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Piercing the Veil
"The greed of aliens is great, my brothers, so it is today that we plunge our planet into necessary turmoil, so that our future generations may live to protect what we have failed to"

A lone planet with uncertain history lays within a mostly uncharted section of space, surrounded by a strange cluster of rocks. As a great number of stories would say, many have been there, but none have returned. Rumours hint to what this planet might hold, some even go as far as to say it isn't a planet at all, and as with any form of life, the grand mystery and resulting danger only adds to the desire to investigate and reveal its secrets. But amongst all those who wish to reveal this planet's mysteries, there are those who seek it so that they might escape from a threat that they perceive as greater than that of the planet. There are even a few unfortunates who just happened upon it, unknowing of the dangers their ships are flying into.

In what can only be described as pure coincidence, on this day a number of races would plummet to the surface of this planet, ignorant of what lay in wait for them beyond the veil.

Upon the plains a ship belonging to none other than BB-Soren of the vast megacorporation, Trios Enterprises would crash land in an attempt to flee from a recent invasion of his Biotech facilities by the Avonii. Further, but still within the plains a ship of StemTek industries would find its target of profit much more dangerous, greed leading them to an unfortunate but deserved crash. A ship of The Order of Astacidea would plummet to the surface, its AI unable to fight against its inevitable crash.

Across the sweeping deserts would land a strange pod, an Automated Reaver Machine who's purpose and reason for being here are as unknown as the world beyond the veil itself and with it a Slab of the Socialist Kawdorians.

Deep within the dense jungles a small vessel of the strange mechanical balls of the Beronot empire would make their landing, obsessed with their search for new and greater power sources. Equally strange would be the appearance of Her majesty's Royal Divers, why are they here? Only the time that they themselves influence will tell. Last but not least, on the outskirts of the jungles a huge ship would crash through the veil its hull all but dissolved in the atmosphere leaving a powerful computer core, The Ark of the Soarun, carrying the digitilised personae of millions of the last surviving Soarun.

However in the harsh world beyond the veil, life is not a myth, and the remnants of old Coco and Goblin civilisations live here, protecting that which has been theirs for as long as they remember. Only time will reveal the actions that these races will take, but whatever the outcome may be, the planet's respite from age old wars was about to be over, and the flames of battle would be lit once again.

Beyond The Veil
[Image: WorldMap.png]
The wait is finally over and PtV has commenced! Please read up in the Rules thread if you haven't already.

Each number on the map represents a battlefield, and each question mark a plot map. Listed here are the 8 battlefield maps -
Desert Battlefield 1
Spoiler :
[Image: 0foFe.png]
Desert Battlefield 2
Spoiler :
[Image: cQfCN.png]
Plains Battlefield 1
Spoiler :
[Image: 5fJOQ.png]
Plains Battlefield 2
Spoiler :
[Image: Nh1YE.png]
Mountains Battlefield 1
Spoiler :
[Image: Imq8p.png]
Mountains Battlefield 2
Spoiler :
[Image: 9jLuV.png]
Jungle Battlefield 1
Spoiler :
[Image: Ghqz0.png]
Jungle Battlefield 2
Spoiler :
[Image: udlY8.png]

On the hex map 4 hexes have letters at the side, this is showing which hex links to the other. B links with B and A links with the hard-to-See A on the second Mountains Battlefield

We won't be linking plot maps just yet, for obvious reasons. When you eventually do come around to entering a plot map, please bear in mind the timezone myself and Chao are in (That is, GMT), which means if you enter there whilst we are asleep you may be waiting for the map access. This won't be the smoothest way of handling things but we really don't want to reveal these maps to you straight away. So please forgive us if this causes a few problems to begin with.

Final Note
As stated in the army threads topic, a lot of work has gone into making this gamemode, and we hope it will be a lot of fun. Obviously though now our part is mostly done, how well this goes and indeed how fun it will be is very largely influenced by you guys. So let's try to keep the spirit of PW alive while we play, try not to be unbalanced, forgive some people for the sake of being cool and all the other stuff we usually do in matches!

Well that's our words finished, so let's get to playing, and remember kiddies -
Keep an eye out for event declares
A lone Coco sits upon a chair in a large room, various green displays flickering as information from locations on the planet is relayed back to the control room. The silence in the room is broken by a knock upon the door. Signalling to whatever motion sensors are present, the Lone Coco unlocks the door behind it, allowing whoever knocked to enter the room.
[Image: llt77.png]

"You're not one to take to the skies, Galahad. I trust your disturbance is worth my time?"

The new arrival adjusts himself, evidently shook up by whatever method he took to get to this location. His long red coat shows that he is part of a specialised ground force for the Coco military, the various medals and insignias across his shoulders proof of his commanding rank.

