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Full Version: Ziggurat Vs Denmen; Let's hope this one finishes.
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[Image: fd052d7975.png]
The Nightseeker droid stops digging as he notices the Purge behind him, with a soft buzz he activates his cloaking.
[Image: 474184845e.png]
A Purge hits the sand and quickly disappears up to its knees with its weight, in response it twitches and whines before making a move to get up.

Above it stands another Purge, having sighted a large machine approaching it; thus it readies its blasters to disable its target.
[Image: c40f48089b.png]
The Nightseeker goes in for the hit, but a sort moment of doubt holds him from finishing the job.
[Image: 70a6a2c0ca.png]

The DAI spins upwards and takes a quick scan of the area to re-compose it's map.

DAI: "Purge 3, begin self-integration with Purge 4 and form Abolishing-Purge; advance upon enemy and secure source of mecha-sentience."

On command, the legless Purge fastens itself to the Purge below, it's wires and cables interfacing and interlocking. Metal plates shift and skeletal mechanisms change position.
[Image: 2adcd0ce96.png]
THe Nightseeker grabs on to the Purge in an attempt to stop him.
Nice effect.
[Image: 7248a26732.png]

DAI: "Opposing force has responded with energy based weaponry; Hostiles confirmed. Hostile kill priority set to: High. Abolishing-Purge is to engage and destroy any and all hostiles."

[i]Abolishing-Purge: "Opposition priority bracket; deaths acceptable. All objectives affirmative- Destroy all hostiles."

Meanwhile in the small hollow, the Purge turns its weapon on the now detected Nightseeker, and blasts it with a light laser.
[Image: 831239de69.png]
The Destroyer goes down in a rain of sparks, but don't think this is the last of it! Somewhere just outside the action the Nightseeker takes the hit and clams on even tighter. "Self-destruct sequence activated" (How cliché)
[Image: 1f9301f655.png]

The Purge stares at the Nightseeker for a second, then fires a second blast into its armour.

Abolishing-Purge: "Target sighted. Weapons charging, blaster pylons initialized. Scanning for potential weak-spots."
[Image: 83773aeddd.png]
"YOU SHOT DOWN OUR FRIEND, PREPARE TO DIE". There is a Bloodsucker born, a unit which only purpose is to destroy and shed blood.
[Image: 0bc46256ce.png]

The Abolishing-Purge's tentacle-like blasters twitch for a second, then unleash a blazing beam of light each, the combined heat of which easily melts the hostiles shell of armour. After several seconds, its main weapon begins to hum and draw in energy.

However, the Purge below is unfortunately thrown into the dirt from the exploding droid that had latched onto it earlier, crumpled and smashed. Its CPU damaged beyond self-repair, all it's auto-routines can do is shut down until scavenged. Or wait for a second Purge to show up.
[Image: 44a1d93e08.png]
Firing back. More left the Bloodsucker glides smoothly trough the air, leaving a trail of darkness.
[Image: d374af7235.png]

The Abolishing-Purge fires its main weapon, launching a large blast of focused plasma in an arc at its opponent. It radiates so greatly that not even the air around it can resist being burnt away as it soars past.

However, after firing, the combined Purge calculates what the previous blast had dealt to its... lower armour.

Abolishing-Purge: "Abdominal armour... partially affected. Assessing internal damage. Drive system partially impaired, initiating auto-repair routine. Overall impact performance; minor.

DAI: "Abolishing-Purge has sustained hostile energy weapon fire to key location. Location confirmed damaged, upgrade plans to be composed at later date."
[Image: 787f192198.png]
"Noooo, brother!"As the blast hits the screen of the Mainframe everything inside melts and the conection is lost, the cables go weak and the soft beeping stops.
Your going to have to deal with an enraged robot now.
Also 100th post.
You're so screwed. He must avenge his brother!
[Image: 5c0b741b4e.png]

The plasma blast explodes, ripping open the robot and throwing bits of metal everywhere. While most of it dissipates from the heat, larger torn chunks manage to fly off.

DAI: "Primary hostile termination confirmed. Psychic emissions continue; possibility of second large hostile: 85%. Abolishing Purge is to continue and annihilate enemy forces."

[i][color=red]Abolishing-Purge: "Affirmative."
[Image: b05695071a.png]
"Construction of my new body is started!" is blasted in trough the valley.
[Image: 8d1db00817.png]

DAI begins to consider that if these robots are capable of psychic emissions, maybe they could be reasoned with to stand down. It would be a long shot, but the more intact things to take apart with proper tools and intricacies to discover the better.

However, it readies it's deconstruction chamber in case it's opponents refuse.

DAI: "All Purge units; hold fire but continue weapon charge. Beginning diplomatic attempt with hostile forces."

It goes through several voices in it's core before coming to one that sounds diplomatically suitable, a fluid and almost ghostly voice, yet still with a tinge of machine-ness.
DAI: "Wait. Small machine entity, if you would act as an emissary, would your kind be responsive to perhaps a prospect of non-aggression? The less of us destroyed the better, and peace would be much more advantageous to both of us. What I ask is not unreasonable, is it?"
[Image: 9538daa205.png]
"Almost complete, I SHALL HAVE MY REVENGE"
[Image: 1404843553.png]

DAI's broad green eyes scan over the small smoky bot, and then project two beams of light. As they hit the small machine, it's exterior begins to seemingly disintegrate, small bits and pieces floating up into the beams themselves, shrinking until vanished. DAI then looks over at the burnt remains of the larger destroyed hostile.

DAI: "Hostile forces have rejected diplomatic attempts. Hostile machine has been scanned and devoured, cause of psychic emissions within; still unknown. All Purges are to advance and destroy any hostiles. Attempt 'nonlethal' attacks."

Purge/ Abolishing-Purge: "Affirmative."
[Image: b593a0194f.png]
You can't finish off this Bloodsucker this easily.
[Image: 6203815c7f.png]

DAI continues to finish off the Bloodsucker easily, slowly deconstructing it where it floats whilst still scanning in case it contains anything interesting or unusual.
Well that was nice Zig.
He kinda did just ask you not to kill his unit.
[Image: 6bb998cda6.png]
Systems online: Shielding 100%
                      Movement 100%
                      Communication 100%
                      Weapons 100%
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