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Full Version: MAP: Jungle Battlefield 1
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Jungle Battlefield 1

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[Image: Ghqz0.png]
[Image: 8ad2da9de7.png]
"Well. This is boring."
"Aye lad. I was ah' leas hopin for some flesh eatin monkeys ah somethan."
[Image: f9a934b0ec.png]

Jay exits through a nearby rip and casually walks into the area, maybe he'll find something of value in the jungle.
[Image: 24799a0646.png]
Newguy descends the incline first. Having almost fallen himself, he shouts back to Watson.
"Watch your ste-"
Watson, being significantly bulkier than Newguy, descends the hill with the grace of an overweight water buffalo.
"Blood ell'!"
"*sigh* Well. If the carnivorous monkeys DIDN'T know about us before, they do now....
Oh even BETTER. A POND. You ready for a swim Watson?"
[Image: 2d0d570bd9.png]

"This jungle is rather boring, nothing really interesting other than these trees."
"Watson, Newguy. Get your butts back to the crash sight. We've got a problem."
[Image: 836b072d31.png]
"Jus' bloody climbed down.... this.... bloody.... hill..
The two drop-pods start to terminate their descent. One of them has already begun the automated landing procedures, and has its engines ready to flare to slow its final landing acceptably.

The other one was damaged during the descent through the debris cloud surrounding the planet. Its landing is not going to be as smooth.

[Image: lfwe0.png]
[Image: e10cafaf02.png]
The two men *cough*speedily leave the area.
The unscathed drop-pod flares its engines, slowing down before making a soft-touch-down. The now-useless engines detach, and the two ceph inside prepare to get out.

None of these things happen for the damaged drop-pod.

[Image: o3zXh.png]
Two ceph disembark. The two inside of the damaged pod are having some difficulties.

[Image: P7m7O.png]

[Image: kgEgg.png]
[Image: 53d4c6f279.png]

"What is that."
"Not sure."
"Should we Kill it?"

"Before you meat heads do something we all regret, let me talk to it."
Newbie raises waves at the squid-thing and yells up-hill to it.
*AHEM* "Hello there! We mean you no harm, we are simply passing through to a localized source of radiation. If I may ask, what is the name of your species?"
[Image: 0393bb0392.png]
"FFFFFF. Everyone Double time it back zere! We can't afford to lose ze SHIVA unit!
And with that, the temple expedition is delayed.
The four ceph that landed have, over the past two days, salvaged any useful components from the two drop-pods and delivered them back to the outpost. The larger plates of the drop-pods have been salvaged, along with any gravitics technology and the engine core responsible for enabling smoother atmospheric re-entry. What's left is barely usable-- some damaged thrust nozzles, burnt-out capacitors and electronics, and broken segments of outer casing--and outside of the raw materials, unlikely to be useful to any parties looking to scavenge.

[Image: Zp8jJ.png]
[Image: 2gXgG.png]

Three robots move through the jungle, fleeing in terror from the terrible terrible Ceph'qua that killed one of their own.
[Image: u26Nr.png]

The robots stop before the pond. They will guard this spot until further orders are recieved.
[Image: 49a87c5990.png]
Stem Tek's forces leave the area, oblivious to the robots behind them.
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