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Full Version: MAP: Slice - Junnar Expeditionary Pod #3010
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[Image: kIkmy.png]

The HAM drone activates its flight mode and attaches the gun to itself. It's time to hunt green skins.

One of the Balldrones activates combat mode and charges its laser weapons.
[Image: 006.png]
The top half of the Astacidea base detonates with a crackling boom that can be heard across the whole area, something that is finally noticed by the two sitting in the basement.
Waves of intense and invisible radiation blow out from the centre, not only fusing all of the electronics in the base to useless pieces of junk but also playing merry hell with the nearest goblin's jetpack. He hadn't managed to escape quite far enough, it seems.

He's not even the only one losing control of his jetpack right now though, up above him the hookshot goblin is having a spot of trouble with his too, the drone managing to spin him far enough that his own thrust starts working against him. If only he would think to just let go of the chain he'd probably still have time to turn around and do something worthwhile, but part of their early training in using the versatile tool is that you never let go.
Fortunately, the guy whose shift he was about to take is annoyed enough at the couple of extra minutes he's already had to tug the boat for that he wastes no time pulling out his own firearm and trying to get a good line of sight on the little robot.

The other goblin has already used up his ammunition (despite looking like they fire pure energy, the pistols apparently require some kind of reagent to properly function) and flies higher to safety while he reloads. One of the shots he fired floats harmlessly overhead and out of sight, while the other two impact the ground with a sharp crack and flash of light. One of them bursts at the feet of the balldrone, showering it with heat, lightning and the already annoyingly familiar electronics-jamming radiation.
[Image: ghostinvasion17.png]

The machine uses the chain to swing the Goblin around on a collision course with the ship. However, another unfortunate goblin appears to be in the path of the goblin rocket flail.
[Image: VzjL4.png]
[Image: Archibaldaction1.png]
A transmission is forcibly opened on the Goblin receiver, frustrated with the lack of Goblins Archibald is not quite in the mood to wait for it to be accepted. Archibald is greeted by the face of a Goblin staring blankly at him.

[Image: Archibaldspeech1.png]
"What use are you? Get Red down here, I wish to speak with one of the few of you that actually has a scrap of intelligence. You might want to be swift, you've already left me waiting once today"
[Image: 007.png]
Red answers the hologram of Archibald in a rather impatient fashion. While they seem to have destroyed a significant portion of the enemy infrastructure this is more through incompetence than actual planning. Which honestly is how goblin military arrangements usually go anyway, but that doesn't mean he can't be surly about it.
If Ironhand (with his own philosophy of ruthless, mechanical efficiency) heard about what Red's more casual troops were getting up to, the Flightmaster would never hear the end of it.
"Yeah, what do you want? We're pretty busy over here at the moment so this had better be important."

The unfortunate swinging goblin finally releases the chain and his jetpack's exhaust, but only because the heavy impact with the Skyshatter's main guns has knocked him unconscious.
This small victory for the ARM drone is fairly short lived as the ship itself plows into the much smaller machine and its propellers shatter themselves into pieces against the massive steel gears of the aiming mechanism.

The two other goblins who were flying out of control meet grislier fates, the one that was already dead merely manages to get himself stuck in some dirt while the one on the left has his jetpack overload as he rams into the ground (another side-effect of the nearby explosion) and is incinerated by a similar but smaller flare of oddly coloured light.

On the beronot front, the flying goblin cuts out his jetpack and implements a perhaps inadvisable plan to wrestle the HAM drone to the ground, while its shots are intercepted by the Skyshatter's protective shields.
The robots on the ground are slightly distracted by goblin reinforcements.
[Image: Archibaldspeech1.png]
"I see you've already acquainted yourself with the spherical robots. Good. One of them has stolen an artifact from the nearby ruins, it should be nearby...I'm sure with your 'expert' scouting techniques it shouldn't be a problem to find"

Archibald is about to scold the Goblin about his tardiness (or complete absence, in this case) at the jungle when the Soarun were being dealt with, but as much as it annoys him that this is the case, it is much better that the Goblins stayed in this area. He grunts in dissatisfaction.