"I dare say it is, your grace"
"Would you care to enlighten me then? Or was your reason for coming here to simply stand there and straighten your uniform"

Galahad sighs, evidently somewhat used to having to deal with the Coco before him.

"Alien objects have been spotted landing on the planet, your Grace. More so then ever have breached the veil..."
"How quaint. I assume you're about to propose a plan of action? Or are you leaving that to me?"
"With all due respect, we do not know their intentions, to act too hastily might be unwise"
"Such a pleasant way of suggesting I would destroy each and every one of them. I like it, Galahad"
"Might I suggest we send diplomats...or at least a scouting party?"

An uncomfortable silence occurs once again in the room, the mysterious Coco is evidently displeased by what Galahad has said. For the first time during the entire conversation, the Coco stands up and walks to the window situated at the front of the room, and overlooking a large mountainous region of the planet.

"You displease me Galahad. Were it that we left these...these creatures, to their own devices, everything our Ancestors worked towards and sought to protect would have all been for nothing"
"How can we be sure that they would go against us?"
"You sour our ancestors names, Galahad. It is never a question of if, it is always a question of when"
"What of the Goblins then?"
"You forget the great wars? It is a mutual agreement, Galahad, were it not for that we would not be standing here today. They are the fortunate exception, why risk the same disaster occurring once again when we can simply remove the parasites from this planet whilst they are weak!"
"I do not think our ancestor's intention was to have us murder any who set foot on our planet. It is not the Coco way!"
"Do what you will Galahad, but should these vermin set foot on sacred grounds I will not hesitate to send my forces and see them, and any little rebellion you may have planned, crushed so that nothing remains"

The Coco turns round, a serious look upon its face.

"Are we clear, Galahad?"

Galahad lowers his eyes, unable to stand up to the intimidation.

"Yes, Lady Avarico"
Almost a direct opposite to the quiet, empty Coco chamber with its single inhabitant, this Goblin map room is full of noise and chaos as a dozen greenskins squabble and shout over each other, none of them actually able to hear what anyone else is saying. Unlike the Cocos, Goblins have no rigid command structure or even much of a central government. Whenever there is anything that needs doing, one Goblin has to take responsibility and round up all of the other Clan Leaders (the number of which as well as the holder of the position tend to change weekly) and bang their heads together until they come to some kind of agreement.
Evidently tiring of the amount of progress that isn't being made, one goblin slams his metal arm into the obsidian map table several times. In the ensuing silence, he is finally able to be heard.
[Image: gHq2S.png]
"It's about time you buggers shut up. I went to the bother of dragging you all here and this is my house so I'm talking first."
There are grumbles of dissent at this but the goblin bangs his arm into the table again until they shut up.
[b]"Right so, unless you're all bloody blind you probably already know why I got you all over here.
We had Skyfall last night, and more than I've ever seen in my lifetime. Hell, I got someone to look through the records and he said he couldn't find any more either although let's face it those archives aren't much bloody use for anything.
Now usually obviously we'd just wander in and nick everything but one of my boys says he saw something scrabbling around in the wreckage and so he got out of there sharpish before anything saw him. I don't need to explain the ramifications of that to you, do you?"

There is a moment's pause.

[b]"Uh... What's a ramification?"

"It means the same thing as Consequences."

"It means there's Gods' damned aliens from outside the Veil crawling around in our back yard and we need to go kick them until they stop wriggling.

As the assembled group breaks into a third round of shouting and arguments at this revelation, their de-facto chairman almost covers his face with his palm, then reconsiders and does it with the hand that wouldn't leave a dent in his skull.
[b]"Shut Up!"
"Thank you. Right, now I need to get down to the business of telling you who goes where."

[b]"Hold on a bleeding second! Who the hell put you in charge? I don't even know who you are!"
This comes from a somewhat older goblin, wearing a leather cap and a pair of apparently tinted flight goggles despite the fact that he's indoors.
It's hard to tell a goblin's age if you're not a goblin as they don't tend to live that long anyway, but it's mostly made clear by the fact that he's shorter than everyone else and his limbs are a little out of proportion from numerous regenerations. Goblins only grow facial hair as a kind of fungal infection, it's not a sign of old age.

[b]"My name is Brann Ironhand. I put me in charge."
There is a sharp snap as Ironhand's metal claw closes around the edge of his solid, inches-thick obsidian map table and then neatly snaps off a large, jagged chunk, which he casually tosses into a corner.
[b]"Does anyone else have any stupid questions to ask or can we finally get down to business?"

It is only at this point that everyone in the room becomes acutely aware that while they were content to hand over their own personal armouries for safe keeping in order to ensure the minimal amount of bloodshed during the "conference" after the goblin glaring across the carved map at them handed over his personal set of axes first, their host essentially has another weapon glued to his shoulder.
You'd think this would be fairly obvious but Goblins aren't known for their quick wits.

