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Full Version: MAP: Jager - A.R.M.
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1. Mountainous Battlefield 2
2. Desert Battlefield 1

From another planet, old, desolate, and dying, came the Reavers.

[Image: armlanding1.png]

They knew not what monster they had unleashed upon the galaxy.

[Image: armlanding2.png]

They were concerned only with their greed. Always they needed more.

[Image: armlanding3.png]

Greed fought with gluttony and both were devastated.

[Image: armlanding4.png]

Only too late they learned of their mistake.

[Image: ARMlanding5.gif]

They had doomed themselves and countless others to Oblivion.

[Image: brokenarmlanding2.png]

[Image: brokenarmlanding3.png]


Parts of the Reaver are cut off and tossed aside. A lower leg segment is built into a digging machine.
Declare - Self

[Image: brokenarmlanding4.png]


A welding drone is built out of a discarded leg motor. A second miner is made from another lower leg segment. The remaining leg pieces are placed together and welded.
[Image: brokenarmlanding5.png]


The A.R.M. builds an arm.
[Image: brokenarmlanding6.png]


The smelter is nearly completed. The Reaver cuts off its upper segment and moves the internal parts lower onto its body.
[Image: brokenarmlanding7.png]


Another machine is being built. Another scout moves toward the hill. The welding drone continues working on the smelter.
[Image: brokenarmlanding8.png]


Work continues on the new machine. More Iron is brought to the surface.
[Image: brokenarmlanding9.png]


The new machine burrows into the sand. A newly constructed scavenger moves toward the hill.
[Image: zUfYj.png]
[Image: bRUp1.png]
[Image: armwhat1.png]

[Image: armwhat2.png]

[Image: armwhat3.png]

[Image: brokenarmlanding10.png]


The machines are alerted to a strange hovering object.
[Image: rCQ8N.png]
[Image: 6QAnO.png]
The drone transmits a radio signal to the largest machine. The message contains:
Counts from 1 to 100 in binary, ternary, quaternary, quinary, senary, septenary, octal, nonary and decimal.
Several images of landscapes, planets as seen from space and basic sketches of soarun in a basic black-and-white dot grid format.
A large block of simply worded soarun language, telling a very basic outline of soarun history up to just before the war with the churnworms. It is
designed more to offer a simple base for translation than to pass any real information, but does contain accurate historical details.

It is repeated over and over.
[Image: brokenarmlanding11.png]

The Reaver responds to the message with alien images. Three triangles side by side bend and move. Behind these triangles is a large un-moving orb containing three red dots. Atop this orb is what appears to be distortion of air from eminating heat or gasses, but at times appear to look more like feathers. The distortion changes colors in beautiful patterns. The same pattern continues to play, pause, then repeat. After 6 times, the transmission ends.
[Image: jfXji.png]
[Image: jNw7s.png]
[Image: brokenarmlanding12.png]

Another machine is constructed, while the existing machines crowd together on the hill.
[Image: brokenarmlanding13.png]

The newest machine walks up the hill. The drones report that the Iron mine is already getting low on Iron. New sources will soon be required.
[Image: brokenarmlanding14.png]

A flying drone is created. The Reaver ceases to build any more units this time.
[Image: brokenarmlanding15.png]

One machine tunnels through the sand deeper into the desert, leaving the area.
[Image: brokenarmlanding16.png]

The second wave of machines has left the area to explore the nearby mountain range.
[Image: brokenarmlanding17.png]

More ore is stockpiled.
[Image: brokenarmlanding18.png]
[Image: brokenarmlanding19.png]
[Image: brokenarmlanding20.png]
[Image: brokenarmlanding21.png]
[Image: brokenarmlanding22.png]

A miner and a welder are loaded onto a vehicle.
[Image: brokenarmlanding23.png]

The vehicle departs.
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