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Full Version: MAP: Hobbesy - Tatarstian Expeditionary Forces
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[Image: Turn3.png]

A rifleman is the first to arrive behind the man on point, and he swiftly points out the outpost below to his comrade. Noting the threat, the rifleman motions an RPG over, and they both ready to fire explosives upon the base to clear way for an assault. Behind them the Tatarstians stack up, ready to fling themselves over the ridge screaming slurs at what they assume to be Trios Enterprises.
[Image: Turn4.png]

Two shots fall out followed by the battle cries of several angry Tatarstians. The sounds of yelling are soon drowned out by the fire of semi-automatic and automatic small arms. None of them actually manage to hit anything, and one even manages to trip and slide down the hill. Nonetheless the explosives are sent hurtling towards the BeroNot bunker.

The pod is completely dissembled, and two of the tankoviks begin to piece it back together in the vision of a light tank. The Lt. Col watches his men rush over the hill, when it suddenly hits him that the shots and war cries likely mean they're running head first into an enemy outpost. 
[Image: Turn5.png]

The explosives slam explode on the outside of the BeroNot bunker, the tandem HEAT charge of the RPG blowing a hole into the roof of the facility. Shrapnel ricochets off the inside walls and the dead bodies of the ball bots where the rocket has hit, throwing bright yellow flashes into the darkness. Outside rounds bounce off the trees along with more shrapnel from the rifle grenade.

Every Tatarstian is now rushing headlong down the hill, firing and reloading as he goes. Soon they will be joined by the tank, almost finished with the exception of a turret and attached tracks.
[Image: Turn6.png]

[Image: Hold%20Fire%21.png]
[Image: Turn7Mini.png]

Degyartrev stops just short of being short of breath in front of the officer, who leisurely turns around with a smug face that shows how he obviously expects a reward for his actions. Little does he know the Lt. Col is furious!

[Image: CommanderNag.png]

Not getting the response to his heroic efforts he expected, the officer turns back around and shouts to his men to try and peacefully find a way into the abandoned bunker. The first to arrive is the soldier who previously held the RPG, and he is bummed to find that there really is no easy way inside, the wall being too slick to climb, and the gap being too wide to jump. Just as he begins to ponder a solution the crackle of a radio broadcasts over the Lt. Col's radio, which he promptly answers.

[Image: Turn7Mini2.png]

[Image: Steed.png]

[Image: Turn7.png]
[Image: Turn8.png]

The RPG soldier is just about ready to decide that he's absolutely positive there's no easy way inside the bunker, when the tank comes rumbling over the side of the hill. The dead Beronot bumping up and down across the back of the turret garners some odd looks from the tankovik's comrades, and the officer is the first to vocally state his opinion.

[Image: WhatInFuck.png]

[Image: FallingTree.png]

With a crackling of wood, the tank rams into the tree, causing it to tip over. The RPG soldier falls back over, knocked off his feet by the roots coming through the dirt.
[Image: Turn9.png]

The tree hits the roof of the compound, and just as soon as it settles every Tatarstian with a pair of legs is scrambling over the gap. The tank commander is very excited about what he's done, and doesn't hesitate to unholster his pistol, start firing in the air, and yell to the troops below that whoever legs it across first will get a shiny robot hat.
[Image: Turn10.png]

One Tatarstian jumps over the end of the roof without even looking down. It's a risky maneuver to sure, but the promise of a fancy robot hat isn't a promise to be taken lightly! The others lag behind, one soldier even stopping to check out the hole the RPG made in the metal.
[Image: Turn11.png]

Two more Tatarstians hop down to the entrance of the bunker, as the one who jumped first tactically operates into the second floor of the compound, slicing the pie as he goes inside. The bunker appears to be clear of anything hostile, or even alive for that matter! The BeroNots appear to have suffered major battle damage, which is odd seeing as it it would appear there was hardly any struggle in the base at all when they were killed.

Suddenly something shiny and metallic catches the eye of the rifleman posted outside, and he calls over the officer. Below him is a crudely welded robot with a single faintly glowing red glass piece on the front, and it appears to be swaying ever so slightly on its snake-like legs.
[Image: Turn12.png]

The tankovik commander overhears the talk of the robot, which causes him and one of the other tankoviks to decide to take a look. They vault over the barrel and follow the officer on his way down to the compound's entrance. Inside of it the rifleman tactically slinks in behind the previous soldier, who has jumped down to inspect the first floor.
[Image: Turn13.png]

The Tatarstians begin to prod and investigate the BeroNot base. There really isn't much they can do until the tankoviks arrive and put their skills at engineering to use, but it's always a fun time to try and find a souvenir! Unfortunately for the foot troops, however, the former of inhabitants of the compound haven't really left much of interest.
[Image: Turn14.png]

Around the base almost every member of the Tatarstian squad is occupied. The two tankoviks make it into the compound, with the one in lead immediately kneeling down to investigate one of the fried balls. The other tankovik is beckoned to follow the rifleman he lands beside, who nimbly swings down to the first floor after briefly informing him of the odd robot downstairs. The other rifleman seems to be preoccupied with the nuclear reactor, though it's obvious he hardly has any idea of what it is. He begins running his hands across it, looking for a control interface.
[Image: SmallTurn15.png]

The trooper presses a few of the strange buttons on the side of the cylindrical device, not exactly sure just what he's doing. Something inside the machine seems to stir, and a high pitched hum reverberates through the empty halls of the BeroNot facility.