[b]"Alright, good.
Old timer, you can go first as you're so eager. You're in charge of the Red Wings, correct?"

[b]"I was last I heard."
[b]"Think your flyboys can catch up to the Armada? I expect they'll have sailed already, bastards can move when they want to."
[b]"The Cocos?"
[b]"Are you going senile old man? Who else?
They'll be there for the same reason we're going there! Gods' willing it'll just be a bunch of bugs or something but even still we don't want to show up and find out those tiny yellow buggers have already had all the fun for us."

[b]"Boy, I was chasing down Barrellers before you were even born. Cocos don't know the first thing about flying, if they wanted to fly why didn't they give themselves wings?
Back in the war, no Coco ever escaped the sights of Old Red. Course, they called me Young Red back then. Sometimes just Red."

[b]"Quite. Well I don't want you to shoot them or anything, just keep track of them for me. Pacts and all that."
While feigning annoyance and disinterest, it's clear that showing off to the Coco's is pretty much exactly what he wants to do and has always wanted to do, keen to prove that Goblin technology's clear superiority over that of the Coco's. Hopefully he won't be too disappointed.

The discussion continues in this vein for quite some time, Ironhand rattling off names of clans and telling them where he wants them to gather in case they need to do something interesting, but I think you've got the idea.
[Image: unitmove1.png]
Bikkelsmap -> jungle battlefield 2
GM Note:
Maps have now all been split into individual threads, please use this thread to post intent for moving around the world map and check it regularly for global events.
[Image: unitmove1.png]
Bikkelsmap -> jungle battlefield 2 (1 turns remaining)
Soarun crash site Jungle Battlefield 2
[Image: 62RjK.png]
[Image: In_Transit1.PNG]
Mirokanmap-> Jungle battlefield 2

Woah. I probably won't be posting these every week despite the name, it mostly depends on what is happening I guess! Let's see here...

Squid, Bikkel, TCM and Jager are currently doing fine. We're glad to see you guys mostly making turns every day, and nice ones at that (Especially you, Squid)

Miro and Hores. You guys could do with posting a few more turns really, you're beginning to fall behind, but not enough for major concern.

Piskat, we could definitely do with seeing more turns from you, and we're hoping you'll deliver this week or we might have to start making considerations we don't want to make!

Sanzh. You've had some busy days which we respect, but we really do hope you can do at least something this week, or else the same will happen as with Piskat.

Please remember guys we picked you over all those other applications, and there are a lot of people who were greatly disappointed about not getting in. Don't make us regret our decisions!

Weekly report OVER. Please don't reply to this unless via PM. THANKS.
[Image: CoDit.png]
[Image: naG7H.png]
Map Transition
[Image: 8156162b62.png]
George Croxford -> Mountain Battlefield 1
Declares left = 0

[Image: f875694bb1.png]
V -> Mountain Battlefield 1
Declares left = 0
Due to time constraints and a lot of work, Sanzh has been unable to take any turns in PtV. As such we have decided to replace him with a new player.

While we wanted to avoid doing this, work and RL stuff comes before PW.

Once again Sanzh I'm sorry you were unable to take part in PtV.
[Image: Lt7fs.png]
[Image: unitmove2.png]
[Image: unitmove3.png]

I'm hoping these can be a bit more positive in the future but you know how things are. We're also intending to use these weekly reports as a way of keeping everyone up to date on what is happening (Doesn't mean you shouldn't read everything though!).

Player statuses let's go!
Say hello to your new veil piercer - Creeding

Mirokan you are being slow and you should hurry up!

Piskat and Hores you are being dreadfully slow and should definitely hurry up, we really Don't want to have to keep replacing people but you two are still in a very realistic position for that to happen.

I encourage our existing players to nag these individuals to get their turns done! Progress through peer pressure!

[Image: unitmove3.png]
2nd decalre
It's that time again. By now I'm sure any sort of post made by myself or Chao with a big worded heading immediately gives off the "Bad news" vibe. It is no different today unfortunately!

Due to RL restrictions Hores has had to drop out, so we'll be replacing him with a new player. This player will be selected immediately from the pool of remaining sign up threads.

That's all, sorry you couldn't remain in PtV Hores!
[Image: armmove1st.png]
[Image: armmove2nd.png]
[Image: uyRT0.png]
[Image: s60pk.png]
[Image: 3201976640]

Kawdor -> Desert battlefield 1.

1st Declare.
Well here is a massive surprise for you guys. Today's GM announcement will also contain bad news, we might as well just rename them to "Drop Out Announcements"

Some of you may have read that Piskat has also dropped out of PtV today, for reasons that he has specified in the Introductions and departures thread. We'll have a replacement for him shortly, after we've discussed the usual stuff with each other.

Please note though that from now on we will not be replacing people. Any who drop out, or are kicked out, will NOT be replaced by anyone.
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