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Full Version: MAP: Creeding - Socialist Kawdor
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[Image: KAWDORIAN_FLAG1.png]
                                                                                                                                                  ¬The Ist Armed Assembly, Kawdorian Armed Forces
                                                                                                                                                          ¬IInd Fleet, Kawdorian Expeditionary Forces
                                                                                                                                                                  ¬IIIrd Flotilla delegate.
                                                                                                                                                                            ¬IInd Initial Marine Brigade.
                                                                                                                                                                                     Â¬OMEGA OMEGA LAMBDA, Courier dropship.
                                                                                                                                                                                               Â¬Squad 518/ALPHA.




                                                                                                       I think he might be dead...



[Image: PtVJAN.png]

A spluttering hack muffled by a face plate erupts from Enlist 3rd Class, Jan Dryden. He survived at least a 300ft free fall. Its was miracle...

[Image: Jan.png]

Enlist 3rd Class, Jan Dryden: " A- argh... " he coughs thrice more " My back... my head! " stuttering his words, presumable from the shock (or the magic).

The Conscript: " Hah! He's alive! I mean- your alive! We we're certain it was fatal, Sir! "

Jan helps himself up, cradling his head.

[Image: Jan2.png]

Jan Dryden:" Now, I don't know if- if its was knock to the head or if it was the- the knock to the head but... 'Sir'? " cocking an eyebrow under his mask, before wincing once agian...

The Conscript: " Yes, Commissar! Your the only one who survived the fall... how miraculous that sounds. " he continues, finishing in a slightly snidey' tone " From what everyone can remember, our Slab just fell out of the sky before we lost contact with Dispatch. We still aren't sure what happened to the dropship, let alone whats going on in Orbit. "

[Image: Jan3.png]

Jan: " I *3 second pause* see. "

Conscript: " Would you like a Situational Report, Sir? "

Jan turns to face the Conscript. Stares for a few moments, obviously still dazed.

Conscript: " Uhh... I'll begin shall I?  "

A nod is given lazily.

Conscript: " Hm, well- " gazing over the crash site

[Image: Merv.png]
         *The mumbling of prayer*

"We have have 5 casualties...

2 MIA; Conscript Alred and Conscript Trumble.
3 KIA; Minor Commissar 1st Class Stidolph, Enlist 2nd Class Kerrich and Enlist 2nd Class Elphee.

Thankfully our Medical survived... he looks quite shaken though."

[Image: Techie.png]
         "Grip, Grip. Dispatch, request acknowledgement. Clench."
         "Still nothing?"
         *Sign* "Nothing. Just static."

" Either Comms are down, we're being jammed or... we've been abandoned.

As you can tell our equipment is playing up, IE the HUDs."

Jan utters, "I was going to say, the screen feed is fuzzing in and out." wile clumsily helping himself up to his feet, dusting off.

The Conscript continues "Our Techie' says that we're limited to direct visual and vocals until we can get a rudimentary relay up.

[Image: Meckie.png]

"Did we have a Mechie with us?" Jan questions, beginning a wobbly stroll...

"Indeed we did! Hes watching the rocks right now with his Carbine. Not the most... 'sane' of Mechanist I warn." the Conscript answers, following in suit, slinging his battle rifle.

Jan stops abruptly, looking down. He stomps the hull of the craft before turning to his subordinate.

"Unfortunately Commissar... uhh...  he says our Landing Slab is totally unresponsive, same goes for both of our escort Drones as well."
They both continue, Jan tucking his hands behind his back and straightening up his posture in an attempt to seem more authoritative...

[Image: Jan4.png]
Jan: " Now for the Q an' A... Where are we. Wheres my blade and where can I get an drink around here." he rambles before his left leg gives way, like lighting he grabs the Conscripts shoulder for support...
Conscript: "We seem to be situated in a kind of natural enclave, Sir. Nestled up against three large rock faces. And for your blade sir... ugh, not a clue. Alot of our equipment was lost to the fall, which I can see your not going to be remembering anytime soon."

Jan: " And you are? "
Wolsey: " Wolsey, Sir. Conscript class Wolsey. " grinning under his mask, boasting his chest.
Jan: " Well Wolsey " he shakes is head, sand peppering off his shoulders, hood and from under his mask after letting out a flurry of raspy coughs... " It seems we've been handed quite the predicament... "

*Please note, Kawdorian 'English' can seem strange or even incorrect to contemporary English speakers.
Jan: " Psst... Do I have anything on my face? "
Wolsey: " Uh- No, sir. "

[Image: PtVJANIII.png]

" Listen up! "

[Image: Jan5.png]

As all of you may already know... we're stranded.
We have no means of communication with Dispatch.
Our Slab had been disabled.
And to add insult to injury... we have already lost half of our manpower.
Thus, its up to the rest of us to try and make something of this absolute debacle..
With great consideration, I have taken it upon myself to get us out of this foul situation that we are in..
I will take the burden and responsibilities that come with being in command.

