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Full Version: MAP: Slice - Junnar Expeditionary Pod #3010
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2. Mountainous Battlefield 1

Day 1: Oh Dear, it seems we have crashed

[Image: 848bf910a3.png]

   The ship's nav systems, guidance, lighting, power, engines, everything was going crazy as if crazy was going to go out of style. The ship had been hit with some sort of energy wave from the planet it had began or orbit only hours earlier. The AI fought the crash as much as it could, the utility bot tried as hard as it could to keep things together, they had done a good job, the best they could have done. most of the ship had broken off and vaporized upon entry but some of it was still intact, enough for only the smallest of functions, the fact the power core had managed to keep going was a miracle upon the crew.

  Jay was rudely awoken from his nice stay in cryo-sleep with the sound of the pod crashing into the ground and the cover shattering, he lay there a moment in a dazed confusion.
Down the hill from there stands Rage with another soldier the soldier is a tad shaken up, "Rage sir, are, are we going to be ok?"
"Ok? OK!? Shit son, when I was a young gun like you, this was considered a routine landing! We'll be just fine."
"don't back sass me boy, I know what I'm doing."

Down the hill from their conversation happens to be the landing place of a very unlucky commando, his buddy reassures him of his survival and has began first aid. "I am going to live, right?"
"Oh quit your bitchin' bro, you're going to be fine, hell if I had a gold nugget for every time some scrap metal rod impaled me through the chest, I'd, well I wouldn't have any gold, but don't worry, I'm sure with today's medical technology you'll be fine!"

Of course he probably won't be fine but that's just the reality of things, the storage compartment of the ship is half there anyway, beyond that is what's left of the ship.

"oh dear, it appears we have crashed!" The AI chimes in a slightly sad yet still cheerful tone, "I'm sure we'll be fine, it's not like we're on fire or anything, and the power core is still operational!"

"eugh, thanks AI." Sci groans as he rises from his console, luckily his suit had protected him from most of the impact, the rest of the crew had to have smashed down in cryo-pods somewhere, chances are only a few of the 20 man crew had survived, the console didn't get a ping back from the pod bay.
He pauses for a moment in thought, "where's Sparky?"
" I do not know, sorry Sci."
"It's fine AI, he'll show up somewhere, always does."
[Image: a7b8b66d1c.png]

"well, this is most unsatisfactory, I seem to have lost my hat as well." Jay lifts him self from the pod and looks around, "oh there it is!" After a quick stretch, he  steps toward his hat. "At least I know this rock as a good fashion sense anyway."

"well up you go, I think we can get you to safety and maybe ol' Sci up there can help you out with this." The poor wounded fellow is hoists up and they begin their journey up the hill, it's not entirely good medical practice to have him walking or really even moving, but whatever, who needs good medical practice anyway.

"Sci, my scanners are picking up strange sounds and energy levels from one of those crates, is it my birthday?" the AI whirs happily. "No, your birthday isn't for a few more days, I'll go check it out." Sci climbs down the ladder and stares out into the alien world.
Upon reaching his hat, Jay places it back into its rightful position, atop his head.

[Image: 1037a6ec0a.png]

While this had gone on there was quite the effort being made by the soldier to clear out a flat spot for their injured comrade, though this was missed and the discussion about it was rather humorous and well thought out, it was felt that this specific scene was more important.

[Image: 9a3194d750.png]
Jay, seeing Sci, picks up the nearby box and heads in his direction.

"We're almost there bro, don't give up on my now! Soon you'll be all better, the medic will fix yah up, good as new."

The AI, having gone through many alien planet crash simulations before has a bright idea, "Sci, what if we built some robotic drones to aid us in our efforts, I calculate the effective time to organize our remaining crew and establish shelter without any mechanical help to be unsatisfactory."
"Hmm, if we can find sparky, he'll be able to help, I'm really more into designing things than building them."
Apology for being able to only make a few turns until Christmas break tomorrow due to finals and such all this week!
[Image: ba631bb8ec.png]

" Jay, it's a pleasure to speak to you again."
"Like wise old sport, I figured upon retrieving my hat I should make my self of some use and bring you this crate."

