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Full Version: MAP: Hobbesy - Tatarstian Expeditionary Forces
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A drone appears at the edge of the jungle, moving toward the BeroNot base. Its body is covered in scrap welded almost randomly to its body. It struggles to move through the tall grass carrying so much weight.

[Image: reaverspeak49.png]
[Image: 0bSx6.png]
Work on the reactor continues.
[Image: balllll.png]
Excellent. You will receive your compensation momentarily.

Hoverdrive technology is sent to the ARM.

[Image: balllll.png]
Just drop the scraps in the designated scrap pile.
[Image: garbagedump2.png]

The drone marches onward to its destruction.
[Image: Kf1z1.png]
[Image: iEoxA.png]
[Image: garbagedump3.png]
[Image: k6cf7.png]
[Image: garbagedump4.png]

The little drone lands on top of the pile, and shuts down forever.
[Image: 37oix.png]
It's the Little Gnat that Could.
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[Image: beronot1.png]
Two Armada heavy Ballsuits appear at the Beronot base, one wielding a MagiBurst hammer and the other in posession of a MagiBurst sword and Ballcannon. It seems the fact that the Herodrone stole an artifact from the plains ruins did not go unnoticed.
[Image: beronot2.png]
Instead of going around the old drilling machine, the Ballsuit pilot decides to smash it out of his way with his Magiburst hammer. Why walk around something when you can pummel it with a giant magical hammer?

The crystals let out a firey burst and minor radiation surrounds the area, the balldrone is unfortunately smashed by the front end of the machine before said radiation can have any effect on it, however.

The other Ballsuit simply watches in wonderment as his superior makes his way towards the enemy base in such an over-the-top way.
Explosions rock the sky as nuclear fires light up the asteroid field surrounding the mysterious planet. The Tatarstians have arrived, although unknowing of the strange energy field that surrounds the planet. Though initially perplexed by the signatures of nearby hyperspace jumps, it is quickly pinned on the field overtaking landing parties from other factions. Assault forces load into re-entry pods and are launched to the surface of the world, their window through the debris field secured by the previous barrage of ICBMs.

[Image: Drop.png]

[Image: Crash.png]

All is not as it seems however, as the veil's radiation quickly shorts out the systems in the re-entry pods on their descent. While always prepared for this possibly, the lack of a parachute will make the ride bumpy for the landing parties.
[Image: Turn1.png]

Lt. Colonel Degyartev's reentry pod crashes through the thick overgrowth a rainforest canopy, the retro-rockets firing just in time to prevent a catastrophic break-up of the craft. That's not to say the ride is comfortable however, as it tumbles through multiple trees and bounces off the ground before finally coming to a rest. Parts of the pod have been dinged off, but this only serves to create less work for the tankers who have the job of quickly constructing a pre-fabricated BT-90M out of the husk.

From other pods in the jungle emerge Tatarstian soldiers who converge on the site of the Lt. Colonel's own craft, a few moving forward to spot the body of a dead Beronot.
[Image: Turn2.png]

The troops move to the top of the hill, the machinegun toting officer barking orders as he runs to keep up. The soldier who observed the dead ballbot kneels down and pulls out his binoculars, spotting a base in the distance. Not knowing what exactly he's looking at, he fears that it may be a Trios outpost. He waves to the others behind him as they begin to approach, and makes sure his weapon is loaded and ready to fire.

Meanwhile the tankers begin to cut apart the pod with plasma torches. The tank they've started on has yet to take shape yet, but should be ready to put together shortly.
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