So, as my first act in command Conscripts, I will require two volunteers...

The group remain silent, looking between each other for a response...

[size=7pt]Both Conscript Isgar and Elsie step forward.
"[size=7pt]What is it that you need from us, Commissar!?
" Isgar sprouts, with great vigor.

Hmpth- good to see we aren't all cowards. I need you two to scout out into the wastes. You'll both be looking for anything that we can use... that can benefit us. Be it physical or simple reconnaissance. Anything that can shed some light on the recent events ... Well!? Move it!

[Image: iahPX.png]
"Now look what you've got us into! I swear, if we get into another firefight because of your endless heroics I'll-
"Hark! All you do it moan! And eat for that matter!"

Medical, what is your title?

"I am Medical Conscript Class Von. " he simply replies, using a hollow, mundane tone.

Von, I need you to scavenge anything of use from our- uh, deceased. Get them buried with quick. The heat is beginning to bring out the stench in them!

[Image: SGNaM.png]
" 'Your brave spirits, see, sits in a foggy cloud, and stays for thee.' Rest, fellow warriors."

We need everything we can get our hands on, which leads me onto you two...

Technical, Mechanist. Names.

"Siggers, Sir! Technical Class Conscript Siggers. The Mechanist would be Dara! Hes a quite the quiet one, you must understand."  in his high shrill voice.

[b]I need you two to jury-rig a relay post. Take what you need from the drones and slab. With haste! I'm starting to get a headache from all this static!

[Image: f76j7.png]
"Ok, careful now! Thats a very important piece and we may need tha-"

Before you all go off on your assigned tasks... Remember, my rations go to the first man to find my blade!
[Image: ehLbe.png]

The Kawdorians begin pottering away.

The fizzling of a fussion cutter.
The uttering of a forbidden prayer.
The clattering of a displaced rock.
[Image: GRxNH.png]
[Image: plOj7.png]
A survey drone enters the area, high over the desert sand.
[Image: vjRu8.png]
The survey drone leaves, seeing nothing more of interest.
[Image: creedingcleanup1.png]

Something appears on the ridge wielding a very large cannon.
The A.R.M. does not hear the soldiers as they call out to its stolen mech. It does not understand their intent. All it knows is that they are pointing guns at it, and they are much like the two coco units that were quickly destroyed.

[Image: creedingcleanup2.png]

They are a threat that must be removed.
[Image: creedingcleanup3.png]

They do not last for very long.
[Image: creedingcleanup4.png]

Jan and Von appear to be the only survivors after only a few seconds of combat. Von manages to kill a worm using a grenade, while Jan rushes to grab a weapon.
[Image: creedingcleanup5.png]

The (strange coco machine?) is studied. It makes very little sense. Most of the materials cannot be identified. A more thorough dissection is required.
[Image: creedingcleanup6.png]

Data from the body is sent to the BeroNots. perhaps they can make some sense of it.
[Image: thetaskmaster1.png]

[Image: creedingcleanup7.png]
[Image: thetaskmaster2.png]

[Image: creedingcleanup8.png]

The mech hits Jan hard with its cannon arm. Jan is thrown by the force of the blow.

Von is grabbed by the neck during the mech's charge. It does not stop running.
[Image: creedingcleanup9.png]

The humans are defeated.
[Image: creedingcleanup10.png]

The human is carefully dissected, with no thought to the pain this operation would cause. luckily, Von is already unconscious.
[Image: reaverspeak50.png]
[Image: priceoffailure1.png]
[Image: reaverspeak51.png]

[Image: creedingcleanup11.png]

Von's head is torn from his body. The body is thrown hard into the sand below.
[Image: armhisty.png]

[Image: creedingcleanup12.png]

Jan is retrieved.
[Image: thetaskmaster3.png]

[Image: creedingcleanup13.png]
[Image: creedingcleanup14.png]
[Image: reaverspeak52.png]

[Image: creedingcleanup15.png]

This human is more carefully dissected than the last one. Great care is taken to keep its pain under control. However, the operation still causes severe brain damage.

A new scavenger is also constructed from the wreckage of the dead sandworm. This one is larger, and built using BeroNot technology.
[Image: reaverspeak53.png]

[Image: creedingcleanup16.png]

A machine gun is added to the coco mech.
[Image: creedingcleanup17.png]

Build Build Build.
[Image: creedingcleanup18.png]

Two new upgraded scavengers are built.
[Image: creedingcleanup19.png]
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