, some of them even seem to "look and feel" in the dirt.
[Image: c5f190fba2.png]
The drone lands to begin scanning even more heavily, deploying insectoid legs to balance it.
What could be here?
[Image: 01cd675c81.png]
"Oh what beautiful lands we have found now!" cheers the Mainframe while he finishes up building a constructing pad.
The other Mainframe doesn't like his spot in the dirt: "I can't see shit in this damn hole". He also tries to extend his cables out to the main land.
[Image: dff50d3aec.png]
The drone communicates back and forth with the command patrol, and is granted control of what may happen.

DAI: "DAI activated and responding."
DAI: "All Purge drones; advance, explore and disable anything of unusual origin."
[Image: d58aa218f1.png]
*Click* The cables interlock. "BROTHER!" "We are one now, we shall expand!"
On the building pad, a droid is created.
[Image: 1a0a242dd7.png]
Alone on its overhanging stand, the DAI thinks to itself about what the fallen items may be, every time a conclusion of 'something important enough to take to the base'. Wether those things are reactive to the Purges though, is another question.
this is very kewl, from the art, to how different the two combatants are.
[Image: e22e960e5c.png]
Feel the energy flowing trough the lands. The cable in the ground penetrates itself into the skull, making it part of the power circuit. "Hello there, child. Do you like these lands?" says the Mainframe to the newly created droid.
[Image: bfee03b134.png]
The DAI picks up a slight surge of something. Power, energy or maybe radiation? It matters not, these anomalies occur every second to the drones fine instruments.
However, the small... 'thing' it notices twitching near the cave mouth warrants its attention.

DAI: "Potential Item-of-Interest detected, beginning further observation. Purge 1 and 2; interact, identify, detain and retrieve."
[Image: 58882032d7.png]
"Hey! Where are you going?! Come back!"
[Image: ffde27dbed.png]

DAI: "Stability of Purge location not sufficient, return to stab-"

Interrupting DAI's commands, the dirt and stone the androids stand upon begins to give way, pulling down and caving in. While the droids fall, the drone takes off preemptively to avoid any chance of further accident to its scans.

DAI: "Purge leg servos are under-efficient. Upgrade plans to be composed at later date."
"Yes you, the new Eye, go take a look at where my friend went" the Eye responded with a short, but clear: "Declined" and goes out to check the cave-in.
[Image: 0f7890cfe1.gif]
"NO NO NO, not you too!" In the rage of the machine another droid is produced. This one, however is armed.

[Image: 70460ccf14.png]
The other Mainframe, now to be referred to as "EDD", is sick of being in this little hole and thickens his cables.
Deep down the earth the skull starts to fall apart from the energy put into it, this gives the Mainframes new power.
[Image: 6c20caf367.png]

The drone hovers down to survey the damage done, but is distracted and turns its attention to the two objects approaching it.

DAI: "Beginning scan of incoming Items-of-Interest 1, 2; Item 1 appears to be mechanical and levitating by currently unknown means, Item 2 is also mechanical and levitating. Level of mental-psychic output suggests possible mecha-sentience. Shall detain and investigate."
[Image: 4c89df020c.png]
The ground shakes as the Mainframe starts to lift himself up from the ground, sand and dirt flies around in the hole, but the pure power continues.
[Image: c38a7bf6eb.png]

The Purges reassemble themselves and rise from the sand, combat sensors readied.

DAI: "Item 2 is approaching, targetting-systems initialized. Aerial combat thrusters engaged."
[Image: 41c7ff95d3.png]
The Scanner does what he can: Scan. This scan is projected to the newly formed Destroyer, who now has a target.
"That! That is the thing that distracts my friends! DESTROY IT"
[Image: 9b3beb444f.png]

The DAI swoops down, its thrusters screaming like an alien predator. Its undercarriage opens revealing a twisting mass of clawed arms that lash out, the first of which tear into the tiny robots plating, rooting themselves to it.

DAI: "Item 2 has been detained, shall begin deconstruction to determine source of psychic emissions."
[Image: 2bab318e29.png]
ANGER! The Eye starts to panic and breaks off transmission. While the attack on the Eye happens the Destroyer jumps into action.
[Image: 8c878d361f.png]

The DAI sweeps upwards, pulling the tiny machine into its hull, dissecting and scanning each part thoroughly.

DAI: "Results of mecha-sentience scan; unsatisfactory. Shall proceed to deconstruct and scan further Items-of-Interest."
DAI: "...! Heavy psychic-emissions detected from below. Purges, intercept and investigate."
Sorry, I've been quite busy this last week, I hope to make a turn as soon as possible.
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