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Full Version: Piercing the Veil - Game Thread
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The survey drone continues its pursuit of the unknown machine.
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It's that time again. That time where we sit you all in front of our beautiful Game master faces and shake our heads at you in a slightly disappointed but loving fashion.

It has come to our attention that once again PtV has pretty much died, but do not fear, we have heard the soft cries of our children and after discussing some things with your big brother Jager, we've got some stuff to try out.

At least two of you have voiced your absolute HATRED and SCORN of the need to update your bases on a regular...basis. To combat this despicable and cumbersome oversight on our part, we have decided to allow you to instead do sub-turns and descriptions rather than entire turns to represent what has occurred in your base map. To this end we hope that this will relieve some of the need to constantly update things whenever new units are being produced. Of course this leads to a few synchronisation problems, which we would like you to solve by fully updating your base map when an enemy interacts with it in a gameplay-changing way...such as battle.

I hope some of you can appreciate that at this stage there isn't much that we can think of to help keep this alive, and it really is down to you guys to get things going a bit more - if you do have any suggestions or complaints about the current mechanics (I'll admit, being the first time we've done this, there are many things myself and Chao could have done better) then please do not hesitate to talk to us about them (both of us ideally, we're pretty much always on steam so just invite away) or send a PM to one of us.

I'll leave you with these final words.

Speed build some units and go to the ruins...PLEASE.
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