"You're lucky those robots are the priority, Red. The next time I give you an order, make sure to follow it. I couldn't care less what you idiots end up doing myself, but we both know that angering Avarico is good for neither of us"
[Image: ghostinvasion18.png]

The goblin rocket flail fails to have the intended effect. The goblin does not let go of the chain even after impact, causing the drone to lose control and clip the flying ship with it's propellers. It is unable to do anything but fall.
After the previous battle had come, past and left a lot of dead bodies in it's wake and large object made it's appearance in the sky and came crashing downwards at an alarming speed. Moments later it slammed, surprisingly gracefully, into the ground, ripping a dead goblin's arm off in the process.

Was it not for it being designed to handle this sort of punishment, it might have had been squashed completely on impact. But, while being designed with the general purpose of being violently thrown down onto a planet, it was not designed to do so without power and without being able to slow itself down using anti-gravity boosters. Still, it managed to do it's job well enough for the inhabitants to survive, well, the sentient ones anyway.

[Image: 2cd7748ac4.png]

[Image: a2c7a78ad9.png]
[Image: 79991a750f.png]
[Image: deb0b9992e.png]
Things start to stir, the doors are lowered, one snaps a branch on the nearby tree, the other calmly smashed into the dirt and grass. Upon activation the two scout drones immediately fly out the new exits and start scanning everything they can find, three KJ biotics are also released, grab weapons and head outside to accompany the drones.
[Image: bbb506191b.png]
[Image: Map42.png]
The construct drones spring to life without warning, both are immediately given orders. One starts cleaning up the mess in the drone bay, carefully lifting out the wrecks of it's fellow drones with it's all purpose beam.. Beams. The other drone soars up towards the two biotics, one which is still making it's way up the dirt hill. The other finds a rather annoying obstacle, a large heavy metal door that refuses to open. So, naturally, he comes to the conclusion that kicking it should help. It doesn't help. Instead his magnetic undersides activate and he get's stuck with one foot, it starts making low whining noises when it discovers this. It has however, reached the limit of it's problem solving abilities and is not quiet sure what the hell it should do next. It decides to just stare at the door for a while until someone tells it what to do.

Moving onto the patrol drones, one get's bored of analyzing grass all day and flies off towards the plains. The other is rudely taken control of mid-flight by Unit 1 who steers it down the shaft of the unfortunate and oddly colored ruin, it doesn't stop until it finds the bodies of the former residents. Unit 1 has always had a fondness of dead aliens in blown up ruins.
[Image: conversation3b.png]
[Image: f4b949cd00.png]
[Image: 53ae9c2522.png]
Two more biotics finally get released, one is a HU/heavier synthetic that despite it's weight, lands gracefully on the floor below the holding pods and nothing more than a loud thud. The next to get released is another KJ but instead of a regular left arms it's got a mining beam that is usually used for either makingĀ  holes in mountains, holes in enemy bases or holes in actual enemies. The point is, it's good at making holes in things.

In other news, the synthetic with the door problem is finally given instructions to disable it's grav-boots and just shoot the door until it falls over or gets cut in half.
Spoiler :
Magic conversation box change because the other ones were too large
[Image: 63dafcd56d.png]
[Image: 17c4e6d581.png]
The wonderful smell of disintegrating dirt and melting metal fill the air.
[Image: 7d1e2b9d8b.png]
[Image: 51b63fbc5d.png]
[Image: 583bca5a40.png]
Stuff happens, so exciting!
[Image: 070a2a0264.png]
Everyone mainly just stands and stares at various things of varying importance while the drones work.
[Image: 87d034cf0b.png]
[Image: ac75c84ff3.png]
[Image: 7282e60a69.png]
[Image: 4c8b538fc5.png]
The laser drilling synth decides to casually carve a tunnel into the hill while everyone continues doing the usual stuff. Like standing around and staring at different things.
[Image: c659363038.png]
The synthetic with the mining laser is assigned to a task that's significantly less interesting than carving wonderful holes in the side of hills. His new job is to walk around and disintegrate all the scrap lying about. Exciting. A drone takes over his old job and exercises it's superior skills in making tunnels.

A bridge is made, the gunship wakes up and goes for a Sunday evening stroll fly.
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