Picture Wars

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Ah... I'm really pumped. I think the new forum was just what I needed to get into this again. Shit, I'm doing this rather than Pokemon Black. Well. Righto. I'm Tendie for those of you that don't have the pleasure of knowing me.
What follows below is a chronological list of all the armies I have created over the years.

First off, we have the BCI. A respectable first army, I'd say. Arguably the best helicopter ever sprited. Note the Exquisite shading on the artillery piece.
[Image: TheBCI.PNG]
The Order Of Purple Shit. Redid about a year and a half later. Still think the earlier version is better. Though the eye is nice in the newer version.
[Image: TheOOPS.PNG]
The Robobots. They use hammers to break holes in space to make portals to sites where hunters catch and augment wild animals to be sent to the frontlines. They bleed oil.
[Image: TheRobobots.PNG]
The Harlem Renaissance. This stemmed from History class and horrible puns. They use black powder.
[Image: TheHarlem_Renaissance.PNG]
Doctor Pickle's Fantastic Troupe. This group was made for a tournament deal that went down in the old forums. I really like these guys. They're fun to write.
[Image: TheTroupe.PNG]
Infinity. A fun army to write, and give back story to. But oh god is it the most tedious thing to make turns with.
[Image: TheInfinity.PNG]
The Adventure Guys. While not an army per se, I've still always wanted to use these cute lil' guys. They die in droves, and are equipped with either plasma guns or polearms. If only I was any good at spriting a gunship.
[Image: TheAdventureguys.PNG]
The Boar Invaders. Never did come up with a name for this army. I really like these guys. They are mongol [goblins] riding in howdahs on giant boars. What's not to like?

and last but not leaset... the abest army of alll time, the NASTY VAMPURS!
[Image: TheVampurs.PNG]
These either look really nice or mediocre, but mostly the former.
[Image: z3QB5t.png]
Are you calling this mediocre because boy this is the finest art this side of forever.
You can seez the progression.
An epic army in perspective !
Yeah Tendie is a cool guy because he's got all these crazy ideas and they become armies!
Looks great, I love the "robobots". The idea behind them is great.
(03-09-2011 07:00 AM)Sanzh link Wrote: [ -> ]An epic army in perspective !
Yeah Tendie is a cool guy because he's got all these crazy ideas and they become armies!
Just wait and see what I have coming down the tubes. Keep a nut handy.
No actually mediocre was coming from the Nasty Vampurs; the BCI is one of the better first armies I've seen. Those boars look spiffing, but what's interesting is that your spriting style changes, it seems like these armies are all from different people even though I know it not to be true.
The Nasty Vampurs is a joke army the best army ever made.
I really love the boar riders, the bowman is perfectly made, LUV IT!
The boars are awesome. The order of the purple shit made me crack up though :v:
OOPS is the best PW army.
(03-25-2011 09:29 PM)Synthetic link Wrote: [ -> ]OOPS is the best PW army.

I see what you did there.
No hidden meaning. OOPS is the greatest picture wars army. I have loved all of their matches without fail.
You guys continuing the Infinity match? I can't even remember who it was against.
It was against one of the old admins, so to be honest I don't think that's happening ;)
oh man it's time to BUMP THE FUCK OUT OF THIS THREAD!!!
Hello all again! Tendie here! It's good to be back!
whoa, new smileys?  :smug: :thsexygif: :downs: :allears: :buddy: :tophat: :smile: :Smile:3: :v: :clint:

Anyway, I bumped this for a reason. I've had an army in the tube for God knows how long. I may never touch it again, but my army creating tube needs to be cleared out.
I promise to add a much needed description at a later date. This is what I was working on when I went on a spirit quest and left for 10 months.
[Image: Bampires.PNG]
So the theme this army was going to be all about vampires. Mr. Nosferatu is boring as shit compared to some of his bloodsucking brethren from around the world.
Drawn thus far:
-Vampire. This is your Nosferatu-esque vampire. He would serve as a leader of the forces and stay in the base to narrate turns or whatever. Weaknesses include running water, garlic, and stakes.
-Asanbosam. African vampires are badasses. Basically they are demonic humans that have giant metal hooks for feet, which they use to gore the shit out of anything with a pulse. their typical modus operandi though is to hide in trees and snatch the unwary. The Africans were so hardcore this vampire did have any weaknesses. He was just a badass.
-Soucouyant. Okay, so there's this nice old lady in  your town. She's kind and sweet to everyone and brings a smile to anyone she meets. At nighttime however, she strips off all of her skin and turns into a blood-sucking ball of fire. Her weaknesses include Rice and Salt
-La Patasola. The Patasola is kind of like a mermaid. It lures loggers into the forest with it's beautiful alternate form, transforms into a giant one-legged ogre, and sucks the victim dry. The Patasola hates water, blue skies, and sunrise. It also can't dance, and will reveal its true self if asked to.

Other planned vampires were:
-Maneden. Maneden hail from Malaysia. They are small vampires that live in bushes. If one is unfortunate enough to come across one, the Maneden will bite its foe at either the elbow or the nipple. Once latched on the Maneden will not let go unless it is given a nut, as nut oil is a substitute for human blood.
-Obayifo. This African vampire is easily identified by the lights emanating from its anus and armpits. It possesses animals to remotely murder children.
-Adze. Ewe vampire has the shape of firefly and has the powers of mind-control
-Aswang. Philippine vampire. Looks like a little girl with bat wings and a proboscis. Diet includes fetuses.
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This bot's inability to say Tendie is endearing.
Still, looking at this almost meaningful text, I can't ignore disturbing feel of something completely alien is awakening.
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