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It has come to our attention that a lot of people have been posting in the gameplay threads, we'd really rather keep those to be purely turns. It's going to get confusing later on if there are posts breaking up the turns.

As a result we have made this thread, a place where those currently taking part in PtV, and those not currently taking part, can feel free to discuss whatever they wish related to PtV

I have no idea how much this thread will be used but at least it will stop people posting in the gameplay thread. So basically use this to spread your compliments, discuss what is happening, and all that kind of stuff.
This makes me wanna be more active, im loving the armies so far and the maps are really nice
Squib for PTV king 2012.
Probably going to put in portraits of my own at some point.
Quote:9:01 PM - Hobbesy: dude man ruski owes us money
9:01 PM - Seventeenth SquiOhNo?
9:02 PM - Hobbesy: he bet money that Major was getting into PtV
9:02 PM - Seventeenth Squid: ah
9:02 PM - Seventeenth Squid: lets break his knees
9:02 PM - Hobbesy: can we crack his fingers too?
9:02 PM - Seventeenth Squid: yeah dude
9:02 PM - Seventeenth Squid: lets just break all his bones
9:02 PM - Hobbesy: that'll show that motherfucker
9:02 PM - Seventeenth Squid: yup

You better pay up Ruski.
I was actually considering reporting Ruski for posting off topic in that thread and then thought 'nah that's vindictive' and then I ended up posting there too anyway because I'm an idiot.
It's a shame that so many people have dropped out, I was afraid of this happening, hopefully the survivors are in it for the long haul.
Yeah, it is a shame so many have gone.

It's also a shame I didn't get in! *Punches self in head for whatever reasons he didn't get in*
er. guys ill pay you money;
[insert dollar sign here]
Suddenly, I can't see any of Mirokan's pictures. Does anyone else have this problem?
People should have started out with more units, I mean look at the amount I started with..
A.R.M and the Souran have no weapons at all... :l
I think we need to have some space debris with a cannon on land by A.R.M so it can adapt itself some defenses before bikkels kills it and poke those Sourans to hurry up with their soldiers! :3
I thought the wqhole idea was to start off with hardly anything.
Also A.R.M doesn't need weapons to kill :P
How does it then? :o
It claws you to death, then takes your dead body and makes clones of it to make an army of soldiers.
The squid-like scavengers can cut through flesh like a lightsaber. The sand-worms aren't entirely helpless either.
I am severely lacking in ranged weaponry though.
Could always just have the Reaver itself start chucking balls of iron.
But will they be any use against crazy ball bots? For some reason that crabish bot looks like it could pop open and start throwing shields all over the place...
It could make minidrones that then open up to reveal a robot who likes to slice things, and being small enough to pose as a grain of sand.
The ARM will obviously produce an army of mad shield throwing robots.
My secret plan has been revealed!
You think you guys are at a disadvantage? I have four guys.:3
and three of them have guns.

You could easily have brought along more men though.
Oh I know. haha I'll have quite a few more in a couple turns though.
Since some certain Chocobo commanded nagging upon all PtV players, I urge all PtV player to post their turns, or I will find your house and follow you around until you do.

I have the means, don't worry.
My internet has been cut off for going over the monthly data limit. I should have access tomorrow though. Right now I'm posting from a public wifi connection. Just in case anyone was wondering why im not posting turns.
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