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Full Version: Army Threads
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For an easy reference (and possibly also because we have a whole sub-forum to fill) participants are required to make another topic for their army outlining (at the very least) descriptions of their basic troops and vehicles, as well as any characters that are more important than the others. Other good things to include are backstory, goals and cultural details!
Obviously though there may be some units you want to keep secret from other players until they are revealed in the game. In this case feel free to just PM me or chocobo instead so we know you aren't just making them up on the fly specifically to counter someone else's units. That kind of metagaming should certainly be avoided and, in fact, unless you have specifically talked to the other player about it then it is probably safest to assume your army has no knowledge at all about the faction it is fighting.
These topics are not set in stone and you are free to add things at any time if you think of something new, so don't panic if someone else's is longer than yours.

If you suddenly find you don't have any time to play for whatever reason then we will do our best to find a replacement for you but this is an emergency measure at most and obviously won't work more than a couple of times, especially as the game gets longer.
We've put a lot of work into this (perhaps slowly, but we did it!) but a lot of the rest is in your hands. Obviously few things on PW ever reach an actual conclusion but please do try and do your best to make this last as long as you possibly can, or I will be very upset and will have wasted a good deal of effort!
It would be nice if you could get your army threads done today!

Sanzh you are the exception, continue flailing around your space tentacles or something.
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