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Full Version: MAP: Hobbesy - Tatarstian Expeditionary Forces
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This map links with :
1. Jungle Battlefield 2
2. Mountainous Battlefield 2

[Image: self1d.png]
7 Drones find themselves in an unfamiliar territory. Data from the ship suggests that they were hit by a massive sunflare, other data suggests the system might be corrupt.

The Hero Drone bravely climbs out of the ship first. It makes sure to not drop the hat, and to point the big primitive gun upwards to avoid accidents. Lots of other drones follow it. Several minidrones are deployed to scout the surrounding area, one climbs up into a tree.

Two drones attempt to contain the core meltdown that is happening inside the ship by using bits from the hull to encase it. Inside the ship there's TWO laser sticks and ONE shield.
[Image: self2.png]

The HAM drone sends out an emergency signal that hopefully will reach the mainframe AI in at least 350 thousand years (The signal probably wont leave the planet seeing as there's a bunch of strange space rocks in the outer atmosphere). It also analyses the surroundings and searches for a match in its database.

Two ball drones extract the, now safe-ish, core with their TRACTOR BEAMS. Bubbles of steam rise from the core's surface as heat starts to pass through the temporary shell. This is a waste of good fission and it will not be tolerated!
[Image: unitmove1.png]
Bikkelsmap -> jungle battlefield 2

[Image: self3.png]
Two drones are working on salvaging the drop pod while another drone is digging.

The HAM drone activates the laser stick and prepares to slice the tree trunk over.
[Image: self41.png]
The HAM drone effortlessly cuts through the tree trunk with the laser sword.

[Image: self4.png]
The Ball drone nearby immediately starts starts to cut the tree into smaller pieces after it is certain it wont get crushed by a falling tree. The Mini drone positions itself high up on the tree allowing it to see everything that's going on.

Meanwhile in the small pond the Ball drones continue to work. The digging drone is making a reservoir and will soon have to stop digging since the reservoir is still unsupported.
[Image: self5.png]
The drones continue to work. The ship will soon be completely salvaged.
[Image: self6.png]
[Image: self7.png]
The lake has finally been drained completely and the reservoir has been reinforced with wood. The HAM drone has a plan for the CORE ball, it starts reinforcing the shell with the powerful metal the ship and their own bodies are made of.

The two ball drones who were working on the reservoir grabs the last two laser-sticks and the shield and gets going.

The HAM drone picks up a signal from the HERO drone, it immediately gets a visual uplink to the drones in Jungle Battlefield 2. The HAM drone analyses the information and after one sixteenth of a picosecond it identifies the creatures as Her Majesty's Royal Divers. The HAM Drone transfers various information about them and their weaknesses just in case they get aggressive.
[Image: self8.png]
Work continues as usual at the landing site. The Drone who's carrying the wreckage arrives at the landing zone.

The HAM drone receives the new information from the drone on the battlefield and calculates their odds at winning a fight without loosing a drone. It transmits the following message back to the drone.

"The chance of succeeding in combat against the 3 Royal divers, armed with 1 HARPOONGUN, 1 FLAREGUN and 1 HARPOONGUN, without taking critical damage is" ...
The HAM drone runs thousands of advanced combat simulations taking every known strategy and knowledge about the divers into account.
Because of the HAM drone's extremely powerful processing power it all happens within 2 seconds.

"68% chance of success, attack if provoked, no prisoners."
[Image: self9.png]
The drones starts constructing the foundation of an operational base.

The Mini-drone is building something from the iron ore.
[Image: self10.png]
The HAM drone finishes constructing the MEGA ball. The MEGA ball immediately extends four tentacle legs and starts moving.
[Image: 52222428.png]
The HAM drone uses some of the iron ore to construct a hover platform.
A Drone digs DOWNWARDS.
[Image: 34335362.png]
The hoverfield activates, this will be used to transport minerals, from the mine, up to the surface. A minidrone jumps down into the mine, the hoverfield is set to minimum lift to allow the minidrones to enter the mine.

Meanwhile the HAM drone starts the construction of a Ball drone. It receives the signal from the unknown drones up in the mountain and starts analysing it. It starts by comparing the message to any stored information it has stored on it's incredibly spacious memory-drive.

"No known match."
The message is unrecognisable by the HAM drone. It's also unable to find anything that resembles the unknown drones in the mountains, the Beronot empire knows nothing of this faction.
The HAM drone sends a message to the drones in the mountains.
"The robots remain unknown after thorough investigating, proceed with care and don't attack them unless it's necessary for your own survival. Gather any possible information about them."
[Image: 131m.png]
The HAM drone continues construction of the Ball Drone.

[Image: 132hq.png]
Suddenly a High Energy radiation burst surges through it's components, disabling them all for a short while.

[Image: 47834947.png]
All the radiation detectors in the HAM drone peak.

The HAM drone reactivates. All of it's systems are active and it's in full combat mode, both ready to destroy anything in its path with rockets and ready to fly away using the build-in hoverpads.

The computer system notifies the HAM drone about an unknown center that has been activated.
The HAM drone thinks to itself "Hmm that's interresting, my central processor is running faster than usually and apparently I am ALIVE."
"That outburst of radiation was very similar in intensity and frequence as the outburst that disabled the ship's onboard computer."
[Image: 141sf.png]
[Image: 97434511.png]
[Image: 96803480.png]
The two balldrones starts the construction of a ship.
[Image: 64033772.png]
The ham drone BSOD's and turns back.
[Image: 63240960.png]

The ship is nearing completion and the HAM drone takes a look at the work.
[Image: 51112415.png]
The ship has been completed and is ready for launch.
[Image: 42033701.png]
The Ship is launched and the construction of a Balldrone is initiated.
[Image: 96952712.png]
The ship has successfully been launched and will soon reach the exosphere where it will begin its research. The protective shell of the ship should protect the ships computer from the radiation.

The balldrone has been build and activated. Several weapons are being constructed, the drones will move out very soon.
[Image: 89086401.png]
[Image: 51732155.png]
[Image: 66784474.png]
The Squad led by the HAM drone leaves the area and heads for the mountains.
[Image: oSkuu.png]
BeroNotting it up
[Image: lzZPq.png]
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