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Full Version: MAP: Hobbesy - Tatarstian Expeditionary Forces
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[Image: 51c6201b3c.png]
"Movement detected"
[Image: Turn23.png]

The Tatarstian standing next to the Lieutenant Colonel points into the air, asking his leader what exactly is floating non-nonchalantly above their base. Is it some sort of extraterrestrial bird, or something more sinister, and why does it have a giant yellow eye?

While he is content to ponder on what sort of evolutionary process may have made such an odd creature, Degyartev is not so happy to be idle. He gives out a yell telling everyone around to get to their posts, and realizes that he's now also three men short. Marx forbid anyone is attempting to attack now, the tankoviks aren't even ready to crush the enemy!
[Image: 65110abbef.png]
The drone continues onward, either not caring or not noticing the two Tatarstians staring at it.

/New species documented. Data sent to hive processor. Resuming observation mode/
[Image: 002.png]
"Look, there's something moving up in the sky. I knew this was a bad plan!"
"I bet it's just one of their leftover camera machines or something, the Armada isn't going to have left anything dangerous!"
"Are you really willing to bet your life on that?"
"No look, if that's still working then it means other things might be too. We've got to get a move on, this could be a treasure trove!"
"At least stop shouting!"
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