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Full Version: Beronot Special Forces
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[Image: armypreview.png]

The Beronot Special Forces (or sometimes BALL) consists of few very advanced drones that are able to adapt to most combat situations, manipulate their environment and gather information while, in most situations, remaining unseen. The drones are all connected to each other with an encrypted radio signal, making them able to share and process information almost instantaneously.

[Image: balldrone.png]
The BALL drone is the standard combat unit. It's able to adapt to combat situations and work together with other drones to maximise combat effectiveness.
The ball drone, in it's normal form (middle) has the perfect balance between being able to take quite a few hits while still being able to pack a punch in combat. It's very agile and swift and can manoeuvre through heavy terrain while maintaining high speeds.

In it's combat form (left) all it's weapons are severely improved, making them more powerful and makes them recharge faster. This however makes them a lot more fragile as their cores get more exposed. They also increase their power output by disabling certain safety protocols put in place to keep the core stable.

In it's defensive form all it's weapons are disabled and replaced by a thick shield made of the same strong metal alloy that the drones are made of.
This drone mostly relies on the visual input and position of other drones to navigate, but it is able to deploy a small camera if communication should fail.

[Image: scene1v.png]
Both the ball and the combat drone can manipulate their environment with weak lasers. These lasers can also be used to both cut through hard rock and to form barricades with various materials.

[Image: scene3c.png]

[Image: scene2k.png]
The ball drone can charge a high powered laser to combat its enemies, but to avoid any internal damage it usually takes a short while to charge up.

[Image: scene6.png]
The ball drone also has a last-measure attack to eliminate enemies close to the drone. The drone supercharges the core for a brief moment to reach a very high energy level, it then directs all this energy outwards by opening every direct route to its core. This also sends a lot of metal shrapnel flying in every direction as that was found to make this weapon even more effective.  
This is especially damaging to organic lifeforms since all the shrapnel can easily penetrate flesh and organs.

This is very damaging to the drone's core-based laser weapons and the drone will have to get a repair if it's to use high powered core-based lasers again since another high powered laser would most likely fry the drone's insides.

[Image: scene4m.png]
Many drones are equipped with mini drones that can be used to scout an area, to mess with electronics and blow enemies up. These explosions are not very powerful and the mini drone is rarely used for this purpose.

[Image: 65522598.png]
Hyperintelligent Archival machine or HAM.

It is only equipped with two last-resort rockets but has a much higher processing power than the other drones. This drone can process information a lot faster than the other drones and then relay a calculated analysis of for example a combat situation to the drones. This can be used to maximize combat efficiency or even break into other computer systems.

[Image: scene5.png]

It is often seen with a laser based close combat weapon since it has a very hard time defending itself. It is as agile and about as armoured as the standard Ball drone. But unlike the other drones, it has the ability to fly if it chooses to.
The CUBE!  Yeah I don't know.
Outcast drone.
Because he's not a ball.

Or the plain one, because he's such a square.
Greater Drone or Over Drone?

anyways, cool army!
C.U.B.E. : Calculating Ecotypical Beronot Entity.
(ec·o·type-a subspecies or race that is especially adapted to a particular set of environmental conditions.)
If anyone has seen my full spritesheet of beronot BALLS please try to find it, i've lost all the COOL LASER WEAPONS due to a corrupt HDD.

It's hosted on imageshack if that's any help.
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