[Image: Turn15Gif.gif]

A green glow emanates from the front of the machine. Within the bunker something shudders, and cries. Nuclear fire ignites out of the pipework around the base, flowing out through the openings of the topside smokestack now that there isn't a BeroNot laser to keep it in place. The fallen tree above ignites, and fortunately the Tatarstians topside our out of the way. The devices around the base suddenly switch on, each revealing its actual purpose to the startled troops who are in the process of settling in. It would appear that a headquarters has been suddenly established for them.

[Image: Turn15.png]
[Image: Turn16.png]

The tankovik examining the BeroNot corpse manages to pry a nanobot assisted laser loose from the charred carcass. His thoughts immediately turn not only to discovering what exactly it is, but also how best it can be utilized. Of course he has no idea what it is, but it's obviously something important seeing all the wires its connected to!

Down below the other engineer kneels down to inspect the strange robot, and he prods it for a way to turn it on. It's odd that this one machine is not only alive, but also of a far different build quality and design than the dead BeroNots.
[Image: garbagedump5.png]

The robot stands up on its three legs. It struggles to rise under the weight of all of the junk welded onto its body. It's single red eye comes to life and swivels around to look at the human. Without the A.R.M. to control or command it, it does nothing else except to track the closest moving object.
[Image: Turn17.png]

The tankovik is rather interestingly unfazed by the awakening of the A.R.M.'s drone. Unlike aliens, machines hardly rustle even the frailest of Tatarstians due to their reliance and regular interactions with machinery. This particular Tatarstian finds himself amused by the machine's tracking eye, and waves his hand back and forth in front of it as if it were some sort of mechanical pet. The thought that it could belong to a monstrous alien terraforming device never occurs to him!

Above, the other tankovik fashions a backpack out of the BeroNot's power core and nanobot stores. Soon the laser will have the finishing touches put to it, and everything will be ready for a bit of experimentation. The soldier down the hall watches in a semi-drunken stupor, having downed almost three full bottles of vodka since the tankovik began fooling with the corpse of the dead robot.
[Image: 39c93500ea.png]
[Image: 508449ebaa.png]
The drone remains silent and just watches the Tatarstians below.
[Image: Turn18.png]

The tankovik puts the finishing touches on his sweet laser gun. He walks out to the platform brandishing it, causing everyone within eyeshot to turn and look at his fine piece of machinery. Gingerly aiming it up, he decides his first test of the nanobot's capabilities will be if they can fix the broken smokestack near the entrance.
[Image: Turn19.png]

A switch on the side of the laser is flicked away from a note with "останавливать" written on it to "начинать". Lights circling around the front of the device begin to light up, and the backpack emits a quiet humming noise. The tankovik tenses up slightly, braces himself, and pulls the trigger. A green light almost immediately is fired out of the other end of the cylinder, and the nuclear fire spewing from the pipe is extinguished.

The re-tooled BeroNot laser works!
[Image: Turn20.png]

When the tankovik cuts off the laser, the pipe appears to be fully constructed and repaired. It would seem that the schematics and plans of the dead robots around them haven't been wiped from their memory banks, leaving their lasers able to finish the work they began on the base. Of course this still doesn't help the Tatarstians much, seeing as they have no real idea what the BeroNots were capable of or planning. The most they can do is repair what has been left damaged and unfinished.

Either way the Lieutenant Colonel seems very pleased with the tankovik's work, as he nods in approval when the engineer turns around to see the reaction of his commander.
[Image: ef6963be43.png]
The drone records a few odds and ends regarding the Tatarstians then continues it's flight.
[Image: Turn21.png]

The tankovik turns around, and runs towards the other end of the hallway. He'd like to make a way to get to the roof of the bunker so he can make a bridge for the tank, but at the moment there are other things to take care of. If he can manage to extract the plans from the other BeroNot he can likely finish construction on the device which is currently spewing flames.

The Lt. Col also suddenly finds himself busy, and when he turns around the other tankovik is scaling the destroyed tank sitting in the trench below the base.

[Image: TooGoodForWork.png]
[Image: Turn22.png]

Hearing the cries of his commander, the tankovik quickly scuttles back down the tank. He loses his status as king of the hill to an officer, who has decided to take two others with him on a scouting mission to see what lies directly ahead of the Tatarstian base. He turns towards the Lieutenant Colonel and makes his actions known, then continues swiftly on his way.
[Image: 001.png]
A vile force of darkness has arrived.

"You sure this place is abandoned?"
"Yeah! The Cocos cleared these guys out ages ago, but left their buildings behind. Just imagine what kind of stuff there might be in there!"
"But alien tech just stops working after a couple of days anyway..."
"Not all of it! Besides, it looks cool, and we can probably trade it off to some peon or something."
"Why did I agree to come with you? I'm pretty sure I can hear noises from over there you know!"
"It's probably just a couple of Cocos or something. We'll never know if you can't keep up."
"Won't they mind
"Why would they care? You said it yourself, it's as good as junk to them. Hurry up!
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