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Full Version: The Work In Progress Thread
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The Work In Progress Thread

This thread is where you can post to get help or C&C (Comments & Criticism) on sprites, be it that you're struggling to do the legs on your alien Rhino, or that something is slightly wrong with your donkey chariot but you can't tell just what exactly.

Before you go posting though allow me to point out some rather important aspects about asking for help and C&C, which will ensure the thread continues to run fluently and without pointless posts getting in the way.

1. When asking for help in this thread, please note that the people posting are doing you a favour by going out of their way to help you with something they could just leave for others to deal with. With this in mind Do not take criticisms as a personal attack and be sure that before arguing against someone who has proposed a possible change, that you are absolutely positive that what they have suggested goes against your original intentions. If you are seen to be unjustifiably defensive, your posts will be subject to moderation.

2. This is more to those who are posting to give comments and criticism. If you're just going to tell a member how bad/good their sprite is, Don't Bother this isn't a compliment or bashing thread, it is a place for people to come who need help on sprites, or who want to know if anything is wrong with their sprite. So please, if you're posting, give the help that the people have asked for. Your posts, if flame-baiting in nature, will be subject to moderation.

With that out the way, I hope you guys can improve via use of this thread, however there are other means of improving and getting help. More often than not these methods actually tend to be more effective at improving your armies, so please give them a try -

Alternative Methods
Our main way of communicating with each other as a community isn't actually on the forums. We have an IRC channel which enables us to speak in real time, this allows a much smoother and quicker way of delivering help to those who need it. Using whatever IRC Client you wish, please connect to irc.esper.net and channel #picturewars for those who don't understand or have never used IRC, please head on over to the PW chatrooms thread -

Other than that, you can simply use steam chat to speak with people willing to help you. This method tends to be better after you've got to know a few people in the IRC, that way they can speak to you via steam after you ask for help in IRC.

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(02-27-2012 11:28 PM)Collective Mind link Wrote:I've noticed that some people are kind of bad at giving/receiving criticism. This is annoying.
Constructive criticism should not be about grinding down and ripping apart somebody's work.
Constructive criticism should not be taken as a horrific insult to your work.
I stumbled upon this today. I thought it was important enough to bring to your attention.
Warning: huge.
Spoiler :
[Image: the_hitchhiker__s_guide_to_critique_by_a...4qxzr7.jpg]
Source: Akreon
[Image: e5a02c0de4.png]
Update on the Ragdolls. Note: Ragtwins will probably be scrapped due to the fact they look messy.

[Image: 062d9776fc.png]
Also I decided too work on a small piece, basically they're corpses which have supernatural powers, they can walk through walls, change their body length and shape and they devour their victims which regenerates their health and makes them stronger. The only downside to this is that they're incredibly weak to physical harm. I'll make a backstory and various other things for it later. I'll also make a quick scene on how they move and how they attack.
Some actual therianthropic dudes, after using this army for a while, I have actually come across the main idea behind it.
At the bottom -- an acid spitting guy and a fire spitting guy
It's supposed to be a throat sac on the fire dude -- I also need to know which version is better, the one with the ripped shirt or the one with the shirt intact.
[Image: af74c49182.png]
As is my style, doing multiple poses for a HK-VTOL and some T-800s from the Terminator franchise. Totally up for criticisms and comments, I really don't mind, so long as it helps. Also, to me the one with the ripped shirt looks better than the other with the shirt intact. Just me, I guess.

[Image: 8d072d93ed.PNG]
I love that new thread smell...
[Image: u7v4Da.png]
Heavy assault trooper.
I like the new trooper, alien, but he doesn't look that much different from the others. You should try and bulk him up more as well as adding more details and maybe a color change.

Also the shading on that boat is really funky.
Flum, the hunched back fire spiting guy could use a less 'big' hump, I think it would benefit from making it curve into the head a bit more. Also I think that the one with the shirt looks best.
Something like this?
[Image: 2fb90d4baf.png]
[Image: 652bd9c75c.png]

Put a serial number on to break up the green a bit, Shaded the wheels and increased the tracks.
The turret is supposed to be a fixed turret like you would find on a StuG.