"My sensors indicate something with abnormal energy levels in said crate, be advised."
"Thanks AI."
[Image: 144fccb6ba.png]

The crate is opened and thrown aside, the contents much more important.
"Greetings, I tried to repair the ship, honest, but as you can see, we didn't quite come down in one piece..."
[Image: 5c78546a69.png]
All of a sudden, something goes wrong, again... Sparky's systems shutdown to prevent major damage to systems while the AI's systems are mostly protected by the EMP shield the ship had as a counter-measure to EMP weapons, the projector however scatters the AI's image greatly.

[Image: 64192623ba.png]

"Oh dear, it seems we have had a sudden EMP-like event occur."
"The hell happened?"
"I don't quite know!"
"Well I'm going to- sparky?"
"Just dozing off twas' all, honest!" Sparky blurts as his processes begin to function once more, "Well, no I wasn't, I think we were attacked, maybe not though."
"Yes well, glad you're ok, I'm going to try to figure out where that came from."
Sci quickly scampers to his terminal and begins trying to pinpoint the origin of the event.

"Oiy! You there! Jay! Hey!" The soldier yells as he climbs over the remains of the storage and cryobay, "We need a medic, got us a man down over here!"
"Hmm, guess I may as well put my talents to use I guess, I'll be right there old sport."
Jay begins a rather hasty run to the soldier.

"I'll head back and grab that crate I saw, it might be helpfull."
The soldier places the wounded fellow on the ground and hastily turns and runs down the hill.

"You'll be fine son, I remember in my days as a grunt, ol' Jay will be 'ere to help yah, be glad it's not some damn medic-bot, things are the
the worst..." Rage trails off into his story and the wounded recruit listens, it's easier than going into shock anyway.

Sparky stands alone in the lower levels of the ship, contemplating his new found personal time, "Maybe I could build a book... and then read it, well then I'd know the story, no fun in that is there..."
"Well 'ere we go then, I have repaired most of the damaged sensor systems but I fear for us to get any sort of actual map of this planet we'll need some upgrades, and we may as well build a better shelter, it seems I have detected other lifeforms on this planet, there is a faint crab like signature to the far south but we can't get any sort of clear visuals beyond those mountains otherwise."

[Image: 8375c14b5a.png]

"It also seems that whatever caused that radiation burst is really close to us, it may be for the best if our shelter includes measures to protect against EMP and radioactive activity."

"uhm, sci, who are you speaking to?"

"Well you AI."

"Oh. Well then I'll task Sparky with aiding in shelter creation and supply organization."

"Alright, good. I'll keep working on what I can from this terminal."

[Image: fa81a145ab.png]

"There's no way I'm climbing that old sport, I might rip my suit and this happens to be the only one I have yet to know is still around." Jay slows to a walk and continues speaking to the soldier above, "You see I think I'll just wait for someone to remove the other side of this metal wall."

"I think I'll be fine sir, the wound is small enough to be repaired by medi-gel, hopefully we still have some."

"Oh I'm sure we do somewhere son, not like we came completely unprepared for disaster, we're the damned special forces for Astacidea sake, I'm sure as soon as we get over this little bump I'm sure we'll have an entire fleet coming down to help us out."

Sparky decides his current form is fairly inefficient for the surroundings and, after picking a few pieces of scrap from the crate he was stuck in, begins to re-materialize.
[Image: 0c9286ca91.png]

"Don't hurry on our account son, that crate's not worth another wounded soldier."

"Sci, maybe we should design some construction drones to get a head start on our shelter."
"Good idea AI, could you boost the distress signal as well, I don't think it's making it through the planet's atmosphere."
[Image: 6297108712.png]

"Maybe we should see about getting someone or something to recon the nearby areas."
"My processors deduce that we should establish an at least semi-secure position here first."
"Well, we have a few soldiers and a few guns, what more could we need?"
"radiation and EMP shielding, and well for you organic beings, water and food."
"Good point."
[Image: c14676e773.png]

"You have mail!"

"great, lets see here then..." "Sorry, we can't help you, we have to visit the beach resort world of guidious III... very important mission stuff and all that, best wishes, the bringer of hope's captain and crew."

"It seems this message contains vast amounts of irony."
"Indeed it does AI, bringer of hope my ass, should have named the ship, bunch of jackasses in a large pressurized can."
[Image: 90845f402f.png]

"oh hey, a medkit, sweet." The soldier key's his headset, "Hey guys, I found a medkit, hell does this shit still even work?"
"holy bajesus," Rage exclaims, "Son, you darn near scared the crap out of me, I thought the EMP would have killed all our equipment, guess we know otherwise and such, anyway, bring it back up!"
[Image: 7e621745c9.png]
Jay walks through the hole in the wall and as he continues his way down the hill takes a quick glance at the soldier, "He'll be fine, now if you'll excuse me, I have business to conduct, things to do and such, get some medi-gel on it and he'll be fine."
"uhm, thanks... where are you going exactly?" Inquires rage and the wounded soldier.
"Well, someone has to find these other lifeforms that are apparently here."