Any good tank refs would be appreciated! :3
[Image: svm5G.png]


CnC please
(10-10-2011 08:28 PM)Rainbows! link Wrote:[Image: 652bd9c75c.png]

Put a serial number on to break up the green a bit, Shaded the wheels and increased the tracks.
The turret is supposed to be a fixed turret like you would find on a StuG.

Any good tank refs would be appreciated! :3

I think you should either make the interior lines a brighter colour so they stand out less or add an outline to the whole thing. Even though it is not outlined, the extreme contrast with the interior panel lines makes it look like it is.
[Image: 25bbe040a8.PNG]
Please tell me if im doing it right (Im new) and how can I improve it?
(BTW there Imps)
Well, I found out about PW a few days ago, and here is my first attempt at an army. Not overly happy with any of it but some CnC would certainly help. The drones look very weird because I forgot you need to make things from a diagonal/side perspective :(. The first thing I made was the light soldier, for which I used Jomn's Infinity Systems infantry as a guide because I had no idea what to do or where to start. I'm not sure if that counts as plagiarism, but if it does I'll take them off straight away.  
(REB is the name of the army)
Spoiler :
[Image: 2f8c8ab965.png]
It is plagiarism when you directly copy his soldier. There's a difference between "guide" and "take everything but the gun and the head". Please resprite the dude all by yourself on a different sheet as to not make it the same. Also, get rid of that blue thing. It looks wierd.

However, the drop pod I really like. The tank is also good but it looks silly with that blue thing on it's back and the sloping curve.

The heavy is also nice but the chain gun is wierd as well.

One more thing: Tone down the colors a bit so they are darker!

Please re-post with non-stolen infantry! I look forward to your new and improved infantry.

Welcome to PW!
I personally think they're different enough that they don't exactly warrant being called copies, but that's more of a call for Jomn to make.

For a first army they're very nice, Spoon! I'd tone down the colours a bit, as they'd likely be really bright on most of the darker maps that are around for Picture Wars. The contrast and shading looks quite good to me, though.

My only gripe is with the tank, as it doesn't seem to much fit the style of the rest of the army. It's also somewhat unappealing to look at shape wise, and the main gun has somewhat of an odd placement. Everything else is pretty good though, and I'd have to say that I specifically like the drones.

If I were to condense my opinions into a few sentences it would be that you should redo the infantry, the tank; and take the army in the route of the pod and the drones. I can see a future in it if stays simple, sleek, and with a nice white and green colour scheme.
[Image: 2d949bb163.png]
Please change your dinos a bit more, Sam.
Imitation is flattering, but wrong as far as things goes in this forum.
[Image: 02ac8146ca.PNG]
Im making my own dino's,
I suck at drawing...
Reference photos makes things so much easier.
Have fun, and use plenty of colors.
[Image: 6fd7559f44.PNG]
Ive drawn chefs. I REALLY hate the chefs hats, how can I improve them?
When Ive got time im going to draw the King and Queen Imps, They make...    Babies.
You could shade them
(10-10-2011 10:29 PM)KommradKommissar link Wrote:[Image: svm5G.png]


CnC please

The regular soldiers are a bit odd. I don't think the colour scheme is that great, since the gold really clashes with their tan and red. The grey on the helmets also doesn't contrast much with the rest of their uniform. I also personally find the red stripe on their helmets kind of weird looking.
The poses holding the gun look really good. The running pose could use a little adjustment though I think.

Here's an army concept that I've been toying with for funsies. Probably won't finish it until I complete my current army and actually fight a match with it.
[Image: f409634f8d.png]
I improved the heavy slightly. I'm also not sure about the color scheme. I don't think green should be the dominant color :S

[Image: 3cd7f518c0.png]

The top left is the old heavy, and the others are the newer model, but in different colors. Even if it doesn't look so, it has been redrawn completely.
Please C&C if you can  :coolcat: Thanks
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