The soldier grabs the medkit and other supplies, stuffs them in his pockets and empty pouches and heads back up to the rest of the group. He is surprised to see Jay walking down the hill, "Mornin' Jay."
"Mornin' old sport, fine day for a walk in the alien "park"."
"Indeed it is I guess."
[Image: 2Gbor.png]
A gnat hovers in.
[Image: ad0914a926.png]

"The hell is that thing!"
Rage's voice suddenly becomes present as he hears the voice of the soldier above, "What the hell is what?"
"There's this drone above us!"
"Well then get a damned rifle and post in the bridge, the AI and that science fellow must be protected!"
The soldier on the top of the storage space leaps down, grabs the nearest rifle from the floor and sprints in the direction of the rest of the ship.

"Uhm, maybe we should try talking to it?"
"Oh, good idea, let me try."

A message is beamed in the direction of the strange hovering drone sci as Sci begins to speak, "Uhm, 'ello, could you perhaps be friendly, well if your not, well that's fine too, just, please be friendly for now, we're a little stranded and honestly don't want to hang around very long, so, if you want the planet for your selves, that's quite alright, we'll just be on our way as soon as we can, thanks."
The message is translated into various different languages, both organic and machine.
"Could I suggest maybe sounding a bit more confident next time?"
"How about you send a message then?"
"I suppose I could."
Another, shorter message is emitted from the AI, "Greetings, sorry about my organic friend here, he's not quite right since the crash, anyway, could I inquire to why you are hovering above us?"
[Image: 9qhJ7.png]
The gnat is incapable of conversation!
[Image: 9d8af2a038.png]

"It seems to be either quite rude or incapable of holding conversation."
"Well, then try sending it an uploaded message to store and relay back to wherever it came from."

The AI beams another message to the drone, this one contains an uploaded data package containing the previous messages and various translations, "Hmm, well could you at least carry this along, maybe relay it to wherever you came from, thanks."
[Image: 9NtB0.png]
The gnat continues along its merry way.
[Image: e766772322.png]

"Did it take the message?"
"I have no idea, sorry."
"Well, let's hope it's just stupid and not ignoring us because it's scouting for an invasion party or something."
The soldier climbs up the ladder, "What about an invasion party?"
"Oh, we were speculating on the hovering drone there."
"Oh, thank god."

Sparky and his construction drone made in his image move their way into the ship.
[Image: fC3Rh.png]
Gnats make a soft buzzing sound when they fly, not unlike bees.
The more you know.
Chapter II: Striking the Earth

[Image: 5fb013f727.png]

"Sci, Sparky and his construction drones have began forming the shelter now."
"Thanks AI, it should function to protect us, well at least our more critical systems and such, from any major glitches from this strange radiation, hopefully we'll have the means to explore the nearby ruins to figure out how any primitive inhabitants have adapted to this environment if any exist." Sci begins to go into a long talk, "I mean, just think of the scientific advances we could achieve from learning about these primitives! Hell, we could discover something ground breaking here for all we know!"

At this point Sci goes off onto a long talk with the AI about possible scientific finds, nothing really exciting, it seems he isn't quite all 100% on the original goals of this mission, it could be that he was part of one of the private sectors science labs that paid a great deal of money to allow scientists to accompany the Order on various missions.

Jay simply continues his stroll across the rolling hills of the planet, a fairly nice day on a strange alien planet. He checks his pocket watch and continues walking, all the time in the world, it was only 10 in the morning, or maybe not, the watch hadn't been rewound since the crash. Then again, who really needs to know the time as it's not quite relative to this planet anyway, it probably spins at a quite different speed to their home planet anyway.
[Image: bVsee.png]
Wrong picture.
[Image: 1986c07795.png]

"AI, do you think we could bounce the scanner signals off the drone there to get a better idea of what's around us?"
"I could try."

The AI attempts to use the gnat as a means to extend their scanner's range ever so slightly.
[Image: fxzbO.png]
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